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  1. Since no one else has anything to offer, I will answer myself. Two weeks later, I can attest that hardwiring from a mesh node works fine with the mR, just as it does with the Nucleus.
  2. I have recently heard -- just before placing an order for a mR -- that running a Cat6 wire direct from my Eero mesh unit six feet to a microRendu will not work. I can't quite grasp this as my Nucleus, TVs, computers, and every other device which accepts/requires hardwiring runs fine off a close by Eero unit. And my iPad remote and my Harmony Elite w/hub controls them all on the same LAN. Seemed to me . . . . but now I am concerned. If this is true about the mR -- and all other Rendus -- it is a deal breaker. Any one had this experience? Before I give up, I want to know what's what
  3. Hey Ari, I am glad to see you on this site, and I trust you and Aurender to solve this glitch. Just to chime in, my Schiit Gungnir MB with Unison (installed in February)l works fine with my Nucleus. So this must be a problem related only to the Yggdrasil. Good hunting to everyone!
  4. Mine arrived yesterday; put it back in my system. Letting it warm back up before really testing, but a quick check says it works.Turn around was really quick. Good luck David #10.
  5. I am not concerned since UPS said it was delivered Friday. I have never had any worries about this process except that I wish Schiit and other companies would not make an offering of waiting queue, delivery email, etc. and then fail to follow through. It is still true that "under promise and over deliver" is the best idea, not the other way 'round.
  6. Jeff -- just out of curiosity, when your Yggy was delivered in California, did Schiit send you the promised email stating they had it? My Gungnir was in their hands yesterday am, but I know that only because UPS tracking tells me so. It is no big deal, but with the upgrade order came their claim to maintain an accurate queue (IMO did not happen) and inform me when they received the unit (did not happen). Again, I am being picky I guess, but I would prefer Schiit not make promises they don't follow through on. Oh, well.
  7. I found the Oppo method to be fine, but a workaround. I love my Gungnir, Yggy owners swear their choice is superior. I have only heard the Gungnir, though I have had 4-5 dacs in my system at different times. Couldn't justify the Yggy $$. I found a used Gungnir MB, sent it in for the upgrade and the two year warranty extension. This, I think, is my last dac. That said, if I had the money, I'd have the Yggy. And a bigger house, faster car, etc.
  8. Yep, I have a ChiFi unit in a box somewhere, and a Dragonfly I could press into service if necessary. I also have an HDMI input on my Cambridge AVR and lots of 5.1 files. That may save me until the Gungnir is returned.
  9. Mine will arrive Friday in CA. Will be interesting to see the turn around time. Funny, I miss it already. My weekend will not be the same!
  10. To mt surprise, I got the email this pm to send my Gungnir MB back to California. I will go to UPS tomorrow. Because no one else is posting about this, I will update here when I receive further notifications about the process. Between the time I ordered the upgrade and when my number was called: 28 days.
  11. The longer I wait, the behind I get. I started out at 28 of 36 or so when I ordered on Feb 5. As of now, I sit at 23 of 82. So I have moved up 5 slots in 4 weeks. I am beginning to think this list is somewhat specious😃. Both my and your numbers as reported can't be correct (of 48? of 82?). Just as at the DMV, we wait until our number is called.........
  12. The Gumby Gen 5 has played nice with my Roon Nucleus and Cambridge Audio amplification, but I am looking forward to the upgrade! Thanks, Joe!
  13. I am mostly a serial lurker here, but the Unison upgrade pulled me out of my cave. I bought a used Gungnir MB in December planning to upgrade the USB output when it became available. So my unit is in the que (currently #27 of 49) to be sent back to California. Unlike the Yggdrasil, the Gungnir must make the round trip. OK by me as I am not confident of my ability to self-install the board. I don't do plumbing either, 'cept in emergencies. One benefit of having Schiit do the work is the new warranty. I have none with my used device, but the upgrade/install comes with a t
  14. I am about to take the plunge, going from VOX (free) to Roon (not free). The playback process in VOX is pretty much drag and drop, so how my files are labeled by Artist is not important. Now, to Roon. Before I install and do a setup, which is the proper way my files should be labeled by Artist? "Neil Young" or "Young, Neil"? "The Beatles" or "Beatles, The"? Advice is gratefully accepted. Thanks!
  15. How do I move 5.1 FLAC music files from an external hdd on my Mac Mini HDMI Out to 1) HDMI In on BDP-103 or, 2) to an HDMI Input on my AVR? Pretty sure the Oppo has a better DAC. Does any of the software packages (Audirvana, Roon, JRiver, etc) support 5.1 playback? Would love to reduce my physical storage input!
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