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  1. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    I’ve been having peculiar HQP behavior lately. This is with HQP 3 or 4 with Roon. I’ve had the HQP volume set at 0 and -6 for forever. Recently HQP is always showing clipping. Even if I set the volume at 0 and -18, it always shows clipping. And I can’t adjust HQP volume to get rid of the red volume know without relaunching HQP. Any ideas @Miska, or anyone else?
  2. In the US, it just appeared for iPad. I had to search for “Audirvana Remote” as it didn’t show up as an update for the old remove app....
  3. I check the iOS App Store, I don’t see the new remote version nor does it appear as an update for the old version....
  4. Yes, I would like to know this as well. Amazon has quite a few audio hardware companies on their preferred list, including McIntosh. So they have put forth effort in that direction. WIth Amazon offering 24/192 at half the price of Quboz, and all in FLAC, no MQA, its difficult to see how Tidal and Quboz survive. I don’t see Roon on the Amazon list which raises concerns about how our various software players are going to work with what may very well be, the only hi-res streaming game left standing....
  5. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    Aloha, In anyone’s opinion, including Jussi’s, which filter/ modulator produces the widest soundstage? Thanks.
  6. My “lossy-ish” comment was more about the quality of MQA than anything else 👍
  7. Here is an in depth explanation of Apple's Digital Masters program. It seems to me they are trying to make AAC be as super as possible rather than provide lossless, there must be a profit angle to all of that. And with Tidal's hifi user base being such a tiny fraction compared to Apple Music and Spotify, I interpret Apple's explanation of the Apple Digital Masters programs as them doubling down on AAC and making it seem like it performs like lossless. I don't understand the technical side of it enough to offer an informed opinion, but it seems a bit like MQA in that both supposedly offer audio quality that exceeds the amount of bandwidth necessary to transmit it, even though MQA is lossless-ish. It will be interesting to see what effect Amazon's supposedly forthcoming hi-res service will be. Hard to imagine Tidal surviving that one. And if we're lucky, Amazon's marketing could push Spotify and Apple Music in the lossless direction even though they presently seem disinterested.
  8. One can only hope its a stepping stone of some sort to lossless. But more than anything, it seems to be a rebranding of "Mastered For iTunes". With iTunes discontinued, they needed a different name for the segment of their catalog that has not been subjected to the loudness war stuff per Apple's specifications. Apple Digital Masters is that new name.
  9. I was wondering more about favorites on a particular album, not “all” my favorites in my whole library. In Roon, I really really like being able to go to one album and quickly just play all my favorite tracks in that specific album. Having that same function in A+ would be great.
  10. One feature I really like about Roon is that once I like (heart it) a track, or tracks, on a given album, once that curation is complete, I can come back later and “play favorites”. I tap one thing and only my hearted tracks play. A+ has the ability to love ❤️ a track, but does A+ have a “play favorites” feature?
  11. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    Its a Seinfeld reference. Its a joke...
  12. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    I have been trying. Sometimes I think 4 is better, sometimes I think they sound the same. I’m pretty sure I mostly like whatever was played second. It seems reasonable to ask the developer if he made specific changes between 3 & 4 that would make the same settings sound better. This would help me clarify if it's a placebo expectation driven perception. Jussi’s anti marketing approach can make things challenging. Why not spell out the exact improvements he’s made between 3 & 4? It’s seems so simple to me, “here’s HQP 4 and I’ve made xy&z better in this way”. Instead, it’s more like “here’s HQPlayer 4, I won’t say what’s been improved, and it costs twice as much,” There’s a certain “soup nazi” quality to it 😎 Now I’d like to preemptively disagree with my own opinion in an effort to undermine any forthcoming efforts to do the same 😉
  13. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    Aloha Jussi (and everyone else), If the same settings are used, the same filters, dither, sample rate, etc, in both HQP 3 & 4 Desktop, will the sound results be the same? Or is there something about HQP 4 that makes a meaningful difference? I understand HQP 4 combines various HQP iterations into one, and there are the new settings, but I’m wondering if there’s any reason to believe, in theory, that there ought to be a difference using the same settings? Thanks.
  14. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    I’m fairly certain that it takes Roon. Jussi himself listens to Tidal via the Tidal app, as far I understand. Roon is expensive, but the versatility to combine local and Tidal/ Qobuz libraries into one is very nice.
  15. DancingSea

    HQ Player

    Out of curiosity, if I disable both the filters and dither, but still run Roon through HQP, is HQP actually doing anything to improve or effect the sound with all of that disabled? A few posters on the Roon forum have said they prefer HQP with upsampling disabled, just wondering if HQP still does something or if its a placebo effect.
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