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  1. Would be very interested to read your thoughts on The Yes Album, in particular the MFSL Gold CD. Have really enjoyed your articles. Great work!
  2. So, the article implies that listening via a computer and listening via a “serious” home audio system are mutually exclusive. What nonsense!
  3. Thank you @sbenyo and @MirinStereo You have both given me plenty to think about and research and I appreciate your feedback. I think I will try and build my own computer. Sounds like a fun project!
  4. I've found this thread very interesting as I too have a T+A DAC8 DSD and would like to be able to use HQPlayer at DSD512. At present I am running Roon on my desktop i5 which can do DSD256 albeit without the nice filters that HQPlayer offers. So, I've decided to buy / build a PC that is capable of running HQPlayer. The former option seems expensive and I have no experience of the latter, so @sbenyo your efforts have been very helpful. It would seem that the 1920x Threadripper is a good place to start, but I have a couple of questions: 1) How easy did you find it to build your own machine? Do you perhaps have a link to a useful guide on how to set about it? 2) I'm not interested in gaming, so do you think it would be possible to use cheaper components? For example, would 2 x 8GB RAM be sufficient? Do I need an expensive graphics card? Are there any other areas where I could economise without affecting performance? Any suggestions / help gratefully received!
  5. Just the news I've been waiting for. Fingers crossed!
  6. Thanks Could it be used as say a Roon endpoint to stream 512 to the T+a, with another computer doing the upsampling duties?
  7. Would the Nimitra from Fidelizer be a suitable alternative to a MRendu? Not the cheapest option, but runs Win10 so should work?
  8. Thank you for providing such a detailed and helpful response. There are a number of things for me to try here and I will report back in due course. Cheers!
  9. First, a big thanks to those who have made ripping SACDs so straightforward - very much appreciated. I am having a problem with playback on my system, namely loud pops / clicks between tracks and I am wondering if anyone can help me? I've ripped a number of SACDs to .iso with my my Oppo 103, converted them to .dsf files using iso2dsd, tagged them and then converted to DoP (FLAC) using dbPoweramp (176khz). So far, so good I believe. The files are held on a NAS and streamed to a Squeezebox Touch (v7.7.2) via ethernet cable and with the EDO 192khz / USB plugin. They are then passed to my DAC (ifi iDAC2) via USB. The iDAC is showing them as DSD files and they play fine apart from the annoyingly loud pops between tracks and some much quieter ones when I move between tracks. No problems noted playing PCM files. If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be gratefully received!
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