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  1. Looks like you contacted us on Jan16th 2019. We replied jan 18th 2019 and again jan 22nd 2019 confirming a warranty claim and was preparing a replacement unit. We had never recirved any follow up emails from you so we figured maybe you the issue resolved itself as being something else or if it persisted than you would have directly contacted us some time from Jan 2018 til now. Good thing I check these forums often. Our email response likely ended up in your junk folder or was overlooked?. However you could have tried to contact us again. If for any reason anyone contacts us and we don’t get back to you within a couple business days, just shoot us another email. We usually reply to 99.9% or all emails right away. In this case we still did, but must assume your junk mail folder caught this email. Your dac is still under 3 year warranty and you purchased it dec2017. No worries. It’s a quick and painless process to get a replacement. It’s a very uncommon thing for this to happen. You actually were the 5th customer to purchase a cyan? And only a very small percentage of the first batch had a known issue that was quickly remedied and all other dacs are rock solid reliable. We replaced all dacs that had any issues. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best -Tim
  2. Yes, Holoaudio is doing well. did you purchase at KitsuneHiFi? Or where from? Let me know and I’ll get things rolling for you if need be. Forward me any emails if you tried contacting us, and I’ll help you out. best -Tim KitsuneHiFi and HoloAudioUSA
  3. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. But yes. This is for all Xu208 modules in our products. This firmware is a nice improvement as many have commented so far. It’s highly optimized compared to standard xmos firmware that is used in many other products on the market.
  4. This is only firmware for the usb input. As Hdmi i2s does not use xmos. I2S users can ignore this update if they chose to. there are multiple firmware on the dac, and this is simply just for usb input. Sorry if there was some confusion.
  5. Basically to find out if your module is xmos U8 or XU208 you will need to find out its firmware. It can be found in windows7/8/8.1/10 etc. the systray is where our drivers have the Asio control panel. A small icon to open up the program and find its firmware version. any firmware that is 20.00 or newer is xu208. If the firmware is less than this than it is u8. Example : 16.95 is U8 xmos. Common firmwares for Xu208 May be 20.16-21.16 etc. and each is specific for the model. Like cyan dsd or pcm, Spring1 or spring2.
  6. You must have windows pc to update firmware. Which all firmware for all Xu208 modules are included in this driver pack in a different folder with instructions. only windows allows update of firmware. Those with Linux will need to figure on borrowing a windows laptop or something.
  7. Please be sure you are loading the firmware to the correct usb module. Instructions are included. This firmware update applies to models that have the Xu208 xmos module. Not the earlier xmos U8 module found in early Spring v1 dacs.
  8. Bimmer100

    HQ Player

    I was able to use dsd1024x and the poly sinc ext filter And seems just fine. But still can seem to do poly sinc xtr as it stutters after a little while. in have the cuda cores option to be checked and the cpu cores to be checked. would it be better if I change the multi core to grey out? It seems to run better when its checked. latency is around 1.36ms input and 2.59ms output sounds excellent
  9. Bimmer100

    HQ Player

    I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but I do own 4 different i7 quad core computers and none of them can do all the dsd512/asdm7 filters. But mainly the poly-sinc-xtr is the one that is so difficult to play without stutters. They seem more efficient overall with Linux than Windows. But not a big difference imo. Most of the i7’s I have will do the poly sinc-xtr-2s which is just about as good and less demanding. I assume it’s normal to not expect an i7 quad core to do much beyond that point. But am curious to know which filters you are not able to use other than the poly-sinc-xtr
  10. Bimmer100

