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  1. I picked-up a 32gb M.2 2280 Optane ssd off fleabay & want to use it with Ubuntu 20.04 OS installed in a i7-6700k music server. Current HDD has dual boot Win10 Pro & Ubuntu 20.04 with music files on separate partition. Anything special that I need to do beyond just installing OS w/ Ubuntu Live USB stick & prioritizing mobo bios to boot Optane ssd?
  2. I just grabbed an Intel NUC7CJYH w/ 8gb Ram & 120gb SSD off Fleabay today as an upgrade to my existing NAA x5-z8350 mini pc. Since I currently boot a thumbdrive w/ HQPlayer NAA image naa-411-x64.7z, does it matter if I leave the SSD for Win10 Pro Qobuz streaming & home theater video streaming duties? (versus replacing SSD w/ SXDC card). Or is the SSD electrical noise still an issue even if not being used while NAA thumb drive is operating?
  3. I thought HQPlayer only supports Ubuntu up to 18.04? (seem to recall Jussi holds off until Nvidia has drivers available for latest LTS release). Do you use Ubuntu Studio 20.04 w/ HQPlayer 4.7? Is so, what advantages do you see over the garden variety Ubuntu? (I had tried Studio 15.04 release some time ago & didn't see much advantage over Ubuntu 15.04 for my system).
  4. Not a surprise. HQPlayer 4.6 Desktop DSD256/ ext2/ ASDM7EC (or ASDM5EC for that matter) resulted in drop-outs w/ my dual boot i7-6700k Win10 Pro (Server case/ mobo cooled by 2 low rpm Noctua fans). Haven't tried HQP 4.7. Ubuntu 18.04 HQPlayer 4.6 & latest 4.7 Desktop DSD256/ ext2/ ASDM7EC works great w/ no drop-outs.
  5. Houston, we have lift-off !!! Win10 mini pc w/ Bubble UPnP Server, Audiophille Renderer 2.3ver & MS Visual C++ x86, iPhone X Linn Kazoo app = successful paying of Qobuz high resolution music 😎 I humbly bow down to @left channel, @Ran, @Cebolla for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Now back to enjoying Qobuz Studio hi res tunes!
  6. Thank @left channel. I had bookmarked that hifizine link this morning, & downloaded the BubbleUPnP Server on the mini PC, but couldn't get it going (got hung up on the media renderer details). Diagram shows it to be installed on music server. May fiddle w/ it so more later. Thanks for the good info @Cebolla ! I downloaded the Audiophile UPnP earlier today, but it was missing a couple .dll files (cause it's 32 bit instead of 64 bit I think). Will dig deeper into that option tomorrow. 👍
  7. Many thanks to all 😃 I installed OpenHomePlayer on the Win 10 mini pc/ renderer. Linn Kazoo & Lumin installed on iPhone X (prefer Linn Kazoo). Success, but Qobuz 24/96 music selections still play as 16/44.1 on DAC (OpenHomePlayer app has no adjustments, just "Open" only). Great to have Qobuz control w/ the iPhone vs. navigating on 50" plasma display (part of HT set-up).
  8. Thanks for the promising suggestion Ran! I am unfamiliar with OpenHome, but will definitely experiment with it this week, esp. since I have an iphone & older iPad2 that I could utilize. Do you have preferred OS & apps that you use w/ OpenHome? Would be a nice detour from my last 2 rabbit holes of dual booting i7-6700k music server in order to use Windows 10 Pro for Qobuz hi res streaming (primary boot: Linux Ubuntu 18.04 to achieve HQPlayer DSD256 ext2 7EC. Then I moved the server to another room & added the Win 10 Network Audio Adapter to the DAC...
  9. Thanks left channel. I can also successfully run the Qobuz Windows app on my i7-6700k, but currently have a server/ NAA set-up. I know that I need something more powerful than the Atom mini pc, but was hoping that a low watt NUC7PJYH w/ 4gb memory might do the trick. From your similar quad core Celeron experience, looks like that won't work for me either. I'm 6 mos. into a 1 yr. Qobuz Studio subscription. Based on my struggles thus far, & due to lack of a Linux app, I seriously doubt that I will be renewing it.
  10. What is the minimum computer hardware requirements to stream Qobuz high resolution files in Windows 10? I am unsuccessfully trying to stream Qobuz 24/ 96 high resolution files through an Intel mini PC Atom x5-z8350 1.44 ghz base w/ 1.92gHz burst, 4 cores/ 4 threads, 2mb cache, 2 gb Ram, 32 gb storage, Windows 10 older 1607 version (due to 32gb storage), ethernet wired connection (rest of system listed below). Qobuz Windows 64 bit App indicates not responding, & Web player results in 48k when Wasapi Exclusive Mode selected. What is the limiting factor here, 2gb memory?
  11. Listed under Help, then Register. Text file is located within HQPlayer folders/ files. You can request specific location in this thread if you provide OS that you are using:
  12. Aside from the great client/ control app which allows HQPlayer 4.0 server control from a remote source like a laptop, the best 4.0 upgrade features are the EC modulators IF you have a powerful computer & DAC supporting higher upsampling rates (DSD128 & 256). Read this thread for more details:
  13. I appreciate your efforts, as I followed the thread below & Barry Diament's website. As a budget audiophile, I went the "cheap bastard" route utilizing 1st wood base layer (w/ floor spikes for speakers), kitchen cabinet chrome knobs, 1/2" chrome ball bearings, marble tile, 2nd wood base layer. I liked the results & still have this vibration control method under my transmission line speakers. I liked it under my amp & dac too, but any cable changes, etc. always ended up causing the ball bearings to slip out, thus requiring extensive redo. I even tried the bicycle tube method, but co
  14. After starting NAA & getting to log-in screen, you are done with endpoint. Start music server, open HQPlayer, set backend to NetworkAudioAdapter & device to your mini pc, then you are good to go.
  15. @AudioDoctor see post #3358 above where Miska answered this question. I run non-OS NAA (& have run HQP OS) on a USB flash drive w/ a Intel x5-z8350 w/ 2 gb ram & it works fine
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