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  1. I’ll start one in October. Currently 7digital is on death watch.
  2. I didn’t even use my blue laser pointer on JVS or Ken Forsythe at t.h.e. Show in Long Beach.
  3. Well, while guys have been having fun, I've been spreading my brand of darkness around the web. Find a positive comment and post enjoy MQA and Tidal while you can.
  4. Jud, I was going to post that some people like the distortion ultrasonics cause. The pro guys have been wondering about this for more than a decade. I received a thread going back a long time this morning as part of a weekly update. And at t.h.e. Show we talked a bit about the artifacts created by large amounts of empty space in a 24/192 file.
  5. Haven't I said this under a couple of conditions? Hitting a crash cymbal and some types of welding but when can't it be perceived? In my case 10 feet away.
  6. John, I noted it with an all hands on deck situation (a dam breach) which had me welding for a couple days as well. I did not find either case a feeling I wanted to repeat. Speaking of memory I remember something about needing high sound pressure levels to transmit ultrasonics through the air any distance but I can't seem to remember the source.
  7. I've said more than a few times I can detect ultrasonics from a crash cymbal when I'm hitting it (bone conduction probably). But I can't detect them listening 10 feet away. But then Richard Vandersteen considers my hearing abilities "lucky."
  8. Are you making the assumption that higher is better? In many.cases lower would be what the artists, engineers and label wants.
  9. Don’t get started on matching mics. And at a minimum I carry a frequency analyzer on my phone and use it. I’m constantly looking a 10 to 20 kHz. And 20 hz which I try very hard to avoid.
  10. Sorry I had to turn it off for an estate planning conference yesterday. The second case study involved 80 stuffed animals, like elephants and other big animals. “You know these are endangered.” “And this guy was the one who did the endangering.”
  11. The last time I used high frequency mics was a couple of weeks ago with my Sony digital recorder. I don’t see much up there with Americana music.
  12. MQA Ltd doesn’t want files compared like is done here or Agitator or Archimago did. I think they thought reviewers and editors were highest level of people they needed to convince. I’m sure it was a surprise we challenged the audio establishment and found them lacking.
  13. MQA has a history of demoing stuff we can’t listen to ourselves. This may another example.
  14. See mansr’s comment. Part of the fun of going to audio shows is demo tricks.
  15. I got 7digital's survival plan for the near future. It does not look promising for them.
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