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  1. After living with the Alexia 2 for just about 3 years, I totally agree with your comments Chris. Thanks for your excellent review.
  2. All has been working well for several days after letting the Sig Rendu cool and following Jesus’ instructions. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for an enjoyable review of the SR-L300. I have always found that Stax headphones provide a special musical experience.
  4. It appears that Mans feels his past contributions are priceless. I guess he expected us to question our future existence without his superior knowledge and guidance. All of this is really more entertaining than his posts 😀
  5. Some folks just can't grasp what all of this is about. Good job Chris!
  6. It is nothing more than a hobby. Most of the people here are well educated and make a good living to afford these toys. I think implementing the new policy will be difficult. How, for example, is the “Objectivist” going to refrain from jumping in to a discussion singing the sonic praises of the new Gizmo Ethernet cable?
  7. An interesting insight in what drives Daryl Wilson and his company’s pursuit of acoustic excellence.
  8. The USPS feels that I should stick with 2.7. My new card arrived cracked yesterday. They bent the cardboard protector in half just to teach me a lesson.
  9. I haven't purchased any vinyl since the early 90's. But I feel for the folks who still enjoy the vinyl ritual. It's really quite surprising just how good fine vinyl recordings can sound on the old rig.
  10. A wonderfully revealing speaker that is musically engaging over the long haul. When setup correctly, the Alexia Series 2 is capable of soundstage rendering that is damn impressive. The Alexia Series 2 has a big sound that is bold and dynamic, but yet, handles solo instruments with real finesse. The fit and finish will delight even the most obsessive audiophile with build quality that is second-to-none. I have owned 6 other Wilson Watt/Puppy-Sasha models since 1991, and none of these have come close to the sonic performance of the Alexia Series 2.
  11. I’ve had this Basis Debut MK V Vacuum for 18 years and it’s still fun to listen to.
  12. Looks like my SD card was cracked in shipment.
  13. I received a new 2.8 card yesterday for my Sig Rendu SE Optical and am experiencing a constant Red LED. I have tried everything as you have. 2.7 works flawlessly. I love the Sig Rendu SE and hope that something will be figured out for this issue.
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