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  1. Benchmark, but I think it's only some of their products and you need to buy directly from them and be in the USA.
  2. Thievery Corporation Saturday night at Terminal 5.
  3. Nope, I updated to 5.21.926 and my recently added filter still doesn't work.
  4. Good to hear an honest, unvarnished opinion. I'm curious to see if it changes over time.
  5. My Conductor's "recently added" filter has stopped working. I changed the value a couple times, but no matter what I set it to, it shows me all my music files. Has this happened to anyone else? I have an N100C.
  6. You guys need to figure out the FrankBot's modus operandi. 1) Inject some vaguely passive/aggressive comment into a thread like "It's trivially easy to get spectacular results from any rig - IF you follow my system, the speakers simply 'disappear,' the brain 'connects the dots,' and the worst recorded piece of crap sounds like angels singing. Unfortunately most of you would rather take the easy way out, throwing your money away on the newest 'shiny bit' that attracts your attention, rather than doing the hard work of optimizing that I do. Then you wonder why your 'rig' doesn't sound right." Use lots of quotation marks for no discernable reason. 2) Sit back contentedly and await the replies. "What do you mean, FrankBot? What are you doing that all of us aren't?" 3) Now FrankBot is in its element. Respond to the questions with more and more imprecise blather. Say the same thing over and over, without really saying anything. Repeat ad infinitum, allowing exasperation to creep into your posts because your interlocutors just don't "get it." Mission accomplished!
  7. You guys let the Frank bot out of the Fas42's Stereo Magic cage and now you can't corral him.
  8. Yup, I found it looking at their website source code, but thanks Ari.
  9. I have the same problem with DKFM. I was going to suggest finding the url in the station's website source code, sorry.
  10. Is the problem that you find the station, but when you start it there's no sound?
  11. Thank you to all you guys for your help, I think you've talked me into it. (Actually I was kinda hoping that would happen.😉) I think the combination of the option of buying a second AHB2 for monoblocks if one amp isn't powerful enough, and the Benchmark 30 day trial period, and your advice all clinched the deal.
  12. I have a question about matching a power amplifier with speakers. I'm an imbecile when it comes to electricity, so I'll probably say something in this post that's laughably oblivious. Okay here goes: I've been driving Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers with a Plinius 9200 integrated amp for years. The Gallos have an impedance of "4 to 8 ohms," and the Plinius puts out 200 watts into 8 ohms. Recently I bought a Benchmark HPA4 headphone amp, and fell in love with its clarity and transparency. I sleep with one hand on it. I saw that Benchmark manufactures their AHB2 power amp, which delivers only 100 watts into 8 ohms. The Plinius has served me well, but she's ten years old now, and I wondered about replacing her with a power amp and using the HPA4 as a preamp. Then I started researching power requirements for speakers. I read that you should double the speakers' power rating to determine the proper amplifier power. The Gallos are rated at 350 watts RMS. So do I need a 700 watt amp?!? I almost fainted. Have I been using an underpowered amp all this time? Believe me, the Plinius/Gallo combination goes LOUD. The few times I've turned the volume knob above nine o'clock I thought I was going to knock the building off its foundation. I'd love to try powering the Gallos with the AHB2, but would it be an underpowered waste of time? Should I be looking at insanely powerful power amps? I've seen darned few that approach 700 watts. Or should I just shut up and stick with the Plinius? Oh yeah, I listen to a lot of alternative (Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Post Punk, much of which is poorly recorded), some jazz, some "audiophile" recordings like Carmen Gomes. No classical. Thanks for any thoughts you have. Jeff
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