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  1. I’m getting very fast performance with the Nucleus + and latest iPad 12.9 Pro.
  2. You probably have done this, but rebooting the iPad often helps connections with the Core.
  3. What music software does it better?
  4. You are probably right. I just wanted to see if the Signature Power Supply has enough current. It was originally designed to power the microRendu.
  5. Will the opticalRendu work well with the Sonore Signature Linear Power Supply?
  6. I enjoyed reading your well written review Chris. It's hard to believe that it has already been over 6 months since I had my Signature Rendu SE updated to the optical version. The SE's performance is very impressive. One area left for audiophile fine-tuning is the choice of one's USB cable to use with the SE. So far, my favorite is the Intona Reference.
  7. Yoshimitsu might be discussing the older Intona Model 7054 that has a plastic case. The 2 newer Intona models; USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 have aluminum cases and improved specs compared to the 7054.
  8. Chris, Did you get a set of Wilson sliders? They really make fine adjustments of the speaker’s placement very easy.
  9. The primary challenge of owning Wilson Alexias is after coming up with the money, is finding a friend that will let you store those crates at his house😀
  10. Congrats on the new Alexia Series 2s. I have loved mine and found them to be pretty amazing sounding. Enjoy!!
  11. I have a few questions for Jesus and or Barrows: Is the optical board in the Signature Rendu SE a little larger than that found in the opticalRendu? How much DDR3 RAM is used in the opticalRendu/Signature Rendu SE? I am looking forward to the release of your opticalModule. Thanks!
  12. Thanks to Barrows for the excellent job updating my Signature Rendu SE (tier 3 updates) and fuse. Also thanks to Jesus, John, and Adrian. Those of you updating your Signature are in for a real treat! Steve
  13. Barrows, Do I need to purchase an SFP module for the Signature Rendu SE upgrade I recently sent you? Thanks
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