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  1. I'm strongly considering the Aurender N100. My needs are pretty simple. I would like to continue improving my sound quality while playing flac files. I would also like a streamer that is user friendly. I don't need a DAC. I have the 2nd Gen Yiggy that I'm happy with . I need at least 2TB of internal storage, but would prefer 4 TB. I'm somewhat familiar with the above mentioned Aurender N100 but.... What other brands and models should I consider given the above needs/wants. All feedback and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Anybody have any experience with Audience Front Row USB-A to B ? I'm close to upgrading from AU 24 SE-USB. Thanks in advance.
  3. If your referring to another Yiggy upgrade....I wasn't even aware of it.
  4. My system sounds amazing. It sounds amazing, because i have upgraded every piece probably a dozen times over the last 30 years. Audio is a hobby to me. Rarely have I ever upgraded and not been thrilled with the result. I'll be honest I understand the analogue side of my system a lot better than the digital side. Thus my questions on this forum. I have no interest in MQA or DSD...actually I'm not even sure what they are. I do have an enormous library of Flac Files. So I am interested in a great DAC like my Yiggy. I guess I'm curious on whats a noticeable improvement over my Yiggy. As always I appreciate all the help and guidance that this forum provides. BTW- As noted above- My system consists of- Pass Labs Int 60-Integrated amp Martin Logan Montis-Speakers PS Audio P-10 Power Purifier/Regenerator Schitt Yiggy- DAC All Audience Interconnect, Speaker Cable and Power Cords VPI-Prime Signature Turntable Ortofon Cadenza Bronze-Cartridge Pass Labs XP-17 Phono Pre Amp
  5. My only need for my DAC is for playback from FLAC files stored on an external HD. I don't use DSD or any other streaming apps. What DAC would be significantly better than my Schiit Yiggy ??? Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I took the Uptone Regen out of the loop....Now its fine....no interruption.
  7. No chain pull...Its a newer Hunter Ceiling Fan with a newer fan switch. If its RFI...what can I do to stop it from happening ?
  8. BTW...I also have an Uptone Regen and the 1.2 power supply in the chain also ...
  9. Good questions....I'll check it out.
  10. I love my Yiggy except for this issue. If I turn on or switch fan speeds on my ceiling fan...it terminates my connection from my Mac Mini to my Yiggy. With that said-all of my components are plugged into a PS Audio P-10...and the P-10 is plugged into a dedicated outlet on its own 20 amp circuit. The ceiling fan switch is also a fan switch like its supposed to be. Any ideas??? Its not an issue during cold months....but a big issue during summer time.
  11. I'm not selling my Pass Labs anytime soon.....lol I forgot to mention my other source of music is a VPI Prime Signature Turntable/Cadenza Bronze Cartridge/Plinius Koru phono stage. I love the signature sound of the Pass/Martin Logan Combo. I'm more wondering if there is a more efficient way of storing and playing my flac files. I don't use DSD or Tidal nor will I ever. Ultimately I'm also chasing even better sound quality than I already have digitally....and what I have is already really good. Just another greedy audiophile looking for the holy grail...lol Also would the Aurender work completely seperate from the Mac Mini? In other words...would the Mac Mini be completely out of the Audio chain?
  12. I'll start my thread with the fact that I'm soon to be 57, and not exactly the most computer literate audiophile. My current computer setup- Mac Mini----JRiver Media Player-----ISO Regen/external power supply----Schiit Yiggy-----my only source is Flac files stored on an external Thunderbolt drive. The rest---Pass Labs-Martin Logan Montis's.....I'm actually thrilled with the current audio performance, but I'm thinking it can be even better. Which leads to my question.....Aurender N100H Network Music Streamer with USB Output and 4TB HD IF I wanted to invest another 3K...is the above a good option? If not what would you do with a 3K budget? I understand the basic concepts of computer audio.....but I'm lost beyond this level. Any and all help would be extremely appreciated.....Thank you in advance. If you choose to help....please keep your explanations as simplistic as possible.
  13. In fact I'm listening to Tupelo Honey as we speak.....and its glorious.
  14. 98 percent of the time it plays fantastic. It just seems lately I'll have these small blips,but its very brief. All the files are stored on an external....so the Mac's not being overwhelmed. Also its not all music files...just randomly.
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