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  1. I agree..... Just to be clear, i would be looking to replace the EtherRegen with the Melco switch in the future. I wonder whether the Melco will add to the existing gains that the EtherRegen brought. I'm hoping it does.
  2. Your chain looks to be very good. The SNH-10G switch is a very nice way to eliminate any weakness in your chain. If you already have a Bricasti DAC, the addition of the Ethernet card is not expensive and definitely worth a try. The SNH-10G mated with the Bricasti Ethernet card might be a pleasant surprise to you....Plus you get to compare USB vs Ethernet and let us know what you think. Currently i am using Uptone's EtherRen with plans to add a Melco switch when funds allow.
  3. On Tuesday this week, the new MDx board was installed at the factory and even though i am still letting it settle in, my initial thoughts point to the updated board as a definite improvement over the older board. I prefer using Ethernet over USB. As mentioned earlier, i agree that, the source matters. I feed the Ethernet card of my M1SE via the "Player Port" of a Melco N1ZH/2. In my opinion the sound is much better than using the USB output of the Melco. Maybe it's just my preference but, Low level detail, bass and sound-staging are areas that i find Ethernet having a slight but notable edge
  4. tboooe......I agree. The complete kit is what did it for me. I was comfortable with the fact that the upgrade was geared towards the SU-1. Removal and installation was a breeze.
  5. I went "all out" and purchased from Sound Affairs" the Elementa cable with the connector already attached and their PLiXir Balanced DC power supply and I can't put into words the transformation! Without a doubt any power upgrade to the SU-1 yields incredible results. I could never go back to the stock power supply. Transaction was flawless and James Soh was always very accessible via email. For more info:- Here is the link https://www.mysoundaffairs.com/products/singxer-su-1-with-plixir-elite-bdc-modification
  6. My CAPS PC has crushed for the 3rd time!!!! I am ready to move onto something else......I am considering a used N10 or a new N100H. My only concerns are:- I use Acourate DSP and was wondering if anyone is using DSP and how they have implemented it while using an Aurender product. Also does the warranty and service support pass to a new owner when purchasing used? Thanks.
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