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  1. Actually not. Part of the purpose of this thread was to cover topics that impact recorded music more than the problems MQA claims to fix. I will give John a bit a latitude in this area.
  2. Back to regularly scheduled programming. 7digital will require material further equity and/or debt funding by the beginning of June 2019. “Without such funding, the Company is unlikely to be able to continue as a going concern.” From the London Stock Exchange April 11, 2019 It will be hard for HDTracks to launch its MQA streaming service without 7digital.
  3. One of the reasons he is in my Rogue's Gallery of MQA supporters.
  4. I hope that everyone attending who oppose MQA asks thoughtful questions but please ask Ken Forsythe about his qualifications too.
  5. I was standing with the label guys and MQA Ltd representatives just before Bob's presentation at the the Los Angles Audio Show in 2017. The MQA people said that Bob would give technical presentations from now on. He wasn't effective with other audiences. This presentation ended with Bob Stuart and Robert Harley called liars.
  6. I actually do know why he isn't showing up.
  7. Well I've been enjoying Todd Snider most of the day. Final song will be "The Rose City Blues" and a good day will be almost over.
  8. Dutch keep the crazy coming.
  9. Actually the green light says something different according to Bob.
  10. What I'm saying you not even wrong . I hope you aren't thinking you are correct in your comments. That would be unfortunate.
  11. Once you rise to level of being wrong I'll comment.
  12. Forget about fraud. Just start at zero and see if the audio press and MQA Ltd have proved their case. Easy answer is no they have not. MQA Ltd has made some interesting claims but they are hard to verify and many times are wrong. If I can't verify the claims you haven't proved your case and when they are wrong they hurt their case. This thread exists because valid criticism as early as 2014 was ignored. As Chris said to me at RMAF 17, you got people to listen.
  13. I will publish what I want but it will be easy to exclude Kal. Where did you have to listen very carefully to hear any difference come from, Kal. My MQA hump in a normal distribution is no difference and and a different sort of different. A different sort of different came from Kal.
  14. What a silly question I get mine free.
  15. Mani who can I meet at T.H.E. Show 18 or RMAF 18 that would be of the same caliber as the people I go to? I haven't met any at the Los Angeles shows or RMAF 16 and 17. And yes I understand your point about brilliance, my grandfather is in the Water Works Hall of Fame and the people of Chicago were grateful for clean drinking water. And I'm talking about a million dollars of wages, partnership and/or S Corp earnings. Did Nelson Pass have income like that?
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