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  1. Probably a good to remind people of two concepts "not even wrong" and there are only well reasoned opinions and poorly reasoned opinions.
  2. Qobuz bought e-onkyo recently. I wonder if they will continue to offer MQA as a download format?
  3. I envy your ability to go deep with the wire. Arizona would require some good power tools.
  4. Fascinating analysis and good write up. But a quick question would I find the soundstage too wide and deep with the Bryston? It was not an issue when I’ve had Benchmark stuff in my office. Easy live example, the last time I heard the Cowboy Junkies live the soundstage was about five feet deep. The distance from the front amps to the back amps.
  5. I can understand John Atkinson pleading the 5th, he cost the Chesky brothers several hundred thousand dollars with his promotion of MQA. He stays silent about MQA, they don’t try to start an MQA streaming service. Think how many times similar scenarios are repeated. The other reason for the continued promotion of MQA is the culture war going on for the last thirty or so years for the soul of hobby. Even Rafe Arnott noticed and wrote about it last month. I believe the listen, test, and discuss side will prevail. You call it the Rational Audiophile. I think the pure subjective side believes any sign of backing down on MQA will be seen as a sign of weakness. Most now hope MQA goes away with as little fanfare as possible.
  6. MQA Karaoke was the highlight for me.
  7. I will give some thought to what went into my decison to buy a LG V60.
  8. Sad news for sure. I was just about to book my flights and car service. Now I need to cancel my room.
  9. This seems to happen when I go on vacation. Palm Springs is beautiful and we’re looking forward to some live local music this weekend. John Atkinson made some interesting comments that deserve comment when I return. And Chris played one of my cards better than I could. I had no on the record comments that the costs of licensing varied so much. I was just told of dissatisfaction about licensing terms and little more because of NDAs.
  10. Correct as best I can tell it started sometime in late 2013 before John Atkinson and Roberrt Harley were shown MQA at the 2014 CES. The Availability Cascde gathered a lot of steam after they were shown the product.
  11. A facinatng review, thanks. And raises a point I've been thinking about, just how quiet do I want my intgrated amp be? Stay safe, Steve
  12. Andy, at the time Robert Harley was shown MQA at CES in 2014 Meridian Audio had been technically insolvent for two reporting years. Bob Stuart needed money beyond what Neil Young was offering for Pono. Robert Harley was the beginning of an Availability Cascade created to influence the audio market. His articles in 2014 and January 2015 created the appearance of market acceptance of MQA before there was a consumer product. Robert’s partisanship allowed Meridian Audio to sell MQA to an investor who then funded MQA Ltd in 2015. He continued to write about MQA causing preference falsification among audio journalists. Other members of the press felt social pressure to conform and did because in the beginning they received acceptance and respect. Until early 2017 an audio journalist had three choices, support MQA, silence or be ostracized. Press coverage lead by Robert Harley influenced the major labels and Merlin to license MQA. And then there were the hardware reviews. Please don’t try to explain those away. For an editor of magazine to create an Availability Cascade does taint the magazine until the editor acknowledges the error. Availability Cascades are invariably bad and cause bad decisions. Robert almost got away with doing something so bad that even someone as out of touch as Jim Austin noticed it in another context.
  13. There never was a market for superior audio streaming. All quality is to a record label is an attempt to slow the decline of Average Revenue per User. So, if you can keep 495 million people happy with 256 AAC and 320 Mp3 why do you need the added costs of lossless streaming? Let’s make your scary part less scary. End to end means MQA ADCs at the front end. There aren’t any on the market. MQA doesn’t need to position itself to the music industry, Warner, Sony, Universal and Merlin are all shareholders. Licensing agreements prevent a single song from being streamed worldwide so little gain there. The MQA licensing agreements are all built around a model of decoding. So, if you don’t decode you don’t pay. At the consumer end maybe 300,000 people can decode an MQA file from Tidal and neg.net. The number of people subscribing to music streaming services is over 500 million. Finally, there is not much evidence that there are more than 2 million MQA tracks to stream. The number tracks on a big streaming service are around 70 million. Yes, the labels could adopt MQA as their sole distribution format but to do that they would have to convert a more than 68 million tracks because MQA is not a deliverable in recording contracts. That will take awhile and accelerate the trend toward big tech in the music business. Afterall one of Jack Dorsey’s marketing pitches to the Hip Hop R&B world is I can pay you faster than the major labels can.
  14. Short version, magazines and most audio blogs are are show cases for advertisers.
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