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  1. I submitted several bugs reports and got answers straightaway from Damien. So no complaints here. I have no doubts that in the end Damien will solve the bugs as he did in the older versions. I understand it is not simple to get the windows and Mac versions totally bug free in one iteration. Also people use Studio differently: I use it mainly local and some Radio use (nice feature!), I never used upsampling, but with Studio the sound improved slightly with upsampling. Then there is the integration with all kinds of DAC’s/ up-sampling scenarios and not to forget the coming implementation of the
  2. This you get as an extra as the result of analyzing (In Yate did not see any other change in the metadata as I defined them):
  3. I listened through several files of music in an A - B comparison (I kept the sqlite database of 3.5). Probably due to the smaller cover art the new sqlite database is a lot smaller (8 Gb vs 35 Gb). Some examples: Misa Criolla with Mercedes Sosa, a very spacious recording: Studio has better definition, more depth and height. A+ sounds very good, at first you think it is better because it accentuates the high middle a bit more. Mozart, the Symphonies with AAM, Hogwood/Schröder: Studio has a bit more air around the instruments, e.g. the drums are better defined, the violins are more
  4. I guess we will have to get used (if we weren't already) to the subscription model: Apple Music, Qobuz, Lightroom/Photoshop, Netflix, internet provider, telephony provider, etc. etc. But paying for an update every other year amounts to about the same kind of money. Software you 'own' is outdated in a few years, so you are forced to renew from time to time anyhow. For me counts which program delivers first and foremost the best audio quality, is stable and user friendly. The last time we did a comparison Audirvana won hands down from an audio quality point of view. For me it is/was a
  5. Hi Rexp, I still (and only) use thunderbolt as the connection between my Mac mini and my Dac. Compared to my earlier setup (Mac Pro - usb -Dac) there was a considerable improvement in sound. If it was thunderbolt and or the Mac mini I cannot say. What I read elsewhere is that thunderbolt has less noise than usb, this is the reason I went directly for thunderbolt.
  6. I use Yate for years now on several macs and couldn’t be happier. It is regularly updated and has all the features you like. If you have questions they have a very good and responsive helpdesk too. Hope this helps. Donald
  7. Hi Drew, I am sorry, I cannot help you with Tidal. Clearly it must be different from the way you do it in Audirvana with ‘normal’ music files 😅. But also with Yate it is easy to add, change or remove artwork in Audirvana. The two really complement each other. Go to the original file with Yate on your Mac and change whatever metadata you like.
  8. I have been using Audirvana for several years and I never liked the way it handled the meta data. The best thing to do is buy a little program named Yate and handle the meta data there. Also if you don’t want doubles or bad search results think carefully what structure you are going to use. E.g. for the title use Bach, J.S., Brandenburg Concertos or Beethoven, L. van, The Symphonies. If you have multiple interpretations of the same work use e.g. Beethoven, L. van, (Brüggen) The Symphonies, etc. Soundwise Audirvana is maybe the best program out there, both the program and the app are easy to us
  9. Hi Dubby, there is no easy simple answer there... read speed will be higher in raid mode. In jbod mode it is the speed of the used hdd. Raid, especially raid5 will also be safer as one of the discs dies. In raid5 you will loose 1 hdd for this extra safety. Always a good backup schedule is necessary be it raid or jbod. Deleting a file in both setups will delete it without much ado. Only a backup can save you from an accidental delete or worse. For me the extra speed nor the added safety of raid justifies a raid setup. When using raid the disks have more r/w action to perform, and as a
  10. Hi Dubby, this one: https://www.owcdigital.com/products/thunderbay-6 I silenced the fan, while in jbod the hdd‘s hardly warm up at all. This way it is completely silent. The OWC is a sturdy metal design, in contrast with many cheap plastic products. Donald
  11. No, I am sorry, I don’t have that experience: my DAC does not have a direct Thunderbolt interface, nor did I try an adapter to one of the other interfaces of the DAC. As said the DAC-MM(Audirvana)-Thunderbolt-OWC combination sounds much better than the DAC-USB3-MacPro(Audirvana) combination. Donald
  12. For years I used a dedicated (old) MacPro from 2006 with OSX on a SSD and the music on HDDs as my music server. As software I use Audirvana (in several iterations during the years). Since half a year I use a dedicated Macmini with an external OWC DAS connected via Thunderbolt 3. I noticed a huge improvement between the two setups. I cannot tell if the difference was the result of Thunderbolt 3, and/or the new Macmini and/or the OWC. In the beginning I had some problems with Audirvana, but after a tweak it is exemplary stable and enjoyable! I reused the HDD’s from the MacPro in the OWC co
  13. King Crimson, one of my favourite bands from my university days until now, together with Pink Floyd, Caravan, Soft Machine, Supersister and the Mothers of Invention with Frank Zappa. In the seventies those bands came to our province town in the Netherlands and you could hear them live! Those were the days😊...
  14. Thanks for your explanation. Now I can better understand what you mean. You have some valid points, but calling it an alpha version in your first reaction was a bit blunt. That was what made me react. I think you are correct in saying that look and feel can be improved. But in my opinion most other audio players out there are much worse! - I agree in what you say in your first point. Only for me the drag and drop works just fine technically, at least if that is what you mean. - Agree - It is a design choice I can live with, but your statement is correct. - Fast scrolling is instantane
  15. Please could you be more specific as for me also the interface is rock stable software wise. Of course there are always some aspects I'd like a bit different, but that has nothing to do saying A+ has an alpha status. In my book with alpha status is meant that the software is out its first test phase after development and now available for first controlled user testing. As I mentioned before this is absolutely not the case: the application, its routines, the database and the interface are rock stable on my Mac.
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