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  1. I have a few questions for Jesus and or Barrows: Is the optical board in the Signature Rendu SE a little larger than that found in the opticalRendu? How much DDR3 RAM is used in the opticalRendu/Signature Rendu SE? I am looking forward to the release of your opticalModule. Thanks!
  2. Thanks to Barrows for the excellent job updating my Signature Rendu SE (tier 3 updates) and fuse. Also thanks to Jesus, John, and Adrian. Those of you updating your Signature are in for a real treat! Steve
  3. Barrows, Do I need to purchase an SFP module for the Signature Rendu SE upgrade I recently sent you? Thanks
  4. Mine should arrive tomorrow for updating!
  5. I agree with Barrows that the Signature Rendu SE sounds best without added USB enhancement devices. I am looking forward to the optical upgrade for the SE.
  6. DJM sells primarily to companies-engineers looking for EMI reduction. The audiophile market is a side-line for them.
  7. Congratulations Chris on your "new" site. I'm sure the expansion of audio content will insure future success.
  8. Using a Roon Nucleus+, I upsampled to DSD512 with the Vega 2. Worked very well with no issues for either component.
  9. Native DSD-DSD256 is now working. Thanks Andrew and thanks to Jesus. You guys are really great! Steve
  10. I updated my Signature Rendu SE to 2.7. My Playback Designs MPD-8 no longer supports Native DSD (DSD256). I can play DSD128 if I set the Rendu to DoP. I rebooted my Nucleus +, and restarted the DAC. I’m afraid 2.7 has been a real bust for me. Hopefully Jesus will have a solution.
  11. I think Chris did a great job maintaing his cool given the behavior of the Peanut Gallery. He should be commended for his presentation.
  12. Hi Brinkman Ship, Michael reviewed the Auralic Aries in 2014 and liked it better than his Mac: https://www.audiostream.com/content/auralic-aries-0 Michael wrote: "In terms of sound quality, I found the Aries to better my MacBook Pro in terms of apparent noise floor, dynamics, and resolution. Add in the ability to stream up to double rate DSD via WiFi seamlessly and you've got yourself one compelling package."
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