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  1. Do know what the trail of tears is and where it ended?
  2. Bury the hatchet is a peace gesture.
  3. Andy the only way the hatchet will be buried is if subjective audio journals bury it. Then take audio equivalent of the "Trail of Tears" to the Black Kettle National Grassland and learn how to measure audio equipment.
  4. MQA continues to draw criticism for the one deliverable point you mentioned, but it also continues to draw criticism because it doesn't do what its supporters claimed it did and it exposed a large portion of the audio press as unable to grasp technical issues. I received a lot of criticism whenever I criticized the high end audio press. And I've enjoyed it ever since I started paying attention to high end audio again in 2916. If this negatively impacts others the solution is simple the audio press needs to get more informed about audio.
  5. Daverich4, your comment was uncivil because Andy Quint’s lack of qualifications have been discussed enough that suggesting I ask him and I’m unaware of them is an unethical debate technique, repetition. I didn’t used to care about this too much until I started teaching continuing legal education (tax) In addition to continuing professional education (CPA’s). Teaching lawyers requires knowledge of debate tactics. Andy is a friend because he is the only member of the audio press with the courage to meet me and face to face say I disagree with you. We disagree with a lot of things in high end audio. And I’m fine with that. I took your comment as not realizing my list went from humorous (John Atkinson) to in Andy’s case rhetorical. I know the qualifications of the people on my list except for Robert Harley’s degree. As I’ve said many times consider my posts to be tests unless you are sure they are not. So, let’s look at the bio of David A. Rich PhD (even if you aren’t him) and ask a few questions I don’t know the answer to. The bio says he is a member of AES High-Resolution Technical Committee. So, it is fair to ask: Does he know the circumstances necessary in a listening room to even have the possibility to detect the difference between a high-resolution record and a CD quality recording? Does he know the amount of ultrasonic musical energy present at a typical listening position? Does know whether ultrasonic energy at the listening position is a good thing or a bad thing? Finally, on January 7, 2020 HiFi+ posted “The Truth About High-Resolution Audio.” The author concluded “slightly increased smoothness of a 24 bit 96kHz recording in the middle ranges is worth having.” I disagree and cite the research behind MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing). I wonder if David understands why.
  6. Be careful what you wish for.
  7. That is why I want MQA Ltd liquidated and it hasn't happened yet. I'm going to keep working to achieve that goal. But I did a quick review last night of the technical problems of MQA before I wrote the "they are going to play racquetball with your liver" post in late 2016. Everyone Alex said did technical analysis and many others had started to criticize MQA before I posted "MQA is Vaportware" and I thank them. It allowed me to focus on MQA marketing and issues with converting files.
  8. Alex, i do damage control at shows. Just ask yourself when I was working on opposing MQA in 2016 with my friend the late Charles Hanson what was Chris going?
  9. Offset is an objective fitting item otherwise nice list. And thank goodness for Trackman.
  10. I could go up the street and get the best PXG irons and wedges for the sum of $6,500 or $650 a club. I'm going to rebuild a set of Titleist 735 CM irons. They will cost $600 for a set 3-PW and be the best clubs money can buy for me.
  11. In golf what your unconscious bias are is an interesting question. I'm building a set of Titleist 735 CM irons after testing a few irons. I can't think of a feature in the build that doesn't involve conscious bias or objective measurement. The objective measurements will be verified Thursday with a Trackman session.
  12. I have expectation bias until after a few practice sessions. Then the rubber hits the road and I take it on a golf course. It works or it doesn't. In audio the first thing I do is play Pet Sounds. Then All the Young Dudes. Those two albums are pretty good at eliminating bias for me.
  13. Alex snake oil is deceptive marketing. Nice rant but I help people set up rooms at shows.
  14. Can't argue with that. I just ordered a shaft for the head, it will be fun to play with it and see if it will help me make a few more putts.
  15. This is nice looking high moi mallet head that fits me according the basic specs. Balanced gravity system technology? Did you notice the reference to loudspeakers?
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