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  1. It all serves to distract and drive traffic on the ASR forum. In time the truth about all of this will emerge and they will move on to something/someone else to criticise.
  2. Those devices require DHCP and an IP address to be issued from your network for admin pages and updates to be able to work.
  3. I use the Jcat card and I get better results with the server straight into the A side rather than back in the network directly off the router. So either the impact of the card is lost across the network or the benefits are cumulative. Certainly close coupling helps.
  4. I think that for those who are waiting for delivery of ER, from my perspective it is very simple. For me V1 didn’t work. It was broken. Whatever I was hearing, no matter how wonderful was plagued with interruptions and devices simply falling off my network once the ER got warm. Nothing damages emotional engagement more than Bjork being interrupted mid flow while lamenting her latest relationship mishap! You do not want V1 firmware. When it doesn’t work it is a total downer, and even though I figured out a way to get mine much more listenable by moving the device it was unhappy about I put V2 on, restored my preferred config and have simply left the device on since (six days). And what I am hearing now is far more representative of the ER than those early moments when I was excited about the possibilities then later disappointed by the reality of V1.
  5. It will go to the dealer who should then take care of import duty to that territory.
  6. The firmware update instructions work if you follow them (using Windows at least). I’m not daunted by undoing some screws and pulling a circuit board out and it does literally take 5 minutes if you read through everything first. But if doing updates isn’t your thing just ask someone who is computer literate to do it for you. Ultimately, there will always be a small subsection of people who need local support. If anyone in the West Midlands, UK needs a hand, drop me a line.
  7. The isolation between all A side devices and what is connected to the B side.
  8. If you were having issues before the Roon update, assume nothing has changed. If anything you have to assume that if 1.7 isn’t working, it is the problems with ER that have caused it. So: Roll back to your old config to regain network stability. Get Roon working, engage Roon if necessary. Apply the ER fix when it is issued (and consider reversing any changes to your server) Put the ER back in and test.
  9. Not so clear to me. If you mean by upstream, back into the network I’d have to disagree. On the A side you are not isolated from the network so any noise you introduce there will have an impact, though that may well be attenuated by Johns work. But if you have something noisy like a “crappy endpoint” on the B side that won’t have any impact back into the network even though it will affect the associated DAC. That was what I was trying to say.
  10. You cannot mitigate someone’s choice to use an endpoint that generates its own noise. But the moat works both ways so at least it shouldn’t impact anything connected on the A side. In short it may not sound (or measure) as good as other devices but at least it won’t be detrimental to other things on the network.
  11. @Superdad What sort of voltages are we looking for at the clock input? Clock is the Teac CG-10M, output impedance 50 ohm, voltage 0.5v rms.
  12. Are we getting carried away here? I see improvements in a system as being cumulative, so talk of reducing quality or effort elsewhere in your systems is probably misplaced in my view.
  13. OK, an observation. Using my preferred Vandesail skinny Cat8 patch cables, the system wasn’t happy. I had a similar issue when I tried to use an isolator in my system. I had drop outs and skipping tracks in Roon with the ‘network issues’ warnings. This happened via Tidal and locally stored files. I changed to 24AWG cat5 patch cables for server and streamer and my problems have vanished. Setup: Internet>> A>>EtherREGEN>>B Teac NT-505 Server>>> Previous switch was TP Link SG-TL105 powered with an Uptone LPS1 @ 7 volts. Server is fitted with a JCat net card Femto.
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