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  1. FWIW, when the Qobuz program starts to think, it uses 50% of all my computer resources.
  2. My Qobuz always freezes. Sometimes its for 5 minutes or more. Worst part, if you kill the program and restart, it goes right back to the song that hung it up and freezes again. This has to stop. I am windows 10. Everything else works. Tidal, Roon, HQ player etc etc. Only Qobuz freezes, either via roon or as a stand alone program. Is this a Qobuz issue. Do others have to wait seconds to minutes while the wheel of death spins and spins and spins and spins
  3. Its a very neutral and amazingly clean amp. It works flawless. I bypassed the internal volume and its even better with my preamp fronting it. Having said all that, it does not at all make me stop and listen. Other components I own glue me to me seat. I sit up strait with rapt attention and melt into the songs. Whole album side will pass and I sit and listen. The Allo does non of that for me. And at first blush they sound quite similar. But come on. Its so inexpensive, if you dont like it, who cares. Its not $1200, or $3500 or $6000. Its like $170 bucks or so to your door. Sell it for $100 and let the next guy try it. Its impressive. I would sell him mine but I included it with my Altecs when I sold them. By the way. If Tom put his mind to it, he could build a better amp. A few simple changes in mine really improved upon it. In the end, IMO, my Ampsandsound are far more engaging than either. Best $4400 I ever spent on amps. I am so happy I did not spend $11,000 on the VAC. I like the Ampsandsound better.
  4. Jesus goodness, its a $170 piece of hardware. Use it for a short while and throw it away when your done. Its nice but it ends there. Orchard Audio sells pretty much the same thing, same price. A nice class D amp for next to nothing. It's no giant killer. Its shocking accurate and balanced, but its still a $170 audio device. It lacks a lot. Its amazing for the money. Buy it and be happy, but dont agonize like your missing out waiting for monoblocks.
  5. I have a Mojo Audio DAC and Server. For high performance he keeps the operating system on one drive (c) of enough size to handle it. He then adds additional drives, all on their own power supplies for internal storage of music. That C drive is not large enough to handle all the cache files that build up. Call it what you want. It is what it is. I want to redirect the cache to D. Otherwise I end up dumping it each week. Not the end of the world. Just something I do. .
  6. My offline library is in the DDrive. The cache is still in the C drive. It needs tp move. My C drive is not big enough to handle the data and it slows it down. When I try and move it it refuses and says it might be slow.
  7. If your talking about downloads for the offline library, not purchases, what you suggest did not work. The path would not change. It gave a warning saying the quality would suffer and left the path to the C drive. I have to go in through MS operating system and delete the C drive path and only then would it allow me to create a new path. Now that I have a new path and files seem to go to it, I have no idea how to play them out of it. Is there a place to look for your offline library?
  8. Yes I agree, there are 2 functions and paths. I am only trying to import for offline playback. Files perform much better on my system when files are pulled from the offline file rather than streaming. That does beg another question. I have had Qobuz for a year or so. I had a link to get in before it launched in the USA. Anyhow, if I start purchasing music, where do I store it and what happens if I toss my existing server and get a new one. I hear you cant purchase files and use them on multiple devices. In my mind, that means you are not purchasing anything because we all know a computer last maybe 7 years. After that all your music is lost. Am I correct. But first and foremost, how I do get files into the offline library and play them back. Thanks
  9. I am using the App on a PC. I do not want the offline library on my C drive which is the operating system drive. I tried going into the Music download folder found when I drop down from my login name in the top right of the Qobuz App screen. In there it showed the path to the C drive import folder. I tried to redirect in there but it would say it may experience issues and would not change. I then followed the path in my windows file system and deleted the import file from my computer. This allowed me to create a new path to my D drive. I imported a song and it appears to have a file under D drive. When I go into the Music Downloads in Qobuz and look the Music Import Path I see D:\Import\. When I go into the Browse in the Music import path and try and pick a file it says The directory is not usable. Check read/write. I went into the MS operating system and gave read write to everything including the Music Lovers. I still cant seem to either find the way to play imported files or how to get Qobuz to use a file in my D drive. Help please
  10. I'm not locked out of Amazon. I purchase a lot of small stuff there. This seemed to slip through the cracks. I'm just mad the vendor kept my money till I popped up again. Oddly, this transaction does not even show up on my purchased goods from Amazon. Kind of like they wiped it clean so I would have a harder time figuring it out. This company smells bad to me.
  11. What PS have people actually tried here. I tried a HDPlex 100 Watt. It sound nice on my modem. It did not have enough power to run my modem and router. A friend has the Keces. It runs both his modem and router. Both us find these 2 devices to be an improvement over the stock switch mode PS.
  12. I bought a mother board on Amazon via "eServer Pro". I buy a lot of work stuff on Amazon. Somehow I missed Fedex trying to deliver. The product went back to the vendor. Today I was thinking I wanted to try Server 2016 and I needed that motherboard so I started looking around on Ebay and Amazon for it. On Amazon is said, do you want to reorder this. See your old purchase. I logged into the order and sure enough it said I bought it. I checked my bank account and sure enough I had paid $244 for it. I wrote the company and they said it had been returned March 2nd after Fedex could not deliver it. Now that they had heard from me, here is a refund, minus a bunch of money. What crap. They were waiting for me to fall of for a year or some amount of time, then keep my money. I find this very dishonest. Sure they may be busy, but it was clearly in their system. All they needed to do was send an email and ask what to do with the order. But, keeping my money for nothing was a lot better win for them. I had dishonest business. I wrote a review that will be deleted by Amazon and reported it to Amazon which they will ignore. I only purchase $2000 a year from Amazon so I'm no change. Not even small change.
  13. I screwed up my MB order so never tried it. Going to have Mojo Audio put the root linux on it. Mojo days more than a dozen have done ad I and prefer the linux.
  14. I use DB Power amp with a Nimbi Robot to batch rip. Everything is ripped to WAV
  15. Thanks, I have been looking to obtain some high res files and been unsure where to really look. I seem to have gathered about 1910 CD to burn over the past few year.
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