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  1. It isn't useless. It also isn't the be-all, end-all.
  2. Samples make me think these are just the CD remasters at higher resolution... Meh.
  3. Confirmation, but no explanation. "Thank you for your understanding," of which we have none, thanks to Sony. Wonderful!
  4. Were these units mainly for decoding dbx Discs?
  5. Poppycock. Utter elitist nonsense. You're completely disregarding undeniably real music that does not and, in some cases, cannot exist in a real space. Maybe it's wrong to call the best of such recordings "high fidelity," but the history of recorded music is littered with excellent examples thereof. If you choose not to appreciate a great recording because it's not "real music played in a real space," that's your loss and I pity you.
  6. Is this possible? I can't find a way to do it in the UI.
  7. To my knowledge, this is the first report of a CD layer being ripped this way. Not sure how that happened...
  8. Is that because you converted DST to DSD? Otherwise, I don't see how that's technically possible. The disc limit is 4.7GB.
  9. No. Like the CXU before it was based on Oppo BDP-103D architecture, the CXUHD is based on Oppo UDP-203 architecture.
  10. I haven't looked into this, although I'd guess it's to do with the hyper-aggressive noise shaping required - can you summarize the data or provide a link (whichever is more convenient, either way)? Thanks! If you can stomach a long read, Lynn Olson goes in depth in these two parts regarding delta-sigma and DSD.
  11. Subjective rose-tinted glasses aside, there are objective data on DSD that paint a not-too-pretty picture of the format. The criticism comes from a place of scientific knowledge, not ignorance, and is therefore justified in my mind. That said, I have and enjoy quite a number of SACDs (especially multichannel), which I am happy to be able to rip with my Oppo. Optical discs are not long for this world.
  12. I don't think FAT32 is a gating factor, neither is the size of the thumb drive. I do believe it's a red herring. I've used sticks of various sizes, formatted as both FAT32 and ExFAT, and all of them have worked without incident. I would suggest that if you're having issues, the problem lies elsewhere.
  13. This is not part of the process when using ISO2DSD. No editing of the files on the stick is necessary.
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