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  1. So @hols you are daisy chain ER and SOTM switch both clocked to Cybershaft OP20 and used between Router to server/render while another ER was in between the Router and NAS??
  2. Can Uptone comment about usage of multiple Etheregen(2x-4x) will improve sound further??
  3. You should read some of his excuse in the 1 year wait leading to product delivery. They are: " testing transformer, everything looks good but the clock is not on spec, we currently have snow in Seattle so everyone stopped working, transformers received but testing again, more testing, more delay. " No honest individual would be able to come up with so much bullshit to delay for a 9k product fully paid from June last year. Stop the empathetic story line. Andrian needs to get his ass kicked out of the community for good. I bet he even changed his name if TLS go under.
  4. To be honest, i just hope this topic gets sticky in here . We cant let scam artist like this take advantage of community support for small DIY start up.
  5. Do you guys honestly think he does not read this??
  6. It was delivered a week after your server.
  7. This is the shitty PSU and Server that were delivered to me. The PSU is not working and can see one of the capacitor has been broken out of place. The server using shitty wire and parts for componenst. Not that i am blaming my own naive on others but I am still amazed that none of the site admin has spoken on these matter. Even well known figure who supposedly did testing for TLS are now silent. It seems all these site want is traffic and monthl y paid fee for selling/buying stuff.
  8. I received the server with newest build NUC i7. Needless to say it was an shitty products from TLS. Bad build quality. Cheap components. I am seriously pissed to see none of his supporter or even the admin of this site to comment about this. I would like to warn anyone to stay away from Thelinearsolution or risk losing money. I hope this site would ban anything relate to this company and the owner.
  9. I think everybody was right that the China trade war has screw up Andrian import plan. Thats why he is delivering from Canada. Also explains why he has no control over the products. However, this is no excuse for the performance of TLS and quality of the one server ricones has received. How was the sound by the way, @Ricones??
  10. Andrian is delaying my units again with his unspecified excuse. I am now worried t-after seeing the conditions of your units. Regards,
  11. Hi Ricones, I am in a similar situation. I am waiting for his delivery supposedly in this week. Will update once i got the tracking. Regards,
  12. Hi all, After the Paul Hynes fiasco, i would not want to trouble you all for another similar thread. But i feel obliged to inform everybody know about another or possible worse case where DIY manufacturer rise from a trustworthy community and become such a shameful act. I have order the Thelinearsolution THEONE server(with upgrade worth 9k) after purchasing TLS Switch and Router. Everything was paid last July and expected delivery in Sep-Oct. I was patiently waiting and eager for product despite little or know update from Andrian(the owner of TLS) while he still popping on other home doing demo of his new products DS-1 streamer and other PSU. The delivery deadline has already passed without any progress from him. I basically have to chase him every week or two to get feed back such as parts delay, waiting for supply on transformer, doing testing, the snow prevent him from working, the OCXO module not working. Last update he gave me was a picture of empty case with 3 power rail. And now he is not even returning my messages. I guess it was my bad putting trust in this person and this kind of DIY company. I would like to let everyone know about this and refrain buying from this scam. This company made rises from this kind of forum and it is a shame to see it turns out so ugly. Since i am not residing in US, i will have to contact a lawyer for further action. If anyone with legal profession willing to help would be highly appreciated. Regards,
  13. Should be the different power cable and isolation transformer that make the difference
  14. Love Chord Dac + Blu2 as i have them but Rob Watts say his el cheapo Chinese SMPS is better than all the LPS out there is laughable.
  15. Anyone receive their TLS server yet?
  16. I think it does resolve with time. After some burn in then the over dampness seems to improve while other character remain. I am playing continuous music through next 2 weeks to see if it goes away.
  17. Hi Flkin, i also have IC cables with Mumetal shielding and experience the same with yours. The speed and amount pf detials is unbelievable, bass is much tighter. However there is a problem with the treble that makes the sound not organic and digital. Do you think it will go away in time.
  18. Excellent post like always Romaz. It is really interesting when we gets hand on Andrian THEONE server.
  19. Wow -30db phase noise seems impressive. Could you colloborate more on its actualy measurement? -30db phase noise compare to say Mutec Ref10 clock?
  20. I also have just put in my OCXO router from thelinearsolution. The improvement was not subtle. Lower noise floor, Blacker back ground, more transpancy, better separation, instrument just become so much more real. Singer voice become so much mor focused. Harmonic and rthym become continuous as noise were removed from songs. Everybody that use streaming as main source of listening should give this router a try as it will definately improve your listening experience for the better. :-)
  21. Thank you guys for your input. I shall proceed to test my Habst cable and give report here. The Habst is meant to connect Chord Dave and Blu 2. I also do have ground box but its connection required spade plug. BNC wont be able to connect.
  22. Thank you for your prompt reply. I still dont get how to connect a BNC/phono to a ground connection. Why wont they use spade or some other plugs. Connecting the ground plug to a free BNC slot on Ref 10 does not mean it is grounded? i have a Habst coming soon so if you dont mind mine questions.
  23. How do you connect the ground plug? Do you have a ground box?
  24. Why none of this server has OCXO clock on LAN or EMI absorber paper on the case or exotics fuses or expensive RAM with tight timing? Hmm.
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