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  1. No point in listening neither measures well. The best DAC I have ever heard is about $1500, and pretty close is a third of that. See my comment of John Atkinson's review of the Okto.
  2. He has a chapter in his book about MQA.
  3. Lorne Bregitzer is a Professor at the University of Colorado Denver. He teaches recording. He has 19 credits on Discogs.
  4. Why not I've advanced the idea that it a bad business decision to do business with MQA.
  5. Are you saying MQA Ltd chose badly when they signed up Xiami? If so isn't that a reflection of who is willing to do business with MQA Ltd?
  6. Let us avoid paranoia and conspiracy theories and go with this. Mike Jbara CEO MQA Ltd., and I talked, emailed, and had a phone conversion after 2018 RMAF that began after Chris’s MQA presentation. Our October 16, 2018 emails discuss that there is more content prepped than are on the streaming services today. For Tidal adding more MQA content from Warner may have a simpler explanation. Give Tidal something to market to help keep them alive or make Tidal look more attractive to a potential buyer like Jack Dorsey. Because at some point the labels would like to be paid an
  7. Xiami Music is closing down February 5th so no Chinese steaming service using MQA. I try to stick to facts anyone can see for themselves so I posted information from the recently published 2019 financial statements. 2020 may see Tidal closing in on financial neverland where trade and other payables exceed revenue. Xiami Music had a nice app too and it didn't help them.
  8. In this context MQA is bad for artists, bad for the recording process, bad for consumers and doesn't sound better. In any case on February 6th MQA will only be available on two small platforms, Tidal and Nug.net. Tidal kept afloat in 2019 by not paying its bills. And where can you download MQA files in the United States these days?
  9. I'm not seeing interest in lossless streaming. My estimate of the current market share of lossless is 1% of the paid subscribers.
  10. Time for an update since the 2019 financial statements of MQA Limited are now posted. MQA lost 4,176,743 in Pounds. Revenue was 492,291. Xiama Music will shut down on February 5, 2021 leaving only Tidal and nugs.net as the only music streaming services with MQA content. Neither has significant subscribers. Download services are sparse with only 2L, e-onkyo music, HiResAudio and nugs.net. I don’t see enough MQA encoded music to drive demand for hardware and software able to decode MQA files especially in the United States.
  11. Please refresh my memory on what I've made up. Most of the posts I've are about files converted and financial information.
  12. I want you to think I've done nothing.
  13. I wasn't the one doing the fighting. You banned him Brian Lucey did the heavy lifting in the studios. I just provided data that Bob Stuart wasn't who everyone thought he was. I don't do pictures with me and other people no point. I've interacted with more than twenty major league baseball players this spring at the Biltmore's short game practice area. What's the point of getting a picture? When I was kid in Minnesota we lived a few houses away from Bob Allison and Fran Tarkenton went to our church. I tried to qualify for the PGA Tour and met lots of famous people. And I worked brie
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