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  1. What about Xeon server vs NUC7i7DBNE ? What is the configuration of the Xeon server? I found https://silentpc.com/fanless-pcs/fanless-xeon-server#Configure . Is there any customization on this configuration?
  2. Hi @bobfa, I am planning to build a new music server to use with Devialet 220 PRO . I store my audio files on Synology NAS with 2TB SSD disk. I have read this thread from the beginning. You recommend Intel NUC7i7DBNE and Akasa NUC Plato X7D case in the first page. But in the end, I see that you currently use a Xeon system for your home stereo on which Euphony OS is running. I am a little bit confused. What are the main parts of your Xeon server? Do you currently advise us Xeon server with Euphony or NUC7i7DBNE with AudioLinux?
  3. I saw that the problem is not about Audirvana. It is about the driver of my integrated amplifier(DEVIALET AIR 3.0 BETA). I use AIR 3.0-Beta for Devialet 200 on OSX. I store my library on Synology NAS on the same network. When I disable Devialet AIR from preferences and change it to Devialet USB, or HDMI(MAC Mini is connected to my Smart TV), I see that there is no problem at all..
  4. Hi, I am also new to OSX and experiencing exactly the same issue. Did you find a solution?
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