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  1. Not sure if anyone already posted this. No mention of MQA so maybe I should have posted it somewhere else, but I saw people here were talking about NY. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/20/magazine/neil-young-streaming-music.html?action=click&module=Editors Picks&pgtype=Homepage
  2. Maybe everyone else already figured this out, but I like the fact that you can now change the number of days since new files were added to whatever you want, not just 30, 45, etc.
  3. I have the 100C and am interested in your observations too Blakcloud. I agree the money I spent on the Aurender is some of the best I've ever spent in the audio world. Separately, and this may be a dumb question, but does anyone know if you can create folders for newly added files older than 30 days? For example, create a folder for files that are under 60 days, under 90 days, etc? Thanks
  4. Use it to adjust bias on my Yaqin MC-13S.
  5. I forgot to mention, on the subject of cutting out the label, Phenomenal Handclap Band crowdfunded their new record on Kickstarter.
  6. I'm like Shadders, I listen to stuff no one else has ever heard of, in my case Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Post Punk, etc. I get lots of it from Amazon, but lately more and more from Bandcamp.
  7. ACS10 sounds cool but I like ripping CDs to a computer. The computer is a hub from which I transfer music files to my Aurender N100, external HD, another HD I keep offsite, mp3 player, and phone. I don't have a NAS. I'm not sure the ACS10 will be as versatile in that sense. Agree with Mazza, it would be nice to be able to edit metadata in the Conductor. Am I the only one who transfers albums from computer to Aurender, then sees the metadata's wrong, deletes the album from Aurender, corrects the metadata on the computer, then copies the album to the Aurender again? Seems crazy and I must be missing something.
  8. It works great for me, but I don't stream anything. I have all my music loaded on the Aurender drives, and I only use ethernet for copying files from my PC and controlling the Aurender. I can't tell you if using powerline ethernet will be a problem for streaming. Hopefully someone else with experience will post.
  9. I'm confused why you say the wireless solution is unavailable. I bought these just a month ago: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y3QYTS6/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Maybe I'm missing something. The TP Links aren't the most elegant solution, but they work. Of course, I live in a apartment so I don't have the option of breaking up the walls and running cable.
  10. I'm using a couple TP Link powerline ethernet adapters in my pre-war NYC apartment. They work great. I was in a similar situation as you. Had I not found this article Chris wrote, I'm not sure what I would have done:
  11. All the stuff about asynchronious jitter and whatnot is way over my head, but I got the D2 a few weeks ago and love it. I used to have three or four drop outs an hour with the Airport Express. I haven't had one yet with the D2. The only drawback it has in my world is I lose a little portability. I stream from a laptop, which I was able to walk around the apartment with. For example, I would carry it into the kitchen while making dinner. Now with the D2 transmitter plugged into it, it's a little bit of a juggling act. But given the support for high resolution files and the lack of drop outs it's more than worth it.
  12. I got my Gallo Reference 3 speakers at Stereo Exchange. I'll try to stop by Chris, in between doing my taxes :^(
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