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  1. I am not sure what you are doing, but even USB2 bandwidth @ 480mbps is more than adequate for playback of things like DSD512 @ 44.8mbps. I have never had performance problems with cheap USB2 drives playing any audio files even up to DSD512. Are you sure your drive doesn’t have some “advanced“ power saving issues that are causing your problems?
  2. I received my upgrade recently. The good news? The fade-in issue is solved versus the DA1. Plus, my Linux-based devices can now directly stream DSD128 and DSD256 (I don't have any DSD512 content to try yet). I do love that. The sound quality isn't appreciably different from the DA1. It does seem that it isn't as well level-matched as the DA1 (I seem to need 1.5 dB of gain to get it to be equal to the analog inputs), which is....odd. It uses the ES9028PRO DAC, not the 9038, which might explain the lack of appreciable sound improvement over the DA1. It also ha
  3. Yes, this is because the Altair itself is what is doing the rescan, and the iPad app is just displaying the Altair's database in more or less real time. Your iPad could be away or turned off, and the rescan would still happen.
  4. I have not noticed any bass insufficiency fwiw.
  5. My preference is to use the Synology software that includes all my playlists that I can access from anywhere, and that allows me to edit metadata as I listen. I covered this in detail in an earlier post.
  6. Since there are clearly a lot of opinions on this forum about using Lightning DS, I thought I should share a few extra tidbits about the drawbacks from my perspective. First off, when I made the switch to using a NAS for my music, I did it to achieve several benefits: I wanted to move away from iTunes and the confusing, unreliable mess it had become. I wanted to ensure that when I got new music, which I do 2-3 times per week at a minimum, I could put it in one single place without having to "sync" the multiple devices I would play that music from. Additionally, I wanted metadata
  7. That is true - I already have that set. The Teac I was using previously showed this, so I know it is working properly, including for .DSF (DSD) files. Drew
  8. I have found Lightning DS buggy. Try deleting the app and reinstall it. What kind of NAS are you using? If it's a Synology, I suggest you might not need to use Lightning DS at all.
  9. Yes, it does gapless DSD streaming, at least with Lightning DS. I still prefer my Synology DS Audio app, even though it doesn't support gapless, and I still hope Auralic can add sampling rate to the display as an option in lieu of time. Sound is great. For my setup I have been enjoying the "Balanced" filter mode the best. I am using it in a very "live" room with a lot of glass and wood surfaces, however, so YMMV, but that's why we buy configurable products, isn't it I have been enjoying music immensely and not thinking too much about the unit itself, which to me means the purchase ha
  10. I thought I made it clear that I don't want to use Lightning DS, as it doesn't support many features of the Synology DS Audio app that are key for me. Also, it's cumbersome to have to keep updating the cache of another app when I don't need to do that with DS Audio. Drew
  11. In that I could not tolerate the muddy sound of the Teac, I would say, yes, it's worth twice the price. The Teac's case and switches were very luxe, but the overall execution was, IMO, more gimmicky than good sounding. I do believe that it's probably difficult to use one DAC per channel (as the TEAC does) and get the timing synchronization to be perfect between the two chips. I don't really understand the point of doing that, given that most modern DACs can decode 7 channels of parallel sound at a time on one chip. If you want to know how I notice the difference, well, one nice DSD track I
  12. I realize tonight that I said bitrate when I meant "sampling rate." Apologies for any confusion that may have caused.
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