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  1. Funny but isn't it interesting a lot my stuff is being deleted? What do they fear? And feel free to keep shooting at the messenger, it keeps me entertained while I work on things like attribution rules for the Paycheck Protection Program and some crazy bank restrictions on applying for it.
  2. There is a pattern of changing terms of contracts and licensing arrangements. The first part of pattern is in Neil Young's book, the second part is in HDTracks lawsuit against 7 Digital, the third part is from my discussions at T.H.E. Show with manufactures in Irvine CA in 2016, and fourth I watched the Roon guys get their arms twisted at RMAF 2017.
  3. It was the first thing I talked about with MQA representatives at T.H.E. Show in Irvine California 20016. We didn't meet until RMAF 2016. If you look back at the tape I said I had two winning hands. This was one of the cards.
  4. Automated processing is the reason I was against MQA in the first place. It can't be done in the current environment.
  5. I have satisfied with my systems over the years. If it will play my nine reference albums and three reference recordings I have a system that nothing bothers me about the sound. I hit that point in early 1983 with GAS amps instead of Phase Linear amps. If I had unlimited money my dream system would still cost only a little over $4,000 plus the computer to run it.
  6. I look at Steve G more as what not do or think. Two of his opinions are troubling. He said at a show the Rolling Stones catalog needs a curator so we can have the best versions. I don't think I need help to know my favorite version of Gimme Shelter has Keith Richards on lead vocals. And his comments about silk tweeters. When I asked why he made the comment, he said people should look at other tweeters. The only consistent mistake I hear from audiophiles especially at shows is they don't know what makes them happy. They seem very surprised I have a good idea what makes me happy.
  7. The key for me would be how does From Small Things, Viva Las Vegas and Murder Incorporated sound. I'm a fan of his back catalog.
  8. Andy, the marketing and promotion of MQA was political from the first showing of the compression technology to Craig Kallman, CEO of Atlantic Records in late 2011. It became more political when it was shown to Robert Harley, John Atkinson and Kal Rubinson at CES in January 2014. Bob Stuart at the time had no choice; he didn’t have the resources to do anything but play politics because Meridian had seven figure operating losses for more than ten years. Robert Harley and John Atkinson did their part starting in late 2014 with a string of articles promoting MQA. When Bob Stuart secured funding in 2015 MQA Ltd started using strong arm political tactics on manufactures something you either ignore or refuse to acknowledge. Many of us objected to these tactics and threw them back in their faces. It is a simple concept when someone is playing politics you play politics back.
  9. Chris, I have an article coming about Robert Harley and MQA. I was missing a good citation in one case and the most current definition of a computer software topic. I found both. I’m writing a follow up to Alan’s review of the Dragonfly Cobalt review. A couple people have asked me to write a review. I’ve always said be careful what you wish for. I’m signing my name to both, so I hope you publish them. Jim Austin is showing Stereophile can’t complete in the marketplace of ideas so there will be another Dear Jim on Audio Asylum since he doesn’t visit Audiophile Style. As for Alex, he’s made a few comments that should be discussed away from his products. Seems simple enough to me. Your choice here or Audio Asylum. If that’s disgusting, I’m fine with that. Finally, I haven’t cared about what the press said about me since I was a teenager. And quoting PaulR (May 2019) and Daffy Duck won’t win you any points anyway.
  10. The following people can be considered nails: Robert Harley Alan Taffel Jim Austin Alex Crespi
  11. Andy, if they were doing just fine the following would have been addressed. The website would be updated so the store button would say where to buy since they haven't had a store since 2018. 2L used to be a site for people who liked Norwegian music to go. Without the store it is work to find this music and this customer base should have cared for better. That 2L hasn't done these two things causes me to wonder about other things like finances. The New York Times is doing just fine if you think a decline in revenue from 2005 to 2019 of over 40% is good. I don't. They are still struggling with their digital revenue model.
  12. I knew I could lure you out with the right bait. My Ar-4xs go past 30k and the pair Hi-Fi News reviewed them in February 2015 and measured the same thing so you are wrong. One of many things you are wrong about. Am I nostalgic about them? They have been in my office for over thirty years. I've written about them search it.
  13. But not as wide a market as back then. More is not necessarily better, more sometimes is just confusing.
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