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  1. it is available, price €475,- without shipping costs
  2. I now have an offer and in agreement. Waiting for payment
  3. In my setup I had the same cconclusion with the Ultrarendu and the iso regen. I will try it with the opticalrendu. But frist sell the Ultrarendu.. Thanks for your reply
  4. You still use a Iso Regen while the opticalrendu is isolated. How big is the impact in sq behind the opticalrendu?
  5. Ultrarendu for sale. Perfect condition, firmware 2.8 Location Europe
  6. Hi, please help. After removing all equipment I replaced it and now the Ultrarendu had only one green led on the network cable and a orange status led. The Ulrarendu does not show up at my sonicorbitor .com ? What can I do?
  7. I think it is room acoustics. At my setup voices are a bit high...If the listening position is closer to the speaker you will higher the image.
  8. Ok, maybee you have to listen a few days longer and getting used to the sound (changes).
  9. Hi Cor, hope this is only temporary. What is Wim's opinion?
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