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  1. I see, ok, the picture is becoming clearer! So if I purchase one of the DigiOne players and a freeware software solution like Volumio, I can just stream directly from Audirvana? It will just show up as an endpoint for Audirvana in the Audio Device Selection Preferences?
  2. Wow, the DigiOne seems like a nice solution. I’m open to working with a raspberry pi solution, but am not sure what I would need. So the DigiOne, a case, the raspberry Pi, (I have a DAC), and then what software do you run on the Pi? I have Audirvana on the Mac Mini, but what do you need to install/run on the Pi? Total newbie on this Pi streamer solution. Thanks, Paul
  3. Audirvana, I think, requires UPnP/DLNA, so anything that would stream that. I don't think USBridge/Dlgione are supported, but I could be wrong.
  4. Thanks, that's a good suggestion, and probably the simplest. Unfortunately prices still seem to be a bit high for my budget. Perhaps they will come down as more come on the market...
  5. Hello, I'm relatively new to all this but have committed to the Audirvana and full Mac/iOS ecosystem. Now that Audirvana supports UPnP/DLNA, I'm looking for a way to wirelessly stream from my Mac Mini (running A+) to a remote bedroom system. I currently do that through an Airport Express using Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil. I output from the AE via the optical out to a DAC. The problem with this of course is I can only stream up to CD quality. Is there an inexpensive renderer I could connect that would allow me to stream directly from Audirvana and bypass Airfoil? Perhaps a raspberry pi setup or something? I have another USB Dac I can use to connect to the renderer. Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. Powering the FW 800 drive with its own power supply is a good idea that I have not yet tried. I'll give that a shot and hope it solves my issue. Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  7. Ok, nothing seems to be working. This external FW 800 drive won't eject properly and continues to make a screeching sound (the drive, not speakers) when the Mac Mini goes to sleep. So, time for a new solution. What would everyone recommend as the best solution to store my music library? I figure it's about 1.5 TB when I pair it down. Should I just install a larger internal drive? A second drive? The reason I went with the FW 800 external drive was because I had one and I understood that would sound the best---keep it out of the machine and connected via something other than USB. Any thoughts? I don't want to purchase an expensive and complicated NAS. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, those are the setting I have in Energy Saver, but I don't like to have the Mac Mini running all the time. It seems wasteful when I'm asleep or not using it, why wouldn't I put it to sleep? I"ll try these manual setting and just put it to sleep manually and see if that works.
  9. I did a bad job explaining my issue. The noise I hear is from the external hard drive itself, not from the speakers. It is obvious that the drive is not dismounting and parking it's head. It's as if it is just having the power suddenly cut off from it and the drive screeches. That's what I'm trying to figure out. How do others manage with external drives? I was hoping I could just have it connected and not have to worry about ejecting it and physically disconnecting it each time I used it. That's not a very elegant solution. Perhaps I need to put in a second internal drive, but I was under the impression an external drive for storing my music would wound better.
  10. I added a 2 TB external FW 800 drive to the Mac mini in order to store my music library on a separate drive than the original 500 GB boot drive that it boots from. The problem I'm having is when the Mac mini goes to sleep it does not properly eject or sleep that external drive and I can hear it make an awful screeching sound which can't be good. I even tried an app called Jettison to try to have it ejected automatically but that didn't do the trick. When sleeping the Mac will sometimes just wake up momentarily and then go back to sleep and I hear the external drive screech. Any ideas? Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  11. Here's the update. Unfortunately unlike a good scientist, I did a number of things at the same time, so it's difficult to determine what worked. I added 16 GB of RAM (and A+ automatically increased the memory allotted to A+ to 13 GB. I also upgraded to v2.6. So far, no hiccups, so that is great. I appreciate everyone's help. The next step is to figure out which filters work best for my system. I also bought a 2TB Seagate Slim USB drive. I took it apart, pulled the drive out and swapped it into an older FW 800 G Drive, so I now have an external 2TB drive running off of FW 800 where I can move my music over from the interval drive. Two things I noticed: 1. The external drive is much louder than the internal one in the Mac Mini. Before the system was almost silent. Now with no music playing I can hear the external drive. 2. The speeds I measured on the FW 800 drive are only about 52 MB/s. Seems kind of slow, but I suppose that will be fast enough? Time to load that up with music that is on my other computer. Thanks again for the help. Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  12. Thanks all for the suggestions. I don't have any other USB devices attached. I tried changing the USB port but the about this Mac system profiler still seems to show it as being connected to high speed and with a hub. Odd as I have no hub. Spotlighting is a good suggestion. I'll turn on system optimizer within A+ and see if that helps. I will definitely bump up my RAM, but can anyone tell me if 16 GB would really be helpful vs 8 GB? Finally, I see a number of comments suggesting upgrading the digital chain. Are we talking cables, or regent, or? I don't mind allocating a bit of funds to that if it would help but am very focused on the best bang for the buck.
  13. Any thoughts on solving hiccups with a 2012 Mac Mini Intel i5 base model? Currently only 4 GB RAM, considering 8 or 16 GB RAM and perhaps an SSD if needed. Please let me know if you anyone thinks this will solve my problem. It's mostly clean, but after playing for a while I get a stutter now and then. Maybe because it's warmed up?
  14. Well the hiccups are definitely the most noticeable issue I'd like to solve. As for the rest of the system, I've got the Mac Mini connected via a standard skinny USB cable to a SMSL M8 DAC. Then some Wire World interconnects to either a Yamaha AX-592 integrated amp or an Aiqin/Oldchen EL34 Tube amp, to a pair of Totem Dreamcatcher speakers on stands. Like I said, the hiccups are the biggest issue. Other than that the sound is pretty amazing. Great detail, soundstage, etc... The Totems can sound a bit light/thin and can be piercing with bad recordings, but they are also very revealing, accurate, fast and throw a crazy soundstage. I would guess a sub would be the biggest change in sound, but it's just a bedroom system, so I'm not really rocking out. Mostly acoustic rock, classical and jazz. As for SSDs and RAM, I've done those mods to other macs so I know how much that can help in the speed of a computer. But this is just a music server so I don't need speed, just better sound. If an SSD isn't really going to make a difference in sound, I'd rather spend the money somewhere else. Same thing for the RAM.
  15. I've just gotten into computer audio and am running a stock Mac mini (Late 2012, Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB 5400 rpm drive) that I picked up used. I'm a full Apple household so I went all in with Audirvana plus. I'm connecting that to SMSL M8 Dac that can do DSD up to 128. So far it's been running fairly well. I have nothing really to compare it to other than my old Apple TV to a Schiit Modi, but I do seem to find Audirvana sounds better than standard iTunes. I've read about PCM-DSD up sampling and have played with that as well. It seems to be working and I do like the sound. One problem I'm getting though is the occasional hiccups in music streaming (both local files and Tidal streaming). What upgrades can I make to my Mac Mini that would provide the best bang for the buck improvements? I definitely want to increase the RAM, but am not sure if 8MB or 16MB would be best. Is it possible 16MB could sound worse by increasing power demand? I don't run anything else on the computer. How about an SSD? Currently I'm storing my limited files on the same 500 GB boot drive but was planning on adding an external drive (Firewire or Thunderbolt, as I've heard it's best not to use USB as that's how my DAC is connected). Any thoughts on how to solve the hiccups and generally improve the sound of my setup would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone.
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