    HQ Player

    I’m curious to try the new poly-sinc-ext2 filter. Oddly I missed it and haven’t looked at them for a while. Have been using poly-sinc-xtr-2s with my older machine and asdm7 at dsd512 on an i7-quad core at 4.2ghz and 1080ti. But would not do the non 2s variant unfortunately. My new machine is capable of doing poly sinc xtr 2s at dsd1024 and asdm7 on an I9-9900k and @5.1ghz on all 8 cores with 2080ti. Bummer it won’t do dsd1024 with the single pass variant - poly-sinc-xtr im surprised how demanding these filters are! I need to read more on them and curious to try a few new ones out. It’s quite impressive how my music collection sounds so great with the right filters. Hqplayer is excellent software and a must have!
  11. @mevdinc the best I can tell you is 2019 and likely midyear.
  12. Please note. This is a new product and we had report yesterday of some bug/glitch related to volume control within the operating system. One user had reported this glitch where volume has remained at 100% within the operating system control. We were able to recreate the issue and addressed this immediately. We are testing and finalizing a new firmware for the usb module to address this issue. Should be available on our website today or tomorrow. Some users may want to load this firmware whom already taken delivery of their spring2. Instructions will be avail on our website on how to do this. best -Tim
  13. A few quick responses. thr new v4.55.0 driver is only for spring2 and not for spring 1. So please do not use this driver since it will not work. And at this time there is no upgrade for spring1 to spring2. We continued to bring out spring2 as an evolution of the spring1. They are very similar in performance. And we are using components that should not have supply issues like with the spring1. We are confident this is every bit as good as the spring1 was and have some new features that our customers had asked for. Such as the remote control (L2 and KTE models only) and also less hot analog outputs. Spring1 is 5v/2.5v for XLR/RCA and Spring2 is 4v/2v for XLR/RCA. So those with sensitive preamps it will be a better match to use spring2. Really little difference but small change for those who requested this. The new display has more data, or 3 information areas to show sample rate, digital input and mode(NOS or OS etc) the dac module is improved slightly to support dsd1024 and pcm1.536M however will require a fairly fast computer to upsample to these rates as one may imagine. The same src is used as spring1. the usb module is improved quite a bit as far as firmware goes. It has over twice the efficiency as the standard firmware and optimized for the new dac module. The overall spring1 vs spring2 comparisons are marginal and was not released to be considered an upgrade of the spring1 but rather a continuance or an already great dac with a few improvements. Personally I would not strongly recommend anyone to “upgrade” from spring1 to spring2 since it’s a somewhat small difference imho. Otherwise we would of changed the name if we felt it was a big enough difference or improvement from the spring1. We do have a few units that will be available to those who would like to review the spring2, just contact me about this directly. Our May dac will be a step above and our official flagship dac due for release in the near future. The May will be a two chassis design and having the most advanced architecture for the dac module, also most advanced power supply circuit. Abother notable feature will be the high spec preamp and headamp that is based on our Azure which has 8amp modules and over 400transistors. as well as some new innovations that may come as a surprise. This will be an exciting release. and lastly one commmented about psu with the spring as having two transformers. The second one is specifically when in standby (spring1) or mute (spring2) - this mode swaps from otype to sealed trafo and turns off the output stage. Essentially mute and standby are the same and save a small amount of power yet keeps the dac module at ideal thermal stability. The otype is a much better transformer and capable to handle the dac when under load. The sealed transformer is enough for sitting idle. It’s not a common feature you will find in other products so wanted to clarify on this. hope this helps answer everyone’s questions.
  14. Please contact me again about that fuse. Depending on when you bought it and what model, that may of been a possibility. But reach out to me again with our contact form. It seems if you sent a message it may of been stopped with captcha or wasn’t completed. I’m happy to help with that. for the record, the dac has a massive O type transformer. Only the Kitsunehifi models have dual switching trafo. 110/220. and yes. 2A SB 5x20mm is for 220v and it will actually run with this fuse. But barely, and only with stable power. But it will blow eventually with the right conditions. But with average power usually will blow fairly soon. For 110v the correct fuse is indeed 4A SB 5x20mm this is with worst case scenario a fuse that will also blow and protect the dac but under very unlikely conditions a fuse ever will blow unless it’s either incorrect value or serious power issues but that is what fuses are for. Hopefully will hear from you soon, tubedriver. I don’t know your name so can’t look up your order. Otherwise I would of contacted you directly. I want to be sure you are taken care of.
  15. No, the Cyan does not use the same PSU. The Spring PSU is more advanced. the line out stage is similar yet not the same. Cyan will do very well though.
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