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  1. @wklie, I am using the U1 mini and that is the unit not showing the Leedh processing logo on boot up with the IOS app. Sorry, I forgot to mention that in the prior post.
  2. @wklie I just started using the IOS app. I was using the Andriod app prior. With the IOS app, I do not see the Leedh processing logo on boot up. This logo has always showed up during boot up with the Andriod app. Can you tell me if this is normal with the IOS app. I contacted Lumin directly and they did not address this issue properly. They stated that the Leedh logo show up at boot up, which I already knew, but did not address why it is not showing up with the IOS app, but does with the Andriod app. Cheers
  3. @orosie So glad to see that the Iris is working properly with the Terminator plus. I am using the terminator not plus and there is some communication issue. I have suspected I may have received a bad Iris for some time now, but have been patient and trying to work the issue with Alvin. But it is promising that the unit you received works as expected. Enjoy!!! Hopefully I will be able to soon. Cheers,
  4. Hello @barrows, thanks for your response. I can't get any DSD playback no matter the file size. Can I ask who you addressed this with so I can check to see if my Iris can be updated to work properly. Alvin has not responded with a fix for this yet. But, they is a time difference in Singapore to his credit. He has been great in trying to solve the Iris issue. Cheers
  5. Hello all, have any users of the Iris or GAIA had problems with the Iris not playing DSD files to their terminator dac? I have had issues with this. If I change from PCM hi-res files to DSD files, I get a loud static type fax noise that stains my speakers until the volume is lowered. Very scary!!! I tried it on HDMI I2s and I2s-C with the same results. It seems like my unit is not performing properly, as one should not have to change the settings on the Iris to play DSD files and scrolling through the terminator I2s settings doe not find a combination that will play the DSD files pr
  6. @EvilTed and @One and a half Yes, I powered cycled the dac with no fix there. @EvilTed, I do feel the same about speaker damage and sorry to hear: "Then it switched to full power and blew one channel of my power amplifier." This should be a fix that may save us the expense of damaging very expensive equipment. I will wait to use the Leedh processing once thing are safe. Cheers
  7. Hello everyone, Has any users of Leedh processing had a problem when it is engaged of a static pop when changing files, example going from one downloaded full file to another album. I get a static-like pop in my speakers every time. I have my preamp at unity gain and set the playback volume with the Leedh volume control in the Lumin app. If I turn off the Leedh the problem is non-exsistent. My dac is the Denafrips Terminator. Peter said it may be dac related, so if anyone can chime in with their thoughts, it would be helpful. I would like to use the Leedh as it sounds great, but
  8. @wklie Hello, I just found something strang while using the LeedH processing. None of my DSD files will play when it is active, as soon as I turn it off the files play fine in full DSD at the recorded rate. Do you know why and what is causing this? It does not happen with normal High res 44-192/24 files. Thanks for your thoughts
  9. @wklie Hello, I am going to upgrade to the U1 from the mini. Can you tell me the length of the umbilical cord from the power supply to the unit? I need to know for placement options. Has the power unit been upgraded for the U1 like the X1 power unit?
  10. @wklie, Peter, I use the U1 mini, I tried the Leedh Processing Volume on the unit with my analog preamp volume set at max. When using it this way, I get a loud popping noise in my speakers when changing albums. Is there a fix that I can do on my end to take advantage of the Leedh processing to see if it outperforms my analog preamp? Thanks for your continued help.
  11. Cyrus Hello,

    You posted that you use the Triode wire Obsession PC on your terminator dac.  I also use this pc.  Did the cord you trialed out perform the Obsession?  Can you disclose the PC you trialed and what were the improvements over the Obsession PC?



  12. When I clear a album from my playlist, the Lumin app clears the album, but goes to the top of my music library every time for the next album instead of going to the position of the last played album in the list. This causes me to have to scroll from the top of the list down to the next album after the one that was cleared. Is there a way to avoid having to start all over from the top of my music list at "A" when the last played album was at say "S" in the music list? I am using the android app.
  13. @wklie, Hello, Is 12 volts the max the U1 mini can except or is there a range? if, so what is the max voltage for the unit
  14. Thanks so much for the information. Fast responses and quality information.
  15. So, what is the max amperage one needs to look for to meet this requirement. Would 10 amps at 12 volts be too much or acceptable.
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