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  1. @AriMargolis thank you for your information. Finally, I’ve found why I never received your email in my yahoo mail account. Your mails were sent to my iCloud account that I never used. But I recalled the message I sent out from the Conductor was marked with my yahoo account name. Let’s me check it later. Yes, I confirmed that Camille had sent me email on Friday. I will get in touch with her then. Your response was very fast. Sorry that I just received it today.
  2. @Ime thank for your information, I have just sent another email to [email protected] Hope they can get the photo and reply me.
  3. @AriMargolis thank for asking. I am from Hong Kong and I have sent email to [email protected] on 21/6/[email protected]:24 asking for help but I didn't attach photo in the email. So far no response. I have asked my hifi company where I bought N10 what to do. I have passed to them serial number and photo as they said they would contact Aurender or whatever although they are no longer aurender's distributor. Here is a photo showing the problem with the display panel.
  4. Hi there, my N10 display panel suddenly turns to random lines and cannot show anything makes sense. Luckily, it still can play music as usual. I have tried to contact support via the online messaging using the conductor, very unfortunately, no response from aurender, already several dayssss. I have contacted my dealer as well, still waiting for response. Just share with all users, it seems the service respond has been deteriorated so much as I recalled they could response promptly in 2016/17, but now. BTW, anyone has experienced the same display problem, I think I would happen in any model and how did u fix it?
  5. Anyone knows if Aurender will support Spotify? I tried tidal before but the connection was unstable in my area, so I just cancelled the subscription.
  6. @rwwjr44 I did try to find useful information from DevialetChat. Unfortunately, the option to use relocker or reclocker is limited to roon compatible device, usually a combination of a NAS, SOtM, mutec then AES to Devialet but it involves too many connections and Roon is not a must for me. TotalDAC may be simpler but it seems Aurender is still the best of the market.
  7. @mjb I share your view. You save my time and I should enjoy beautiful music now. Thank you.
  8. I have a N10 connecting to a devialet 220 pro via AES cable. I want to further improve SQ. I just come across a master clock called Grimm audio cc1, which provides reclocking for AES signal. Does anybody have experience on using AES signal reclocker with aurender N10 and does it makes sense to improve SQ? Thank.
  9. Thank @auricgoldfinger for giving me the useful links. However, it seems they did not tell the reason why SQ could be stepped up after adding an oxco switch/ router. Indeed, I have the same questions that @BigAlMc are asking. To my very limited knowledge, normal network switch receives and sends data frame without time stamp. So, I think even if the internal clock is improved, it seems there is no way to propagate the corrected time signal to down stream devices. Of course, I also read other posts that report positive feedback after using oxco device plus LPS. I want to try the oxco switch or router, but before that I want to know the basic behind the scenes. Thx
  10. Anybody has tried OCXO router? Is it make sense to have a OCXO clock in router for streaming data?
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