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  1. hello, the adapter will support both. The positive terminal is protruding enough to connect to flat and regular tops. regards Andre
  2. @nbpf we offer a 5.5 x 2.5 to 5.5 x 2.1 adapter. it will be on the site soon and is included in each order. regards\
  3. @RX8R3ROD @nbpf got you loud and clear. thanks for your feedback.
  4. Hi again, OK well noted. I will look into the outer packing. Normally, this is what you were supposed to have received as sticker on the unit. I will make sure it is the case for all future orders. Regards
  5. Hi @RX8R3ROD our KATANA DAC and Digione Signature will both share the same sturdy lid box with a new interior packing foam. We can add a customized sleeve wrapped around the box a& lid, we can add graphics and so on. Will it improve the sound quality delivered by our hardware, no. Will it improve the sturdiness of the packaging, no. Will it all likely end up in the recycling or even worst, the garbage ? Yes. We are in tune with what the market wants, but lets be clear... what is it that you guys think we can add considering the pictures above ? thanks for sharing your suggestions. Andre
  6. @nbpf thank you for your feedback. I will address your packaging and assembly concerns. From our assembly lines in India to the homes of audiophiles worldwide, our little units experience quite a journey. The packing we selected is a sliding lid type box with sturdy 2.5mm cardboard walls (5mm total thickness when lid on). This box is lined with anti-shock packing foam and finally, the Digi Sig is wrapped in pink anti-static bubble wrap (see attached pictures). My point being that we focus on protecting the unit as much as we can against the elements; nevertheless, we can certainly look into improving the esthetics. For assembling the 2 boards we use standard 10.5mm brass standoffs, as you mentioned, the actual height of the connector is 0.1mm to 0.3mm (considering tolerance) higher. If the assembly screws are fully tightened , there will be some minimal stress on the board, but nothing to worry about. A solution to release this pressure is loosening slightly the 4 assembly screws. Please note that we will look into ordering 10.7mm to 10.8mm standoffs which will address this. Finally, as a company, we try our best to protect our customers that dont all have the same level of experience when connecting hardware. Some may and have connected 3 PSUs (2 to digi sig and 1 to RPI)... The unit will not explode and nothing bad will happen, but its just not advisable on the long term for the PSU. So we prefer to make it clear. I hope to have addressed your concerns in a satisfactory manner and we thank you again for your feedback, its very valuable to us. Regards Andre
  7. @SparkSpark hi again. By looking at your pictures, seems to me that the bottom plate is upside down. You just need to flip it. Then the side walls will fit in the indentations. if you look at the bottom plate, the one with the 4 extra holes for the RPI, you will see that on one side there is 1 rectangular indentation (corresponds to the 2 x dual USB and ethernet wall) and on the other end there are 2 (corresponds to the SD card wall insert). See image Let me know how it goes by emailing me at [email protected]
  8. @SparkSpark I am sorry to see that you are facing some issues with your order. I will do my best to assist you and clarify your doubts. 1> For the PSU: it could be a shipping mistake... these do happen , luckily not too often, please PM me your order number and i will take a look at your order and do right by you. 2> For the case: I've looked at your pictures... a few things stood out. > you haven't removed the BNC connector ring as indicated on our tutorial video which lasts 4 min and shows step by step how to assemble these cases. > it seems to me that when you took the picture, you actually had the TOP cover on the bottom... The bottom cover has 4 small holes for the RPI feet . Please take a minute to view the video here: if you are still having trouble, please let me know, we are here to assist. Regards Andre
  9. We have not tested.. We do give the pin out diagram, but I am not sure of the results. It would be a true DIY project you would take on. Regards
  10. @nbpf the DigiSig player includes the following: Player includes: RPIB/B+, DigiOne Signature, Acrylic Case, 8GD microSD card or eMMC and 5V power supply with 2 x DC to type C USB connector cables https://allo.com/sparky/dc-type-c-usb-adapter-cable.html
  11. @Cortes the KATANA receives the music from the RPI and outputs RCA and XLR. the input is done on the RPI who received the music stream via ethernet and then transmits to the KATANA by I2S through the 40 pin header.
  12. @beerandmusic the isolator board offers galavanic isolation. cables are very touchy subject, most people get theirs from other sources. @pjmcos no at all. @Panelhead and others... thanks for your patience.
  13. @maxijazz @Panelhead as of now there are 2 acrylic cases available for the KATANA 1> player (RPI + KATANA stack) 2> player + isolator ( RPI + KATANA stack + Isolator v1.2) we are also working on an alu case which will take some time. Currently , we are not offering XLR connectors so we cant design a case without knowing what connectors everyone uses. As for the relay att, we can surely design it... please contact me when ready to order and will work on it. As you may have seen on the site, we have released a notice : The Katana is a complex DAC that offers multiple filtering and powering options.The pursuit of the best sound quality is what drives our design team and the reason behind our recent decision to halt manufacturing of the late KATANA. A new version, the 1.2, is in the works and will only have a few components changed resulting in a subtle, yet necessary SQ improvement. Please note the following: No orders will be accepted for the next 14 days. Already received your KATANA? A new one will be sent to you once the K1.2 is released. Already placed an order ? You will be soon contacted by our customer support team. Thank you for your understanding. technically ... We improved the LPF on summing opamp. Small improvement in SQ We improved filtering before analog stage . Medium improvement in SQ We improved noise escaping DC/DC convertor. Not quantified yet We connected earthing to board (with Nirvana PSU it will be automatic). Removal of some HF and better trebles . I would say small improvement but clearly audible Adding some 220uF caps to analog stage. No improvement KATANA 1.2 is being finalized and ready to ship by the end of the month. will update soon. Regards Andre
  14. nice setup! try to power controller and RPI... what speakers are you using ? thanks Andre
  15. Sorry, yes you can feed a pre-amp with the KATANA but please note that we output @ 2.5vrms, so not sure what the point would be.
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