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  1. Thanks! Didn’t know you could select all. so for the next person, if you ”long hold” on a album you get an extra menu on top where you can pick ”select all”.
  2. Out of ~800 tidal albums in my library ~150 had been converted to Mqa, was a real pain deleting them with Roon user interface. So stupid!
  3. I hope Roon adds some other streaming service available in Sweden so I can cancel my Tidal subscription, or Qobuz becoming available.
  4. Same for me, even having tidal set to Hifi Roon will push the MQA version as default.
  5. I have a Mojo and it is a pain in the behind to get USB to sound as good as the optical input. For example, if you connect an iPhone to the USB input there is audible noise in the headphones, especially if the iPhone is using the 3G/LTE radio. This noise has nothing to do with jitter.
  6. How about testing the Mojo using the optical input running on battery? The mojo is very sensitive to noise on the USB input, as many other USB DACs....
  7. Thanks that sounds perfect, I have play etc on my remote so would be perfect to program them to support Roon play etc.
  8. Well that is a let-down, I hope Auralic adds an optional remote. Miss sitting in the dark listening, annoying having to light up an Ipad every-time you just want to skip a track.
  9. What functions can you control using the Aries remote when running Roon? Like play, pause, skip tracks etc etc? Thanks
  10. Well it is quite obvious that many MQA reissues are never listened to at all as quite a few of the first batch of MQA files on Tidal contained serious digital clipping. These files were quickly removed when this was reported, but I managed to check one such reissue with clipping before it was removed from Tidal (see Roon-forum for details don't remember which albums this was). So this is pure BS as pretty much every claim by MQA has been proven to be, simple as that. Thanks to Mansr and other great guys on this forum.
  11. Answer my own question, found the pamphlet for Aries G2 here: https://shop.martinshifi.co.uk/products/auralic-aries-g2-streaming-transporter And according to that it has 802.11ac.
  12. Seems that Auralic aries and Vega G2 are i stock in a number of stores now. Anyone bought one and can give some impressions? Also anyone know if the Aries G2 has 802.11ac?
  13. Thanks Archimago! That is interesting, I picked the Hi-res in 3 out of 3. I was expecting the poor upsampling to kill the hi-res version.... Lucky the test was blind I guess. But when I have tested high-res 96/24 and downsamples 48/16 against MQA core-decoded, MQA has lost always. So maybe the high-res was "killed" but only to the extent of compensating for the lower quality of the MQA core-decoded version. Any plans for a follow-up test? Edit: Just a clarification, I found the difference much smaller in the blind test than I have previously expe
  14. Sounds like a very strange comparison. The MQA file is supposed to be optimized for upsampling with the simple interpolation filter while the DXD version if properly made will suffer a lot from that abuse. If MQA keeps any of its promises the MQA version should win hands-down.... waiting for the results.
  15. Yes I think you are correct, personally I am hopping that Auralic will give some more information about the Aries G1 and when G1-series is planned to be released. Hoping that G1 will be a bit more humanly priced compared to G2 of-course.
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