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  1. Trusting your ears is a good way to be fooled.
  2. Good question I’ll try and find out when get back from the LAOCAS annual gala.
  3. It was posted on the Companies House site last week.
  4. You mean the one about Tidal being administratively dissolved? The first strike off notice was published. Or are there better rumors out there?
  5. I just looked at his web stats, you won't make any inroads with those numbers.
  6. Good question but I can’t see how a niche magazine could pay what Accenture does.
  7. Lee is certainly going to make the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society Gala fun this weekend. And I have Lee Scoggins, Jim Austin and Art Dudley right where I want them. Imagine the joy in my heart when I texted Andy Quint and said you work for Lee now. Andy posted his congratulations on TAS. I will introduce my girlfriend to Michhael Fremer as the Lee Scoggins of Stereophile at the Gala.
  8. Nobody knew the last president because it went from CEO to Vice President/ Group Publisher. And Lee still reports to Tom Martin Chairmen/CEO. I’ll have a better feel next week after the LAOCAS gala this weekend.
  9. You are only thinking of the title. Just how big is enterprise he is president of? His last title was Director in a consulting company. A big one.
  10. Your TV would like a word with you.
  11. Actually I do know about him professionally and know him personally. He may find himself in an interesting position managing an enterprise. It will be something to watch with interest professionally. And I would have no problem with him coming back. He simply was out of his element with the data around the vaporware thread.
  12. My dream system will fit in my office but I’m lucky to have room in mine for my Klipsch Heresy’s for fun or modified AR-4x to do studio work if I move the conference table around.
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