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  1. I thought about that, but UPS charged me around sixty bucks for shipping and insurance to send the Yggdrasil to Schiit, then Schiit charged me $240 for the upgrade and shipping back. When I include the taxi fare to lug the thing to the UPS office I've already sunk over $300, and to get it downgraded I'd probably end up spending another hundred. Just thinking about it my blood pressure is going up.
  2. Hi All, I wasn't sure if I should put this here or in the DAC forum. I have an Aurender N100C. I used it with an Yggdrasil with Analog 2 for a year or two and was happy with the combination. Then I added the Unison USB upgrade. Big mistake. When using the Yggy’s USB in port my stereo started emitting the occasional loud buzzing noise when I hit the fast forward button to advance from one track to the next. Aurender went out of their way to try to fix that issue, and they more or less did, but since then more trouble has popped up. Now, when I switch directly from internet radio to
  3. https://apnews.com/article/new-tech-device-sound-beaming-noveto-38327ae5fe116080a5eaf2374eb0f5c8
  4. My issue in post #118 is solved, the Yggdrasil and Aurender N100C are playing together nicely! No more buzz when fast forwarding to the next track. Thanks so much to Ari and the rest of the Aurender team, and of course to Chris!
  5. And listen to the annoying neighborhood wino say the same thing over and over. "I worked in that mill for thirty years, and they lay me off? Thirty years I tell you. Thirty years."
  6. Last time I looked in here was thirty or forty pages ago. I can't believe this farce is still ongoing. Did he ever post one single photograph? I'm surprised you guys haven't figured out: he has no stereo; there is no friend with a "sorted" "rig" "up the road." He just wants attention. He wants you to believe that he's outwitted all those hifi manufacturers and you nouveau riches who've bought your outrageously expensive shiny toys. His non-existent ten dollar transistor radio beats them all, because he's clever enough to pay attention to all the little things until his
  7. The guy is desperate to convince someone - anyone - that he gets the best music from his "rig" using only his intelligence and keen insight. He's outwitted all those audiophile recording labels, and high end component manufacturers, and silly more-money-than-sense audiophiles, and it was "trivially easy!" He's the Jack Aubrey of audiophiledom. He has nothing to say, but he needs an audience. You guys are saints for indulging him.
  8. If you click the link there's a bunch more, almost all just as horrible as the ones Sphinx posted.
  9. The Boy George one isn't terrible, but the rest of them...
  10. Wow, I didn't expect any help at all, much less this quickly. Thank you Chris and Ari. Davide, there is an option in the Aurender software to delay start the next track by a number of seconds, and I tried a few different values, but it didn't solve the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Hi All, I've had an unhappy experience from "upgrading" my Yggdrasil to the Unison USB interface. It may just be due to my stupidity, but in case anyone else is as stupid as me I thought I'd memorialize it here so people might find it if they Google it. Chris, feel free to move this to the Aurender thread if you think it should be over there. Okay here goes: My Aurender N100C worked fine using USB into the Yggdrasil for a couple years. The N100C has USB and Coax outputs, but I've always preferred the sound using USB. Then when I saw all the hype about the Un
  12. I'm essential too Shawn. The biggest change in my life is all the little annoyances. Standing in line for half an hour to get into the grocery store. Having to go to three different grocery stores to find what I need. Hunting for TP. Waiting 20 minutes for the subway that in normal times takes a couple minutes. Local car service seems to have shut down. Midtown Manhattan is creepy. I'll stop my silly moaning and whining there. Lots of folks are in much worse straits than me. I'm lucky to have a job.
  13. Thanks Dave. I actually finally figured it out myself, but then I couldn't figure out how to edit my original post. 😐
  14. You need about 2% of the quotation marks you use. People understand your meaning without them. You're going to get repetitive stress syndrome in your right pinkie finger.
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