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Audio System

Network: Netgear FS105 switch @ router > cat 6 >  Cisco 2960-8TC-L switch @ audio system > cat6 > Server

Server: Intel i7-6700k, Crucial 8gb RAM, Seasonic 850FX Gold PSU, 2 Noctua fans, 500gb WD M.2 NVME- music files,

16gb Intel Optane M.2 2280 w/ minimal Ubuntu 20.04LTS OS

Software: HQPlayer Desktop 4.12.0: poly-sinc-ext3/ ASDM7EC DSD256

DDC: modded Singxer SU-1 > 0.4m Lush^2 USB cable from Server > 0.5m Apollo I2S cable to DAC

DAC/ Preamp: Gustard X20u DAC > 1m Mogami 2549 Gold XLR cables to Amp

Amp: B & O Icepower 1200AS2 (620W/ ch @ 8 ohms) > 8 ft. Electra Cable cables to Speakers

Speakers: GR Research N3 transmission line speakers

Room treatments: GIK Acoustics- 4 bass traps, 3 early reflection panels

Head amp: Schiit Audio Magni 3 > Headphones: JVC HAS400B

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