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  1. I must point out Onkyo is in a bit of a financial bind. "We don't have an immediate cash flow problem"
  2. Maybe they're following Tidal. Don't file until you have no option.
  3. Here are some numbers from Similar Web for September measured by visits in thousands. Nugs.net 181.49 2L 53.73 Onkyo Music 57.53 High Res Audio 140.86 These are or were places to download MQA files. Onkyo Music is now gone. 2L distributes its files through other distributors.
  4. I'm pretty sure BDO can do the financials but are there disputes? BDO has to know people are looking at MQA Ltd's financial statements.
  5. Also interesting is Tidal's financial statements aren't listed as overdue. They generally don't file them until they are forced to by an order dissolving the company. Maybe MQA Ltd is doing the same thing?
  6. There are fascinating things in the notes and sometimes the cash flow statement.
  7. There is a deadline of September 30th for companies on a calendar year, however Tidal never does submit their financials until they threatened with dissolution.
  8. Agrred, MQA Ltd and Tidal’s financials haven’t been posted yet.
  9. Getting this back on track. Amir is a supporter of high resolution audio and wrote an article about it "High Resolution Audio:does it matter?" And who does he site as evidence Bob Stuart and his 2014 paper "The Audibility of Typical Digital Audio Filters in a High- Fidelity Playback System". He probably isn't happy about the current challenges to high resolution audio considering he sells the stuff. And nothing has been posted yet on Companies House about MQA Ltd or Project Panther Bidco (Tidal to the rest of you).
  10. MQA is a 30 million Euro rat hole of Reinet Investments.
  11. Well you guys carry on, I'm starting to write my response to Robert Harley's MQA editorial. ACG you might be a tier 1 reviewer/ equipment analyst, my friend Andy Quint is down in tier 4. And I'm fascinated by your system especially the speakers. If they measure they way you say, matched with Benchmark electronics you would have one the 10 quietest systems in the world.
  12. Remember I’m quoting TAS. And Harry wasn’t the only person making bad decisions, you had Art Dudley as managing editor.
  13. Andy, I appreciate the apology. Let's review, "HP’s broader test—the perceived realism of the reproduction—did, but it wasn’t applied until well after the bottom fell out in the later 90s and TAS temporarily went under." So no 46 straight years, sorry. Moving on, "Then a miracle happened. A TAS subscriber from Issue 1 and a longtime HP fan named Thomas Martin bought the magazine in 1998 and, about three years later, installed Robert Harley as Editor in Chief. The current commercial success of the magazine—and it has never, in all its history, been more successful or influential—dates precisely from this change in leadership and the consequent change in editorial style and content that it brought about. Though HP continued (until recently) to be a valued contributor with his own section of the magazine —HP’s Workshop—the rest of the writing staff was let “off the leash.” TAS writers were encouraged to use their own words, to do their own thinking about what they were writing about (and refer to their own music), to hew to the absolute sound philosophy but to interpret it after their own fashion. The results were a broader spectrum of opinion and judgment—no less candid or seasoned by experience but more varied and less dogmatic—a more conversational and far less snobbish tone, more professional relationships with manufacturers (who now got reviewed in a timely fashion rather than having to wait, often fruitlessly, for months and years to see commentary in print) and with readers (who were no longer subjected to an endless stream of lazy “non-review” reviews, in which nothing but the vaguest—and often grossly inaccurate—descriptions were offered and the vaguest conclusions were reached, though more was constantly being promised, and seldom delivered), more professional editing and fact-checking, and a wider scope of product coverage." The good old days weren't all that good this is all from "Some thoughts on our 40th Anniversary ." And thanks for the reminder to call Michael Ritter and ask him to send me an Alpha DAC to measure. And I would like to apologize for not yet criticizing Robert Harley for his MQA editorial and the dumb responses of your readers. I will fix that shortly as will some others. Take care, Stephen
  14. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
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