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  1. You can go fuck yourself. You are a jackass and a moron.

  2. And the instruction manual is 100 pages... I also hit the little buttons on the front, and have shifted the signal to the surround speakers--which I don't have. I only use two stereo speakers, and when it is running properly it sounds so sweet... The RasPi is never going to be my "main system" it will be a novelty to play with. I will get it working eventually. Right now, I am waiting for a new 8Gb micro card to burn a new OS on. They wanted like $20 at the Walmart for a card, and I am getting a new SanDisk for $8 from eBay.
  3. I have deduced that I need to edit the device into the config file in raspian or load a different player that supports the Boss. Thanks I was thinking Volumio. I am well aware of how easy it is to bump the selection dial, you wonder why it is that easy.
  4. And I have better things to do--like discussing Stereo...
  5. You and other have read far more into this than it deserved. The 'discussion' was about some poor joker who had paid $36 and was asked to move so that a "7-foot-tall" man could sit in the aisle, then 12 pages later, I mentioned a pleasant experience I had when an attractive Dutch woman sat beside of me. She had a small child, and yes in the course of an 8-hour flight, she asked if I minded her breastfeeding her baby. I didn't stare at her breast, I just said that sometimes you are lucky, in that regard. I guess I should have been an American Prude and told her to feed that child in a filthy restroom. I think some people haven't seen a woman's breast-- by choice. After a few weeks in Amsterdam, where women sunbath on city park benches, topless--one more breast was the last of my concerns. Not lucky to see a naked breast (which I thought I made clear that she was modest) I prefer a good conversation with a pretty woman-- I will not apologize for faring better than the guy who paid for an aisle seat but got moved anyway. If you think that was bragging-- you should let me tell you about Mistress Irene in the Red Lights... From that, this "Mansr" person--who has over 7,000 posts in 10 years-- folks that is two per day, -- said I was a pervert and a creep. Who needs some time away from CA? Now, let's just look at the 13 pages of this thread. Insults and name-calling. Except some whining bitch went and told the teacher. "Mean old BigBob thinks I am a queer..." What a punk thing to do. You are really a Pussy... The moderator lets this crap go on for several days-- but someone got his pink panties in a wad and went running to the moderator, who 13 pages into it said to 'get a grip.' That was the end, but No, everyone in the peanut gallery deserves to keep this STUPID thread going... Mansr hides behind a pseudonym, not even his name. I am Big Bob--that is my photo of me--My full name is Robert Padgett, I live in Charlotte NC, not my mother's basement or your closet. He has the nerve to ask me if I am a homophobe because I said he was a funny man-- in a queer kind of way. Queer doesn't always mean Homosexual, but sometimes it does, I don't care, as long as you don't molest children I am not afraid of homosexuals--by the way, that is what 'Homophobe' means--afraid of Homosexuals. Look it up on Wikipedia. What on God's Green Earth does any of this have to do with being a Computer Audiophile? It certainly degenerated to the lowest common denominator- but then the OP was set forth to incite this kind of discussion. You ask for it, you got it, Chris. You could have closed this thread down on Day One. I am 7-foot tall, and I guarantee that Mansr would have never said anything to MY FACE that he feels secure, hiding behind a fake name, to say on the Internet.
  6. In Holland, they are very tolerant of diversity. They don't consider depreciation as being humor. If another person is the object of the joke, they will politely tell you that such is not acceptable. They are certainly less inhibited about sex than others. I found it quite refreshing, at 7-foot tall, to be in a country where that is quite normal. I was in a club, with three other men at least as tall as me, and we eventually got together. One fellow asked, "how tall are you?" I said 211. He laughed and said, you are not tall, I have a friend who is 215cm. And we all had a laugh...
  7. Yup, that has been my experience. At least we finally found how much disrespect is allowed.
  8. No, not really but where did this topic get so off course. And what do you think about that? Disrespect IS allowed. Obviously for at least this long... Folks, I know that this is all you all have to do. I'm bored but I can find better ways to waste my Time.
  9. OH, snap. That was a rapier thrust right into the very core of my being. Are you into Leather perhaps? One of those vest and chaps outfits?
  10. Sweetie, if the shoe fits then prance like you stole it from Walmart.... You must really be disgusted with women. No, you gloat about everything else...And if you mean by 'homophobic slur' that I am afraid of Gay people-- just add it to your list of everything you don't know about me. You hold women in such high esteem, you are a peculiar kind of Special... thanks
  11. Now that's both pervy and creepy. Most prefer gerbels, the peacock is a nice touch.
  12. Thanks anyhow. I am really feeling the love from those folks. Heaven forbid if anyone considered the topic-- How much disrespect IS allowed. Must be the day to see how low you go... Limbo contest?
  13. Did you hear the one about the fat guy who sits at home all day and gets his feelings hurt by some pervert creepy dude? Thanks I didn't think so.
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