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  1. I am trying to get the Conductor beta app for Android please: if anyone can help it would be appreciated
  2. I stream Tidal MQA from an A10, also have a NAD M50.2 I tried ROON more than once and cancelled it: it required a PC always running, and scrolling of album titles horizontally hurt my eyes! I prefer the Aurender/ BluOS apps
  3. I have this DAC: it replaced a NAD M51: but Dirac is not yet implemented: waiting for a firmware update I also picked up a NAD M10: beautiful unit with a super large display with cover art: I think NAD will sell a lot of M10's
  4. welcome Ari still enjoying my A10 and looking forward to the option to select different skins
  5. I received the desktop Monolith headphone amp and must say the Dirac Sensaround processing is very impressive
  6. Thanks: I have one reserved: still trying to decide if I want it (for use with A10) does the ACS display cover art during playback or just during ripping?
  7. @Ponzi: please tell us more about the ACS-10
  8. well this warning is in the front of every Aurender streamer user manual: Always turn the power off before connecting or disconnecting any cables.
  9. I have learned you must power down all components every time you attempt to plug/unplug USB audio or HDMI cables: why take the chance of an expensive failure?
  10. I had a similar issue with an Aurender X100L: Aurender was very good giving me an advance exchange replacement at no charge: the same issue took out a Mytek Brooklyn DAC and an OPPO 205 BD player I learned that these ports can easily fail, especially if you attempt to hot plug them
  11. re: Aurender ACS10 this new product appeared in an ad in The Absolute Sound, September issue, and according to John-Paul, they will begin shipping late October The ACS10 is a network attached device and therefore “connects” to any other Aurender server over the network. Making the interface even better is the ACS10’s double-isolated LAN port. You would attach the A10’s ethernet cable to this port and then the ACS10 to the router.
  12. it is a CD ripper that supposedly gives you many options to add/edit cover art and such, and includes a large hard drive I think it is designed to be used with an Aurender streamer scroll down this link for a preview
  13. I am still awaiting news of the Aurender ACS, due out next month (I was told end of summer) any updates on this?
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