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  1. View Classified FS: Hegel H90 Integrated Amp (REDUCED) (Originally $1295 including shipping and PayPal. Now $1195 including shipping and PayPal, lower than eBay prices) The venerable Norwegian Hegel H90. An excellent all in one integrated with internal DAC and streaming capabilities. Selling to move further up the food chain. Bought new in July, 2020. Has 14 months remaining on the original warranty. Have confirmed with Hegel that warranty is fully transferable. Price new was $2000, asking $1195 which includes PayPal and Priority M
  2. Time Left: 18 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    A very honest brick and mortar dealer has talked me out of selling the Hegel.

    1,195.00 USD

  3. Yes, tried it both ways. The same settings that worked with the 2018 Mac Mini, aren't working with the M1. Perplexing. Ideas?
  4. The iOS app for HQPlayer, I think there's only one. Firewall is not blocking. It all worked fine on the intel 2018 Mac Mini. But stopped working with the M1. The iOS iPad app does not connect to HQPlayer as before.
  5. Ever since upgrading to a M1 Mac Mini, the HQP remote app will no longer connect to HQP. I've made sure the network connections option is enabled in HQP. Ideas?
  6. I have a lifetime subscription, but am holding off to upgrade to 1.8 until the bugs are fixed, thus have no direct experience or opinion on 1.8. That said, I wonder how 1.8 detractors would view 1.8 if they had never experienced 1.7? How much of the consternation is derived from comparing the two versions, and being upset about the differences? What if the comparison mindset was set aside? What if 1.8 could be seen totally fresh, without any notion of comparing it a past version? And when 1.8 is evaluated on its own, I wonder what the results would be? Would the consternation
  7. The Doge 7 Clarity has caught my attention lately. It’s the poor man’s Lampizator. Doge is a Chinese company that once was the manufacturing end of a now defunct high end German audiophile company. Doge has continued to manufacture even though their primary client went out of business. By all accounts (YouTube, etc), Doge makes very high quality stuff sold at essentially factory direct prices. https://doge.audio/product/doge-7-tube-dac/
  8. I wrote to Daniel Hertz and received a nice long email from Mark Levinson himself. If the A+ software does what he claims, then he’s sitting on a gold mine. But as presented, I don’t see how it can ever be more than obscure. Mark confirmed that the renders do not transfer the original meta data. That’s a dealbreaker for me as manually entering meta data increases my time commitment by order of magnitude. To the positive, Mark said future updates will fix the meta data issue. I will wait until then to start the free trial. I’m a fan of EQ’s, and am hardly a purist by any
  9. In this video posted today, Herb says the Holo May is the best DAC he has heard and that it’s a mainstay of his review system. That’s saying a lot given the gear he has access to on a perpetual basis 👍
  10. Aloha - thanks so much for the thoughtful and insightful reply. Very interesting. Mark claims that a rendered Master Class file sounds as good as the analog master tape. Is that remotely true? Just seems if it was, his technology would be a major player in high end audio. Mark claims it allows one the SQ of vinyl with the ease of digital library management. Very appealing. I’ve read the Master Class manual. My use would be to convert my ripped CD collection (about 4000 cd’s) into Mark’s analog master tapes and then use those files in Roon/ HQPlayer. The manual mentions this
  11. Seven years later, wondering if anyone owns and uses this software to positive effect? I find this quote from the manual very intriguing: ”The analog waveform is smooth. The PCM digital waveform is a step function that only approximates a sine wave. The human brain, like the sine wave, is from nature. The PCM digital audio step function waveform is something made by technology that does not exist in nature. A+ is proprietary algorithm that fills in the “steps” to smoothen the waveform so the brain responds more like if it were a sine wave. A+ uses the original signal to generate t
  12. This is a total deal. I just bought the mR 1.4, so I don’t need a uR. But if I did, this is a great deal.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. I was debating to buy the new 1.5 for $399 or a used 1.4 on the forums for $250. Your input guided me to get the 1.4 and it’s on its way. I have an Sbooster for it.
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