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  1. Hello Alan, I myself am using a PowerStation Deluxe with two dc outputs whereas most of my friends are using the one-output version. We have not compared the sonics of them yet. May do so at our future gatherings. According to Funjoe of Clones Audio, single output version is sonically better and is mandatory for large power uses such as for NAS ... etc. Cheers, CK H
  2. I am not a diyer and not a tech guy, but I have listened to many LPSs used by my friends for their CAS gadgets in Hong Kong. Sad to say that most of the cheap LPS from Mainland China are ... IMHO the two LPS which give good sound and have good c/p ratios are Keces P8 and HDPlex 200W (new version). However if for the best sonic performance I will choose either Uptone Audio JS-2 or Clones Audio Power Station Deluxe version. They give the most musical sound when used on CAS components.
  3. Romaz's last section of #542 mentioned that Euphony bettered his Audiolinux. Any other AS members have done a similar comparison?
  4. Anybody have any additional info on this 10M ref clock? It seems to be as good as or even better than Cybershaft & Mutec! http://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/portfolio-item/sclk-ocx10/
  5. MSB Femto33 clock module is more expensive than Ref10. Its real advantage is that it's on the circuit board and so close to the other crucial onboard sections.
  6. Have you contacted Aurender directly? They are able to access your N100 and check & fix any issues remotely.
  7. Hi shp, If Chord Hugo is in your list, will you consider the new Hugo TT which may suit rock/metal music more? Chord Hugo TT review | What Hi-Fi? High Fidelity
  8. Hi FATHER & cchang, I visited the Rockna dealer showroom in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago and I have the same opinion as yours : The Rockna Wavedream DAC is great! However, please note that I auditioned the new Wavedream DAC which has the new Rockna proprietary 26-bit R2R modules and a new analog output stage. It must be significantly better than the previous Wavedream dac which used lower-bit R2R modules supplied by MSB. Two friends of mine were so confident after hearing this standard 26-bit Wavedream version dac that they paid down-payments and preordered the Wavedream Signature version DAC which has 27-bit modules.
  9. Hi tranz, Thanks for your comments! I am considering to buy either QUAD USB or Renderer for my MSB IV Plus dac. May I know your NAS/ethernet CAS configuration that can give a better sonic performance than the QUAD usb module? What is the transport or CAS used with QUAD USB? I need your input to help making purchase decision. Thank you again!
  10. FYI : Regen works even on a MSB IV dac. And it works even on a CAS system which has already installed the Adnaco optical isolation. Eager to read the iFi USB3.0 report.
  11. Here is the Geek Soul chassis with external polishing done and the designer Kayla. I think it is as beautiful as those of Ayre!
  12. Just received a new Announcement from LH : " ... Faithful Geek Pulse & LPS Backers, The time has come, we are about to start shipping Geek Pulse this Friday, November 14th. If you haven’t already, please head over to Geek Pulse Tracking System to confirm your shipping address so we can get the ball rolling on delivering your much anticipated gear. By visiting the link above, you’ll also have the ability to place a hold on shipping your Geek Pulse/LPS if you’ve already backed and wish to wait for the upgrade to Geek Soul. On another note, we will also begin shipping out LightSpeed 2G cables, LightSpeed SPDIF cables and LightSpeed AES/EBU cables this Friday as well. For Geek Pulse X backers, since the components counts are almost double and Larry is incredibly insistent on providing the highest quality control checks for each board, the PCB assembly factory has reported to us that they need two more weeks to properly QC each board before they’ll be able to ship them to us. Larry is adamant the final product will be worth the slightly longer wait ... "
  13. I guess that photo is for posting only. Nowadays all the fitting can first be done by computer graphic softwares. BTW LH has another aggressive move : " ... New Announcement: LH LABS PARTNERS WITH HiFiMAN TO OFFER SOME SWEET BUNDLE DEALS! Geek Out 1000 + HifiMAN HE-400i - US$598 Geek Pulse + HifiMAN HE-400i - US$698 Geek Pulse + HifiMAN HE-560 - US$968 Casey nearly stroked out when he heard Gavin announce this combo price. This perk will have a strict limit of only 20 available. ... "
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