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  1. Hi, I'm in Toronto, too and I'd like to offer $400, with pick-up at your convenience. Thanks for your attention, Karl
  2. Hi, I'd like to buy the switch. Thanks for your attention, Karl
  3. Hi, I'd like to buy the Aqvox switch. Thanks, Karl
  4. Am I dreaming? A word of support from a human? I'll grab that straw! The original ticket number concerning the repair is #40828. Subsequent ticket numbers that were created in reference to the original ticket are: 41495, 41583 and 41944, all unanswered. My name: Karl Tallis. I do feel sorry about LH Labs dashed dreams, whatever the cause, but even more sympathy towards the innocent victims who invested in that dream and gratitude that some well-intentioned soul has reached out to me now. Sincere thanks, dear LHCommSquad Newbie!
  5. Having a Geek Out v2 with a channel of the balanced output cutting in and out, I sent it home for repair. At first they offered to sell me on a new one at a slightly reduced price, but I thought it more economical to repair mine. While waiting to hear back, I found a thread on their support site where several owners had the same problem and had theirs fixed for free, so when they got back to me with a quote on the cost of repair, I mentioned that and darned if they didn't agree to do the same for me. I shipped it and got word from them that it was received. That was several months ago, Since then all my support tickets have gone unanswered. I know that they've been criticized for slow interaction, but not a peep in months? A couple of weeks ago, I managed to find their office number and was optimistic that actually speaking to a human would help, but my call only got a recording to leave a message and that they'd get right back to me. They haven't. I can see that they're offering merchandise for purchase, which would lead one to think that they do exist, but could their service and responsibility as a vendor be so vile as to hold my unit hostage and simply ignore me? Does anyone know what's going on with LH Labs???
  6. Hi, What would you charge to send to Toronto M6G 3RE3 ? Thanks for your attention, Karl
  7. Hi, What would you charge to send one to Toronto M6G 3E3 ? Thanks for your attention, Karl
  8. Hi, I'd like to buy the cable and I'm in Toronto M6G 3E3. What would you ask for the cable and simple/economical shipping? Thanks for your attention, Karl
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