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  1. Great power cable for DAC's. No longer need it in that I've gone to an all-in-one streamer. $300 shipped CONUS.
  2. My favorite of the many USB cables I've used. Don't need it anymore as I've gone to an all-in-one streamer. $225 shipped CONUS
  3. Original Denafrips Ares - no issues, working great. I have had a lot of NOS DACs including the Terminator and a TotalDac d1tube - I ended up feeling like this Ares gave me a surprising amount of the bang of those much pricier units for a lot less buck. $550 shipped CONUS. Selling because I'm downsizing, went to an all-in one.
  4. Selling my TotalDac d1-tube mk ii with the DSD option and 2 NOS Mullard CV4003 12au7's installed (stock tubes also included). The only flaw is that some lettering on the back of the unit has flaked off, which is common with TotalDacs, happened also with a d1 core that I owned. Otherwise it has no issues, works perfectly.Retail for the unit is 9100 euros and the DSD option is another 320 euros - at the conversion rate right now that is $10,209 (and that obviously does not include the cost of the tubes). Asking $8000 shipped CONUS. Ships in original box with remote and power cord and stock tubes. You probably know what this is and how rarely TotalDacs become available on the used market. Reviews for this d1-tube surpass the "rave" category and verge into religious devotion (a few pasted below) and I see why. It's really hard to believe what this thing does and that digital can sound so present, rich and natural. As a longtime vinyl guy I never thought I'd hear a digital unit sound like this. I just don't have enough listening time to justify keeping it so after a lot of back and forth on the matter I've decided to let it go.https://www.audiostream.com/content/totaldac-d1-tube-mk2-dachttp://inearspace.com/2015/07/18/totaldac-d1-tube-mk2-a-big-old-ladder-above-the-rest/https://hifipig.com/totaldac-d1-tubedac/
  5. Offering the original Sonictransporter, Microrendu with hard adapter and Uptone Regen for $650 shipped conus. Sonictransporter runs Roon core - everything works perfectly, was just using it until I got an Innuous server. No internal storage on Sonictransporter - I had a USB drive attached. Stock power supply with ST and Meanwells for both Microrendu and Regen.
  6. Great cable in near mint condition - I was using it with a Singxer SU-1 but no longer needed as with new DAC I am going direct to USB. $250 shipped CONUS
  7. Selling my Auralic Vega DAC w remote control. Sure most folks here know what this is but if not - it's gotten universally rave reviews and served as the reference DAC for many reviewers including Michael Lavorgna at Audiostream (review here - https://www.audiostream.com/content/auralic-vega-digital-audio-processor-0). John Atkinson at Stereophile was similarly wowed (https://www.stereophile.com/content/auralic-vega-da-processor) and it remains Stereophile Class A+ in latest Recommended Components.Handles up to 192k PCM via AES/EBU, S/PDIF coaxial and TosLink; via USB it does up to 384k, DSD64 (2.8224MHz), DSD128 (5.6448MHz). Has a volume control so you can go directly into a power amp - I have never used it as such so I can't comment on the sound. Outputs both single-ended and XLR - I went balanced and agreed with the many who report that it sounds better as such. It's the best DAC I've ever owned, my introduction to high-end digital sound. I'm selling because I wanted to get my computer out of the chain so I bought a PS Audio Directstream JR to use the Bridge. I'm asking $1600 shipped CONUS, Paypal fees included. The unit is pristine - I would rate 9 out of 10 on the A'gon scale just for the fact that I am second owner. Comes with remote and original pc. Will double box for safe arrival.
  8. So I reset Audirvana and I now can get it the Geek Out 450 to work so long as the "Native DSD Capability" is set to "Automatic Detection." In this mode I can't play DSD but can play all other files. When I set it to either of the "DSD over PCM" options, I have the same experience as before trying to play any file, DSD or not. The song seems to load, there is a pause, and then I get a message "Stopping Audio Device." After this happens, the Geek Out is no longer available in the output options in the System Preferences. What's strange is that the Geek Out still works without a hitch, plays DSD etc., with my Macbook Air, a 13-inch Mid-2011 model.
  9. It's not working for me with PCM and DSD
  10. Hello everyone - writing to see if I can get some help solving my issue using a Geek Out 450 with Audirvana (3) on a Mac Mini. I recently got this Geek Out 450 and have been using it with Audirvana at my office on an old Macbook Air without issue. But with my Mac Mini on my home system it's not working. I can select the Geek Out as my audio output for the Mac Mini and play spotify or Tidal from the desktop apps. But if I open Audirvana and select the Geek Out as the DAC, when I try to play a song, the song appears to load, then there is a pause, and then I get a message saying "Audio Device Stopped." Once this has happened, when I go to the Mac Mini's system preferences, the Geek Out no longer appears in the drop down menu of output options. I can only get it to be recognized by unplugging and plugging it back into the USB port on the Mini. Any help with what might be going on here is appreciated. Previously I was using Audirvana without issue on that machine with a Marantz HD-Dac1. The Mac Mini is a late 2012 model running the latest version of Sierra.
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