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  1. This is outside the scope of this forum. Your case can be solved by using pc with appreciate softwares. You may find the solution easily throughout the internet.
  2. I have similar experience when using foobar2000 as the player. I have to re-map the channels to play 5.1 channel iso or dsf files correctly. Jriver does not have this problem.
  3. Extracted below: PROCEDURE FOR ACCENTED CHARACTERS If there are accented characters in the ISO name such as ö, ü, é, ñ, the PuTTY window might display "invalid argument" and ripping will not start. Here is a workaround: • Re-paste the command ./sacd_extract_160 –I • Add one space after –I and type two straight quotation marks • Copy or type the ISO (album) name directly in between the quotation marks • Delete the accented characters and type non-accented characters into the ISO name • Hit Enter to start the SACD ripping process
  4. Then there are some additional steps to rip the disc. Please see the very first guide for Sony bdp-s590.
  5. Any non-english or special character in the track name or album name?
  6. It is different. With Gracenote, I have the track names in the iso file. Now I need to input them one by one after changing them to dsf.
  7. My Sony BDP-BX59 cannot display the album name and song names any more with the following message: Functions with Gracenote were terminated on 2019-04-02....... This troubles me in naming the ripped files. Oppo or Pioneer has the same problem too?
  8. @Phthalocyanine You have good memory. I still have the S485 for daily use and have a BX59 for SACD ripping using your superb guide. I could test the S485 if anyone can point me to the proper scripts.
  9. Tray opens itself or not doesn't matter. For me, I open it by pressing the eject button and press it again to close it. I use the telnet method and everything is fine.
  10. Just follow the guide exactly and you will get it done.
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