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  1. Price lowered to $70. Includes shipping in the USA and paypal.
  2. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    I’ve been using ASDM5EC as 7EC was taxing my system. But the gurgling was happening periodically with HQP3 as well, before the EC’s. It seems switching back and forth between modulators makes it go away. With Direct SDM, I was having an issue where is there was clipping, I couldn’t alter the HQP volume to correct for it, so you guided me to uncheck it.
  3. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    I don’t have Direct SDM enabled because it did something weird with the volume and you had me uncheck it a ways back. I tried running straight Roon with DSD, there was no gurgling. Per your suggestion I did switch to ASDM5 and the gurgling went away. Switched back to ASDM5EC and there was no gurgling. I asked Ted Smith about it, and he felt it wasn’t anything to do with I2S, but rather something happening in HQPlayer’s DSP. He said he’s never heard any complaints with DirectStream owners about gurgling and I2S. So far, your suggestion of switching briefly to ASDM5 seems to be working. Thank you.
  4. The Curious Link remains for sale. Shipping to Hong Kong proved too expensive.
  5. I looked online, priority mail shipping to Hong Kong is $33.60. I would credit $7 towards that, which is domestic priority mail.
  6. Sure, but shipping would be whatever the actual shipping cost is.
  7. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    I’m all in on the I2S setup, hoping for a solution that doesn’t involve going USB into the DirectStream 👍
  8. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    It goes MacBook Pro (Roon/ hqplayer 4) —> Matrix Audio USB cable —> Matrix Audio SPDIF X 2 —> I2S via AQ Mocha hdmi —> DirectStream Junior
  9. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    DirectStream Junior. I’m playing DSD64 files that are not upsampled any higher.
  10. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    I’ve been having an odd issue with HQPlayer 4. Frequently when playing DSD files, during quiet parts I can hear a gurgling whirling type of noise. With PCM kept as PCM there is no such noise. While this all happens often, it’s not always. But because it only happens with DSD, it makes me guess it’s software related. Any ideas?
  11. Selling my beloved Curious Cable Regen Link 200mm. It’s an excellent and venerated USB cable, has performed very well for me. I need a longer cable. Retail is $140. Selling for $80 which includes priority mail shipping anywhere in the USA. It’s in mint condition.
  12. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    Not that it matters very much, but Digital River charged 6% tax while in my state it’s only 4%. In the US, it goes by the specific state sales tax. But I understand, it must take an extra 2% to get it all the way to Finland 😇
  13. Price lowered to $160 (retail $300). Brand new, never opened box. Includes shipping in USA and PayPal fees. Would make a great gift!
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