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  1. The iso should be the same. The Oppo is just such a great machine backed up by a great company (which is located close to me). Nothing wrong that I am aware of with the Pio though. I have an Oppo 103 and an old Pio DV58-AV (no USB, no networking) which is modded to play back SACD-R discs. However, using the Oppo 103's SMB capability, I play all my tunes across my home network from my PC. If @kenval prefers to sell his Oppo 103D and get the Pio 160 and Oppo 203, then that's what he should do.
  2. I've used both. I recommend iso2dsd_gui.exe for both: - the extraction from my oppo 103 to my pc of the sacd iso, and - converting the iso to dsf. IOW, there is no reason that I'm aware of to use sacd_extract.exe.
  3. Convenience: I can quickly search across my network for whatever I want to play. Preservation: Should the disc develop a problem, I have an iso backup (or vice versa). FYI: I have an Oppo 103 and use Sonore.
  4. I have an Oppo 103. I added artwork to the folder containing the dsf files without getting the album art to display. Works fine with networked streamed mp3 and flac files. Would also like to know if other Oppo 103 owners can see the artwork playing their dsf encoded tunes on their TV screen?
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