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  1. Thanks Dave. I actually finally figured it out myself, but then I couldn't figure out how to edit my original post. 😐
  2. You need about 2% of the quotation marks you use. People understand your meaning without them. You're going to get repetitive stress syndrome in your right pinkie finger.
  3. I come in here just for a laugh, but in addition to his absurdities, why does he insist on using the quotation marks multiple times in every post? You don't need quotation marks there.
  4. Can I ask a really dumb question about download album purchases? When I buy an album in Qobuz, I click the green Download My Music button, then Qobuz generates a list of the tracks and the cover art. I want to be able to download the album to my PC, then transfer it to my Aurender and phone. I don't want to mess around with the Qobuz player, that thing is confusing as hell. I just want to treat the files like any other album I have downloaded on my PC. My problem is, there doesn't seem to be a way to download the whole album at once. Every damn time I end up downloading each individual track, then I assemble them all into a folder, it's driving me nuts. There's an option to "Download all the audio files in a Tar folder," which seems to be some sort of zip utility. Is that the only way to download the whole record, install some sort of Tar zip software? I did a search here and in Google but didn't find anything dealing with this exact problem. The Qobuz Help Center search function is friggin' useless too. I'm sure there's something really simple that I've missed, but I can't figure out what it is. Thanks Jeff
  5. I've been wondering how long it would take someone to figure out, there is no N.
  6. NYC is surreal. The tourists are everywhere and seem carefree, but the natives seem panicked, they're all staying home. Gym was almost empty today. Grocery stores are getting cleaned out. No chicken in Whole Foods the other day. No toilet paper in Duane Reade or Key Food. Why toilet paper?
  7. Mum has postponed their March 26th show at Murmrr Theatre in Brooklyn - they can't get in the country. Pretty bummed about that. I hope Little Dragon can do their show at Brooklyn Steel on April 18th. I'm spending more time trying to figure out Qobuz. I like it, but it's not the most user friendly system.
  8. I saw a bunch when I was looking for something similar for headphones. If you search for "speaker selector" in Amazon you might find what you want. Hope I understood your question.
  9. I'm happy to not be spending twenty or thirty bucks a month on Amazon. Instead I spend much less on Qobuz and bandcamp.
  10. I'm interested in any impressions you have. I won't complain you aren't using the right terms. And no rush, whenever you have time is fine.
  11. Hi Jon, they did send me an email yesterday to tell me my Yggy had arrived. I agree with Joe, they're probably just backed up. However if I was in your shoes I might send them an email to put my mind at ease.
  12. I'll look around the Web. I bet he posts on a Ferrari owners forum telling them their cars run like poo, but if they'd only learn to tune up their rigs like he's tuned up his Gremlin...
  13. But it would keep him occupied for years.
  14. Somebody needs to create a new account, then post something like "I spent $100K on my system. I bought all these expensive shiny little add-on boxes that the manufacturers told me would make my rig sound great, but it still sounds like crap! If only someone could help me, and explain to me how to make my rig sound good. But I guess that will never happen." Then let Frank launch into his "35 years ago, suddenly it just 'clicked,' the mind 'fills in the missing bits,' and the speakers 'disappear,'" speech. Then program a bot to keep replying to his posts "Wait, but how does it work Frank?" "Can you explain in more detail?" "Tell me more" etc.
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