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  1. I am also currently using OpticalRendu to feed to DSD512 to DAC 8 DSD, works like a charm~! (I did get advise from guiltyboxswapper to turn off a background task timers to get rid of occasional stoppage)
  2. Thanks for the advise! I will look into opticalrendu option as well.
  3. Thanks for the info guiltyboxswapper, maybe it’s time for me to look into new streamer options. Any suggestions? Thinking about trying ultrarendu.
  4. louisxiawei Thanks for testing the new firmware, have you been able to play DSD512 on linux without glitches based on new firmware? I have been testing the firmware as well and it seems to be stable upto DSD256 but with DSD512 I get intermittent distortion (phase sound?) which makes me stop the music and play again (linux device is SOTM-SMS200 Ultra Neo). I will also test the windows firmware on lattepanda to see if it works well. It seems new one has been released just yesterday.
  5. I have tested the Latte Panda SBC which was referred by OE333 back in the DAC8 DSD thread, I tested & configured the NAA output as per suggestion of OE333 and it does work well and can do DSD512 upsample in pretty stable state, I did encounter few crashes after playing for few hours or if I skipped through tracks vigorously but it did not happen as often to be a big concern to me. I had been using SOTM sms-200 ultra neo before with amanero beta firmware but it had issues with playing dsd512 so was just playing dsd256 with it and being able to play dsd512 is just wonderful with much fu
  6. I just tested naa through my notebook and found that it can stream dsd512 to the dac without any problem. I guess network is okay and streamer has some issues receiving packets. Thanks for all the help!
  7. Thanks for the advise, I tinkered around with the setup again and somehow I am now able to play dsd256 without any stutter. DSD512 is still not playing though, Anyway I am happy with the DSD256 sound coming from Sotm Sms200 ultra!
  8. I have the 2006be11 firmware flashed to DAC 8 DSD and using HQplayer desktop 4.3.1 I did not experience any click on the leading edge. As a side question will performance setting on HQplayer server computer have effect in streaming to NAA? I am testing NAA with sotm-sms200 ultra and not able to go beyond dsd128 with the streamer (usb direct with the computer does dsd512), I am thinking maybe having the computer set to quiet mode have some effect with the computing power needed to stream to naa device.
  9. Hi~ I have recently acquired T+A DAC 8 DSD and have been testing it with Hqplayer and NAA. The DAC is working flawlessly converting to DSD512 with direct USB connection with the Hqplayer computer but it seems to have some problems with NAA configuration. My current setup for NAA is as follows, Hqplayer server (NUC8I7HVK) - network switch (HP 1810-8G) - Sotm SMS-200Ultra Neo (NAA enabled) - USB - DAC (Roon server is attached to the same swtich on separate computer (Sonictrasporter I5) using Hqplayer with roon integration With above setup I can play upto
  10. I would like to report that I have safely upgraded the firmware to 2.70 without any issues, The provieded manual and instructions were very intuitive and easy to follow, One thing that I needed to do from my side was to make a RS232 -> RJ12 converter using lan cable and tool bough from local hardware store. The manual was very informative and I was able to make correct pin connection without any problem. Another good thing was that my logitech harmony was able to utilize all the functions of the new remote with the firmware update which was a big plus as I can now contro
  11. Finally managed to download the whole file, must have been something wrong with my computer. I managed to download it using different computer. Thanks once again for all the help! I will report on the update and how it works it sotm sms-200 ultra neo.
  12. Thanks OE333, unfortunately our dealer does not have the MP8 at hand. I got to your link and I can see the codes in the txt file but I cannot seem to download the txt file. Do I just copy and paste the codes into txt file?
  13. Thanks for the info. So the firmware is included in the service tool program?(exe file)
  14. Hi I recently ordered a new FM8 remote and realized the it does not work with the the older firmware version, With above issue and since I am trying to utilize SMS-200ultra neo as a main streamer I am thinking of updating my DAC 8 DSD firmware to 2.70 and Linux USB driver using the link provided by OE333 in the previous pages. I've managed to download the service tool and other related documents but can some one inform me how I can download the new firmware 2.70 file? There seems to be no download link in the pages..?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi I have been using microrendu without issues for last 2 years and recently burrowed it to my friend who wanted to try it out, when he set the device he told me that the sonicorbiter.com does not find the device, but the strange thing is that roon is able to recognize it and he was able to play music through it even though it was not showing in my sonicorbiter page. He is in the same internet network and he is using the notebook as the roon core plus roon remote so I believe internet network is not an issue, is there a way to hard reset the device or any other ways to access the m
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