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  1. Greg, we thrashed this out in 2017 after the LA Audio Show so don't say anything Charles Hansen didn't say on Audio Asylum before he died, point out the lack of consumer acceptance of MQA and question the expertise and powers of observation of every supporter of MQA. As for fighting fires, fight them the way we do in Arizona. The Hotshots use picks, shovels and chainsaws. These tools are effective fighting MQA too.
  2. John has had a standing invitation to visit and explore Arizona Highways. Maybe spend some time on Rt 66 and visit the wild burros in Oatman Arizona. But I don't think he will change his mind.
  3. Just another bit of evidence John Darko is trying convince people he has an objective viewpoint when the weight of evidence shows he writes ad copy.
  4. It will be interesting to to see how T.H.E. Show goes next month. It was done so fast I couldn't book my favorite hotel and will stay at the Sheridan closer to the restaurants. .
  5. The hope of profit not profit. Bob Stuart has reached a unique milestone in high end audio. He has managed to lose $100 dollars this century operating Meridian and MQA. Sorry I didn't post them here but I had my reasons. The current numbers are on Real HD Audio if you want to see them. Tidal is also at an interesting point. Before Jack Dorsey bought a majority share, Tidal revenue and current liabilities were almost equal. Tidal funds its operations by not paying its bills. MQA is simply a bad business decision. The investors made a bad decision investing in MQA, manuf
  6. Thanks for the great memories. Version two was the last album I added to my reference albums.
  7. Andy what about the thoughtless supporters of MQA? And as far as who is an audio professional I stand by my two sentence review of the Okto stereo DAC in Stereophile. COVID hurt my recording activities in 2020. I’m hopeful later this year I can get a new favorite in a studio.
  8. Not hate but I got chills when first heard the tape of the Dead at the Crystal Ballroom in 1968. In 2015 I heard a third generation copy on a vist to Portland and still got chills. It is a shame the masters of my two favorite Dead albums were thrown away when Mickey Hart remastered them. Their business skills are something worth studying in any case.
  9. Play the recording as accurately as possible. Hard to do for me, Pet Sounds has historical failure rate of greater than 50%, on the Border is hard on panel speakers and many components have a tough time with the primitive drum machine on JJ Cale's Naturally.
  10. Based on his posts in the Vaporware thread the OP here can dish it out but can't take it. I've ignored this poster for the most part.
  11. RMAF has never been crowded to me except the hotel bars in the evening. I'll be fully immune in a week. About the same time these head back to me with a black nickel finish. Golf was a godsend through this.
  12. The first thing I've done in 2021 that feels normal. I hope for more as the year goes on.
  13. YouTube concert videos didn't fill the hole in me for live music As for nature well see below, Arizona wine region from a recent visit.
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