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  1. A nice story about life working out. Sometimes it isn’t fear as much as immediate tasks getting in the way. Enjoy having your life with the right pieces and people in it.
  2. On the Hifi tier the market share is less than a tenth of a percent.
  3. Bob Stuart won't give up until he runs out of money. The question is will the investors will notice MQA Ltd has no market share and not fund them for 2022.? Or notice that the maket is not interested in paying a premium for audio quality above AAC or 320k MP3?
  4. Very nice article, I hope to test it soon maybe even in New Mexico.
  5. You can hit all of the boulevards in “I Love LA” and fun places for children.
  6. Nope, Bob Stuart told me it changes the sound at the Los Angles Audio Show in 2017. In any case, there are no alternate masters or mixes with thin sounding edges and a thicker middle of Dr Dog’s B Room yet they are in the MQA version.
  7. Digital isn't inherently unnatural. The MQA encoding process thins the edges of the soundstage and deepens the center, All well known years before you ever heard of MQA. The vast majority of recording and mastering engineers have rejected it. And the only ADC with MQA is now a legacy product. It almost looks like a few folks in NYC got suckered by MQA and they think well if I like it must be good. I just got back from the T.H.E. Show in Long Beach, CA, only sunny Components was demoing MQA becasue nobody else cares.
  8. Actualy we have talked about this before. And a Warner Music Rep at the LA Audio Show gave me the exact breakdown of the high files they had as of that date. Almost none were 24/192.
  9. This thread is working as I intended it to. A running commentary where I can say that was discussed or debunked years ago.
  10. I was told by Emiko Carlin the shows marketing person that ticket sales are higher this year than 2018 and 2019.
  11. There was an information gap, my SO Sheri asked me why are we are listening to tape hiss. She will never attend another show with me. I’m enjoying myself and catching up with people but anybody who writes they are listening to great systems is fooling themselves.
  12. Just dealer playing an MQA file. Stand alone, he just said it was MQA after the song.
  13. Another day at an audio show and another MQA demo failure. Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald You Can’t Take That From Me my notes were why bother, still too much noise.
  14. Let the fun begin at T.H.E. Show.
  15. I was told last month I'll be working for 10 more years. Easy enough fight whatever licensesing schem someone comes up with in that time.
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