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  1. That looks a bit like El Mirage Dry Lake. Not much salt there though.
  2. They are steel with a satin finish. I haven't broken a steel shaft in decades graphite is another matter.
  3. I prefer to imagine Neil standing on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
  4. From an earlier post of mine August 2018 Actually Jud I believe and have stated most of the time linear filers work best, sometimes a minimum phase works and sometimes an intermediate filter like Archimago's is best. I'm in the category of agreeing with Julius O Smith of Stanford. Charles Hansen and I were friends so I heard a lot about why minimum phase filters worked but he didn't live long enough to experiment with intermediate phase filters. And Rob Watts has made compelling arguments to me in our discussions as have several others. I keep saying one size does not fit all. But I have a lot doubt about anything but linear filters when you are assembling songs from tracks. And I would rather listen to an old iPod than my iPhone X with a minimum phase filter. The doesn't occur in nature isn't a convincing argument to me.
  5. As usual I need to point out I'm getting on an airplane to see a concert in Texas Friday, picked up a set of NOS golf shafts last night and saw a beautiful sunset that made the horizon look like it was on fire driving home. I like Steve G I just disagree with him the vast majority of the time.
  6. Thanks for the facts it is what I expect from the Technical Editor of a heritage magazine.
  7. Well consider the OP has listened to Alan Sides speakers with his own material. So the source is as good as you can get and his actives sound stunning. Better than the Meridians by in my opinion a large margin. The reason better quality drivers. Yep we don't like MQA but your comments here are only your attempt to disrupt the thread. And any serious discussion of actives probably excludes you. Hate doesn't always blind many times it sharpens focus. But in your case your hate of us is blinding you.
  8. I had to tell the saleswoman what her commission was. Her manager was not happy I educated her about what a car actually costs the dealer.
  9. They are even worse than ADP and PayChex representatives. I've bought one car in my life from a salesman. That didn't go well for either the salesman or her manger.
  10. I told him I like domed tweeters especially silk ones and I can pick out my favorite version of Rolling Stones songs without and experts help. He's just another audio writer with disqualifying experience, he sold high end audio equipment at retail.
  11. I know him well enough. He generally defines what I consider wrong which is helpful. And sometimes he is right. Similar to a broken clock.
  12. The wall of sound has its place. I start listening tests with Pet Sounds. More likely than not stuff fails and I move on. If you hear Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run with any soundstage depth you aren't hearing what they intended.
  13. Willfully ignorant goes right with tool of special interests or pawn in the game of life.
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