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  1. I should mention that before you “splurge” on a server license, you could install a free trial edition of Windows server. AO 3 has utility that permits the use of Windows Server 2019 Essential, which is about 1/2 the price of a Standard license, without any reduction in sound quality.
  2. I use Win Server 2019, not Windows 10; however, I connect my music server to my DAC via Ethernet, not USB, and can say that AO 3 absolutely unambiguously improves sound quality for me. The improvement is not subtle. It is obvious and palpable. Regarding your question about disabling remote access services, that would depend upon the customization selections you make during the set up & configuration (any one of which easily can be reset). I have AO configured so that remote access is available. The manual is thorough. I would recommend reviewing it before
  3. While I can not offer a direct comparison to Paul Hynes’, I have used a HD Plex 200W, which offers multiple rails, for nearly 2 years and have found it stable and dependable. I also have a music server computer housed in an HD Plex case; the case offers inputs to power the motherboard from one rail and the SSDs with another. The company provides good customer service.
  4. I run AO and Fidelizer Pro on a Windows Server 2016 Core machine, using an evaluation copy of Windows. I purchased a Retail license of Server 2016, but have had no success installing the Microsoft Product Key. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I first need to “reset” AO? Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks
  5. Sorry I couldn't help more. JRiver has a portable install, also, if memory serves correctly. I took me a many attempts and few months to get everything to load in Win 2016 Core and the experience was frustrating. As I remember, at first I was trying to make the portable installations on a completely separate workstation and move them via a thumb drive to my music server running in Core. That worked for some programs (I think Firefox portable), but not others (JRiver MC, I believe). So...I loaded Windows Server 2016 GUI on the server, created all of my portable installs on it, moved t
  6. There are two tricks I learned forum which are helpful when operating in WS2016 core. First, install a freeware program called Q-Dir. It provides an (enhanced) File Explorer that appears in GUI. I find it indispensable. Second, install a browser. Both Chrome and Firefox offer an option to create what is referred to as a “portable” installation, which can be loaded onto a thumb drive and then loaded onto the core machine.
  7. Ifi maintains a sponsored forum on this site. It ordinarily is responsive to comments and inquiries posted there. perhaps you should re-post this question there.
  8. I own the Directstream DAC with Bridge II and a P10 . Both are excellent; service and phone support after sale is strong. The company will credit you for trading in old equipment.
  9. I too use both; I too think both offer an improvement.
  10. I just visited the highend-audioPC website and was unable to locate a place from which to donate. Can anyone please direct me? Phil: I want to support your efforts.....I appreciate what you’re doing and your hard work. Thank you.
  11. No, I never was able to get JRMC to install in 2016 core; I gave up trying.
  12. Phil: I thank you for this suggestion. Unfortunately, either I did not follow your suggestion properly, or it did not work. I checked and although I already had in the MC22 directory of the Win2016 Core machine a file called "license.dat," I copied it from an existing install from the licensed, registered Win10 machine from which I had made the portable install (I assume that when you refer to the "activation file" that is the file you mean). No luck. Then I noticed that on the Win2016 Core machine, there was no Registry entry in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software f
  13. Thanks for your prompt reply; I agree that is unrelated to my problems with JRiver.
  14. Darryl R: Could you kindly describe what steps you took to get the license key to validate? I am experiencing a similar problem with JRiver Media Center running on Win Server 2016 in Core. Thanks
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