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  1. [TABLE=width: 1028] [TR] [TD=width: 314, align: center]S/N Ratio[/TD] [TD=width: 668, align: center]>115DB[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 314, align: center]Gain[/TD] [TD=width: 668, align: center]+30 DB[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 314, align: center] Output[/TD] [TD=width: 668, align: center]250W @ 8ohm 500W @ 4ohm 1000W @ 2ohm[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 314, align: center] Output Level (Max,RMS)[/TD] [TD=width: 668, align: center]58V[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Here is my amp spec. It should have enough to power my speaker. It just that i got the itch to upgrade. I already got the IFI Iusb for USB filter. I think adding the Intona USB isolator will help a bit more. Guess that the power or transport upgrade wont matter as much as the money toward a new Magico/Raido + amp.
  2. What do you think if i upgrade my transport to Lumin U1 with a LPS. That ought to be good? I cant try out all these options hence i really need your experience
  3. It is quite interesting thought as this unit convert AC-DC-AC with same principle as the PS Audio P10. Though it is at a much cheaper price.
  4. I was thinking that UPS should only be used to power my digital in case power outtage. It should not be used in daily usage. The PS Audio P10 would be more suitable for that. Another solution would be the Purepower 2000/3000. I was thinking of solving the input into my PC. Intona or USB/SPDIF converter could be added later for output but i dont think it will make much of a performance jump. Do you think if i could use both the power generator(PS Audio P10) and isolation transformer(Torus) in my system?
  5. I got it now. So it should be a similar solution to the power regenerator (PS Audio P10) which output a perfect sine wave for electricity. I was wondering between the PS Audio P10 vs the Torus RM15/20. It seems that the Torus has more capacity as you can plug everything include power amp into it.
  6. Thank you for your input but can you help further on how this product will perform?
  7. Hi guys, I am new to the forum and would like to seek your experise on couple of question: My current system is consist of: PC (I7 + 980ti + decent mobo+PCIe SSD+ dual LCD monitor) which mainly use for music + gaming(dota) Ifi iusb 3.0 Yggdrasil Audio-gd M9(Headamp + preamp) Augio-gd M3(Speaker Amp) Harbeth M30.1 and LCD-X I mostly stream music through tidal. Cable consist of decent USB/speaker/power cord cable. I got a furutech Ftp-615 and cheap belkin power strip with some filter/surge protector function. All the audio stuff are plugged into the furutech Ftp-615. All the computer stuff is plugged into the belkin power strip. I would like to improve my system and considering server route for it. 1/Improve the power conditioning on my system: My situation is that i cant install dedicated lines for my audio room due to housing constraint. So should i go for a power regenerator like P10 or isolation transformer like Torus RM15/RM20? Would i get any benefit if i plug my computer into the P10 or Torus? or should i just plug all the computer stuff into the furutech once i got the P10/Torus? 2/Improve my transport: Should i buy a Lumin U1 to go with my yggdrasil or create a CAPS with JCAT/LPS/AO/Fidelizer as i still have a spare computer with decent spec(I5/SSD). 3/What others option you guys can suggest? New amp/DAC/Speaker? Really appreciate your input
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