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  1. Yes, I was using my Shiit Magni 3 as basically an attenuator, but for whatever reason I took it out of the line, and since this is a computer desk set-up it was easy to use the mouse/keyboard controls and the internal volume control in JRiver. I think the sound is somewhat clearer but only by a tad. JRiver volume is now about 30% instead of, before, 100% into the pre-amp and then attenuated.
  2. What powered speakers do you have (or maybe you are intending to buy?)?
  3. Yeah, forgot to mention...I am using a Schiit Magni 3 pre-amp: Windows 10 / JRiver > iFi iGalvanic3.0 > iFi IDAC2 > Magni 3 > Neumann KH120 monitors
  4. Been wondering about this: Does it make more sense to send the audio signal straight from my DAC (RCA OUTS) to my studio monitors (DAC > monitors), or run it through a pre-amp first (DAC > pre-amp > monitors)? Now, of course, I don't need a pre-amp at all in this set-up. The only thing I gain from the pre-amp is a volume knob, which is nicer than the mouse to control volume. Maybe there's some generally accepted viewpoint, maybe it's a matter of taste. Seems to me that the more you place along the signal path, the more likely you could degrade the sound....
  5. You won't regret buying the Galvanic3.0; I just bought my second one...using it thus, depending on which room (Windows 10/JRiver): iGalvanic3.0>IDAC2>ICAN>LCD-2 headphones or iGalvanic3.0>IDAC2>Neumann KH120 studio monitors in one room or iGalvanic3.0>IDAC2>old tuner>M-Audio M-38 monitors in the other (bigger) room
  6. I haven't tried exactly that, but I highly recommend this arrangement: PC > iGalvanic3.0 > iFi IDAC2 > powered monitors (I use kh120's) And when I want to listen via headphones, I switch out the cables and go: PC > iGalvanic3.0 > iFi IDAC2 > iFi ICAN > headphones (I use Audeze LCD2's) Great sound...Could it be better? Yes, but at a cost. This is fairly reasonably priced (some items were demo units), so I am very satisfied with it. Also, with a separat DAC / HP amp, I can take the amp out, plug it into the wall where I am sitting, and add i
  7. I have two rooms where I listen to music. Instead of duplicating the set-up (separate computers, studio monitors, DAC's etc.), I am thinking of simply running cables under the house (crawl space) from the one room to the speakers in the next room and thereby centralizing control in one room (but being able to listen in either room). Here's my question: Is it practical to run a 25' line to the other speakers? I would be using my IDAC2 which has RCA outlets into my M-Audio M-38 monitors, which have RCA, XLR, and 1/4" inputs. What sort of cable would work best? Will this even work well? Obviously
  8. Thanks...that makes perfect sense. I think the RCA outputs should be the best option, and switching cables is no big deal. And with the iFi igalvanic3.0 added, the sound is great on my LCD-2's
  9. Hope this is not a really stupid question. Anyway, I can connect my headphone amp to my DAC either through 2 x RCA connectors or single 3.5mm plug. The former is more of an inconvenience since I have to disconnect my speakers first from the DAC's RCA OUTS, while I can leave the 3.5mm plugged in at all times. Which one is actually intended to be the correct way? Does it even matter? Is there even a 'correct' way?
  10. Been looking at the print-out ('Configuration') that came with my iGalvanic3.0 / iDefender3.0 / iPower bundle and trying some different set-ups. I am using a desk-top, so I don't have the option of disconnecting PC power. Anyone found any meaningful differences in these possible upstream/downstream configurations? So, far I have been experimenting with PC > iDefender3.0 / iPower > iGalvanic3.0 > IDAC2 > studio monitors (or iCan + Sennheiser HD 650 headphones) on the one hand, and PC > iGalvanic3.0 > iDefender3.0 / iPower > IDAC2 > studio monitors (or iCan + Sennheise
  11. By that, I mean the iDefender is plugged into a USB 3.0 socket, and the iPower is plugged into the mains and connects into the iDefender at that point.
  12. Just read all 26 pages of this thread (very interesting), having just received delivery of the IFI nano iGalvanic 3.0, iPower, iDefender 3.0 bundle. And I have to say WOW! Just love what it does to the sound. I am running it as follows: Windows 10 desktop computer / JRMC 24 > iDefender + iPower from USB 3.0 socket > iGalvanic 3.0 > IDAC2 > Neumann kh120 monitors. I am using a USB 2.0 cable from iDefender + iPower to iGalvanic 3.0, the stock iGalvanic USB 3.0 cable to the IDAC2, and store quality RCA>XLR cable to the monitors in a small 10'x12' room with one specific
  13. Thanks...that's a good deal. I am in Canada, so Massdrop doesn't always translate into real savings (shipping/duties/exchange rate). I have recently seen it for $999 CDN with free shipping and no provincial sales tax, which probably works out as costing less.
  14. Thinking of upgrading my DAC from an iFi IDAC2 to a TEAC UD-503, which would give me a volume control and a remote. I am using Neumann kh120 studio monitors to play ripped CDs through JRiver. My question is this: would this upgrade also offer a noticeable difference in sound, or does the DAC basically not make much difference in the chain?
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