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  1. The more important question is how this Innous Statement is going to stack against Antipodes DX+ CX or other high end server solutions in next coming months with OCXO clocks in LAN/USB/Mobo + Exotics PSU. We are soon getting many Aurender W20 on sales since the landscape of 12-15k server will quickly transform.
  2. Wadax use Musical Chip. Information as below: he brain of Atlantis DAC is the musIC 2 chip. The musIC 2 chip improves the already outstanding results of the first generation musIC chip. The musIC process is an extremely sophisticated mathematical process based on a feed forward concept. The behavioral model of the signal path is stored in a local memory, and the musIC chip can forecast, before sending the audio data through the system, analogue output in real time and determine the error and nonlinearities. The audio stream is modified slightly before it is sent to the DACs, so the
  3. For Ref 10, i was just thinking about it. For DAC, if you has already has top of the line DAC hen you would want to have a top of the line server. Hence i was curious about the performance of SE + trifecta + Ref 10 since the cost for such combo is quite comparable to a top server. For Blu2, the CA crowd and head-fi crowd might lead you to believe Blu2 is the ultimate solution. Other designers have different ideas of implementation that will sound just as good or better. :).
  4. Why would many choose the long chain if it has inferior sound quality. From the discussion here, many opt for the long chain because it has better sound quality.
  5. I was referring to spending 15-20k the Server side only. For DAC, there are alot out there outside Chord Blu2 if you willling to spend much more. Wadax, MSB , Aries Cerat, Boulder just to name a few. FYI, i am already using Chord Dave + Blu2.
  6. I am surprised that no one even compared the Innous SE + Trifecta(3xLPS 1.2) + Ref 10(LPS 1.2) or Innous SE + TxUSBultra(LPS 1.2) + Ref 10(LPS 1.2) vs expensive ultimate server such as Wadax, SGM, Aurender W20, Memory Player given that the total cost should be almost the same. Maybe one should step back and see what direction should one take if one was to drop 15-20k into Source setup. What do you guys think about this?
  7. This case not apply to Blu2. Blu2 would be equipvalent to an upgrade from 10K Speaker to 100K.
  8. I got the external enclosure part but i thought the only connection is USB or SATA. The external enclosure dont require power input?
  9. I am a bit thick here but might i ask how you power an external SSD with an LPS? Also anyone try testing if external USB SSD connect to a PCI card powered by LPS made a difference?
  10. Up your budget to better solution like Wadax Server/SGM/Aurender and never has to worry about spagetti solution.
  11. Use LPS with your router in basement. There will be small improvement(1-2%) if your system is good enough to show for it. Reason being: -SMPS Noise can pass through your LAN cable. -SMPS Noise can kick back to your AC main.
  12. Push your budget a little and try Chord Dave DAC. It is a very transparent DAC belong to FPGA design class.
  13. I hate it when you are so much in love with your products that you sprouting out bullshit like people would place the Emperical Audio ODSE better than Trinity then the Ayre is even better than the Emperical Audio ODSE.
  14. I tried the switch after the Fiber Modem. It does not work. The same problem occured. Ethernet connection got dropouts every few min Also try both FMC(100 and 1000) at my friends house and they work fine. His setup is a bit different. His setup Mine Setup ISP Fiber - FMC - Lan - Modem/Router - FMC Mine Setup ISP Fiber - Fiber Modem- Lan -Switch/Straight - FMC I think the root of the problem is mine ISP GPON Fiber Modem. That left me with 2 choices - Get ISP to provide converter - Just
  15. Reporting in, I changed the 2 FMC to 10/100 ones. Now i got internet connection back but i got random dropout every 5 min or so. Tomorrow i will try to put a switch before the LAN cable to FMC to see if it helps. Dont really know the reason for this issue though.
  16. fmc is a chinese fmc with no brand. its label 10/100/1000 basetx to 1000base fx. i dont see any switch outside. do i have to open the case? my pc is gigabit. the router is not gigabit i got fmc,cable from my friend who is running his optical cable comp
  17. Hi guys, after reading all about the optical isolation, i decide to give it a try: my setup is as following fiber modem/router from isp - lan cable cat 6 - fmc - fiber cable single mode - fmc - lan cable cat 6 - pc however it works for 5 min then the ethernet stop seeing internet connectivity. the ethernet network still works but there is no internet. i swapped back to the simple setup router - lan cable - pc and internet works again please help me. do i need to have the switch after the fiber modem/router from ISP? thank you very much
  18. Hi Alex, Just 2 question for you. I have recently receive your JS-2 and the performance is top notch. Which led me to the following questions: - Will the JS-2 benefited from a balanced AC power input? - Can i purchase a additional red/black power cord from your side? - Will you make a bigger LPS say(200-300w) in the near future? (I wanted to connect the JS-2 to my mobo using a PicoPSU but failed as my mobo using around 180w at start up) Best regards,
  19. Treating all reflection points on side walls, ceiling with absorber. Bass trap in the room corner behind speaker, however, i am debating this one since i felt that it killed the soundstage. Also a carpet in the first reflection point on the floor. Lastly, a diffusal behind my seating.
  20. Got an PM from vladimir to update my thread. I end of going with reworking the room for dedicated line, room treatment, Torus AVR16A and a brand new Magico S1 MK2. The improvement for each of the upgrade was as following: - Dedicated line: it improve much on blacker background and musical instrument separation. The bass got much deeper and tighter. The decay also gets slightly better. -Room treatment: i dont feel there is much improvement as all it did was getting rid of the mid bass boom in my room. -Magico S1 Mk2: the speaker bring a significant upgrade to my system. Bigger s
  21. The lampi and totaldac is the 2 DAC gathering from my research would provide big jump in term of performance. Yes. The Lampi is tube and Total is R2R. Other honorable mentioned should be T+A DSD/ EMM DA2/ OSDX. Anyway, my research is based on online reading. I am trying to hear as much as i can. But it is very hard to do so from where i live.
  22. I can borrow the microrendu to try and will report back the result. New USB DAC as a step up from Yggdrasil would have to be lampizator/TotalDAC in 15K range also. Law of diminishing return scares me.
  23. Hi, It seems your system is pretty similar to mind with much better cabling. How r u enjoying? Any thought to upgrade? I am happy with my system now. Just got the itch to improve it further. I listed the power/transport upgrade route because it costs less, easy to choose and beneficial in the long run. The speaker/amp upgrade cost would be equal to a whole new system as i feel that i need to upgrade to 15.000-20.000k range to see huge increase in sound quality. I was rather surprise to the fact that an upgrade in term of transport would not bring great benefit. I have read revie
  24. Sadly, I cant do anything DIY as i am not that handy. Same goes for measurement. So i really need the expert in the forum to help me out here.
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