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  1. In my In return (for my slow evolvement of the Tonal project), you can bypass the 20 discs limitation by holding “OPTION” key while clicking “BROWSE FILES”.
  2. Dear Nondas, Sorry for the delay. I’ve uploaded a build which restores the delete function. No more bug fixes or new features for this build. Sorry again.
  3. Thank you for your forgiveness, Gyorgy. The volume can be adjusted in the below build: http://binaries.ton.al/app/Tonal-20180510.zip Keyboard is still unsupported yet for Tonal is a “Sandboxed” app, and we bypassed CoreAudio services. But you can do it within the app, or the unscheduled iOS remote. Thanks again.
  4. Tonal collects complete discs. It can be red-book rip or high-res. Separate Partial tracks of a disc are not supported. Single audio file with .cue or complete separate tracks of a disc are supported.
  5. Hi tinnson, Tonal collects complete discs. It can be red-book rip or high-res. Separate tracks are not supported.
  6. I think iMac Speakers support 192khz as well. 1. I’m seeking resources to support the further development of Tonal. It that way is blocked, I’ll figure out how much time I can allot by myself. iOS is unscheduled yet. Tonal (macOS) takes 3 years to reach the initial version. iOS will not come that fast. 2. Please have a look at this cabinet of metadata records. https://github.com/ICMD/Tonal-Metadata I’m sorry for I havn’t offered a formal tutorial about the metadata syntax. But if you have time, search your collected album and read the document (e.g., https://githu
  7. Hi Daviser, Currently only high sierra is supported. There’re reasons supporting this decision. Read https://medium.com/tonal-app/tonal-internals-part-1-audio-pre-processing-33966c169022 Wish you could have a try. :)
  8. That’s unusual corente. iMac (late 2015) should support 192khz. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202730
  9. Hi corente, Why not collect another 96/24 disc on the iMac and see if it plays well?
  10. Hi corente, I wish the Giulini/Brahms boxset issue is fixed. Check it on your Tonal app and let me know if the result is satisfying. 96/24 is supported. The source format of your audio is irrelevant. All music is stored in a proprietary format. If you click the play button and nothing happens, it may because your device does not support 96khz sample rate. Do you see a buffering animation? What device are you using? Sorry for the trouble, again.
  11. Please use this build: http://binaries.ton.al/app/Tonal-20180423.zip Right click the cover art from the grid view, a pop-up will be shown.
  12. Hi jaspal, 1. The deletion feature will be implemented very soon. Tomorrow maybe. 2. Please send me a disc you believe which is AccurateRip or CUETools verifiable but rejected by Tonal. I’ll dive into the case. 3. Please PM me and I would like to discuss more on the 20 discs limitation. I would like to help you continue building your collection while the Tonal is in her early stage. Thank you again and sorry for the trouble.
  13. For audiophile performance, they’re bit-to-bit identical. Use extracted files for it’s faster. Any error (detected by the integrated AccurateRip or CUETools) will be repaired (by the integrated CUETools) or rejected (when unable to repair).
  14. I’ve deleted the wrong album. Please let me know if it’s still there. In the future, you can do-it-yourself. Sorry for the trouble.
  15. Hello corente, Thank you for your valubale information. I’m sorry for my late response. Re: Some way to organize the "discs" I truly agree with you. Your suggestion is top in the to-do list. Re: Order or discs It a nasty bug. Blame me hardly. Re: Mahler Symphonies I’ve fixed the issue. Please let me know if it’s safisfying on your side. Re: 32bits audio Not supported for now. In the to-do list. Once I figured out resources and time to take Tonal to her next stage, I believe not only above issues will be
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