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  1. I have a Yggdrasil Analog 2 with Unison USB, as well as a SoTM SMS-200ultra Neo, and previously had the non-Neo version as well with Unison, and both worked perfectly with no issues.
  2. Just to close off on my issue, and for the benefit of others - I was able to resolve my issue by resetting my router and each of my network switches - not sure if just the router reset would have solved it or not, but regardless, a few minutes later the microRendu showed up in Roon under Networked devices.
  3. Ok I had thought about this. I may plug my mR into a switch connected directly to my router (and take along my Modi Multibit DAC).
  4. Yep the DAC shows in there JR. did you want to see those? And I’ve saved the Roon setting multiple times and power cycled the mR multiple times as well.
  5. Here is the Roon diagnostic: Roon Ready Diagnostic information BACK to Menu 01/04/2019 18:29:16 - ------------------------------------------------------------ 01/04/2019 18:29:16 - /opt/RoonReady/raatool logdump c45daaef-29a4-4b6a-9692-d92ab4db10d7 [0000000] 0.000 TRACE [info] initializing info dictionary [0000001] 0.001 TRACE [info] inserting raat_version -> 1.1.33 [0000002] 0.001 TRACE [info] inserting protocol_version -> 3 [0000003] 0.008 TRACE [output/alsa] initializing output uniqueid=hw:0,0 [0000004] 0.008 TRACE [output/alsa] preferred buffer durati
  6. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up there under “Networked” devices
  7. Hi, I’ve downloaded Roon on a 2 month trial, and trying to set it up on my microRendu, but to no avail. It never shows up in Roon as a Zone to choose from. I have another competitive renderer running as a Roon end point nearby on the same network, and it’s working fine. I’ve checked the DAC diagnostics and the Roon Diagnostics and the DAC shows up in both (It’s a Gungnir Multibit with USB Gen 5). I also have a Modi Multibit running the standard USB chip and it’s the same - shows up fine in the diagnostics, but nothing showing in Roon. I have updated the Mi
  8. I’m not sure how to identify the 1.4 hardware either, but would be curious as well. I suspect you may have to open it up. However Spotify support has to do with the OS version and SD card, not the hardware.
  9. The Analog 2 upgrade swaps a pretty major board and does some firmware updates too. Perhaps there were also some running changes in the Gen5 USB boards and they wanted to give you the latest version. For whatever reason, looks like you have a faulty USB board. It sucks yes, and I'm surprised it wasn't caught in testing, but hopefully they can turn it around for you quickly. These things can happen. You will definitely be happy when you finally get it working I guarantee you, just a bit more patience is required (it's hard I know, but what can you do). Hang in there!
  10. If that doesn't work, do you have a PC you could plug into the Yggy direct USB as well to try?
  11. Hey Jesus, ever consider putting native Openhome support and settings directly into your DLNA output mode? I have 3 renderers in my home, 2 Rendus and 1 competitor (that shall remain unnamed) - the competitor puts the Openhome setup right in their main DLNA config now, and it's lightning quick and reliable (using the same BubbleUPNP control app on my Android). Running the BubbleUPNP server plugin on the Rendus I find very sluggish (seems even slower over the last 6 months for some reason) and prone to many quirks and lockups.
  12. Lol, I like the intro to that statement. In general I am not a cable believer either, but I will invest in something of decent quality/value. I am currently using a Curious Regen Link (short 8 inch cable) and I did swap for some cheaper, longer cables just for the heck of it and did notice a difference (surprisingly), so might be worth a try. I did find with the cheaper cables, the uR lost some of the benefits I stated, but did also lose some of the sibilance as well. Perhaps the Lush would keep the good and remove the bad, who knows. I won't buy something like that new/full price though (espe
  13. So, I've listened to my new uR now for a handful of hours. The uR with the included Sbooster power supply has been powered up since I received it on Thursday, and has been playing random music for about half that time as well (mostly with my preamp off). My initial impressions over the mR are below. There have been improvements in: - resolution/detail - instrument separation - bass tightness/impact - soundstage image focus Unfortunately I am also getting an increase in sibilance/stridance in some recordings that I had not heard previously
  14. Yep, sorry I wasn't clear. I do leave mine on all the time as well (just moving from the mR up to the uR, uR arrived yesterday) and just wondering how long people thought it might take to break-in and reach clock stability as well. No reason to power off the Rendus, as I don't think they use much power anyhow, and likely not much when not streaming. Plus, as you say, who wants to wait when they have a hankerin' for some tunes
  15. Anyone have any thoughts on optimal "burn-in" time for the ultraRendu, and/or the amount of powered-on time it needs to achieve thermal/clock stability to have it sound optimal? Maybe people don't think this is really a thing with the uR, like some DACs and other equipment?
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