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  1. Please refresh my memory on what I've made up. Most of the posts I've are about files converted and financial information.
  2. I want you to think I've done nothing.
  3. I wasn't the one doing the fighting. You banned him Brian Lucey did the heavy lifting in the studios. I just provided data that Bob Stuart wasn't who everyone thought he was. I don't do pictures with me and other people no point. I've interacted with more than twenty major league baseball players this spring at the Biltmore's short game practice area. What's the point of getting a picture? When I was kid in Minnesota we lived a few houses away from Bob Allison and Fran Tarkenton went to our church. I tried to qualify for the PGA Tour and met lots of famous people. And I worked brie
  4. Then again the recent activity may only be a change because the 2020 Summer Olympics aren't happening this year.
  5. MQA is an interesting study of audio politics, pre announcement strategies against determined opposition. And only the foolish assume the fight is just here.
  6. If there is any justice on this site, Chris will delete your comment and move Joe's post to mine in the proper spot.
  7. I shouldn't be the one to write this. I disagreed with him a lot but for those of us who liked bluegrass he was one of the few to understand how few pieces of high end audio equipment could actually reproduce a banjo properly. I hope he found peace in his final days.
  8. it wasn’t just about his death. It was also about who I wished I had known.
  9. I'm glad you're back. With passing of Clark Johnsen of Positive Feedback Wednesday I have more stuff to attack the defenders of the status quo. I would have liked to meet him, I'm sorry I didn't have the chance. Be sure to tell the MQA FaceBook group I've been spying on them for almost two years.
  10. Gee I've been a part of that group for quite awhile. But I don't ever say much.
  11. Chris always gets on me for who I know but Clark Johnsen is someone I wished I would have known. He passed away late yesterday afternoon after a long battle with cancer. His article From the Clark Johnsen Diaries: A Riddle, a Trip, and a Promise Broken summarizes many of my opinions about high-end audio. May he rest in peace.
  12. I'm going to enjoy a concert on FaceBook Friday night. And send a donation to support the artist. I'm going enjoy music while I play golf the next morning. And yesterday I bought tickets and rented a golf cart for a blues festival in August. As I always say if you aren't going to a live event at least 350 miles away every year, I don't have much on common with you. Back to being essential.
  13. They haven't shut the courses down in Arizona. And my condo's par 3 course is busier than ever. Due to the change in tax deadlines I'm playing more than ever.
  14. Funny but isn't it interesting a lot my stuff is being deleted? What do they fear? And feel free to keep shooting at the messenger, it keeps me entertained while I work on things like attribution rules for the Paycheck Protection Program and some crazy bank restrictions on applying for it.
  15. There is a pattern of changing terms of contracts and licensing arrangements. The first part of pattern is in Neil Young's book, the second part is in HDTracks lawsuit against 7 Digital, the third part is from my discussions at T.H.E. Show with manufactures in Irvine CA in 2016, and fourth I watched the Roon guys get their arms twisted at RMAF 2017.
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