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  1. Ordered this last month from Shenzhenaudio. Before I received it I decided to go a different direction. Su-2 hasn't even been unpacked. New Price is $429, will sell for $375 shipped to CONUS.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I actually found the issue. My USB cable must have just been just a tad too long for everything to sync up properly. I went ahead and got an active USB cable and a 5v wall wart and it works like a champ now. I tell ya what, having the micro USB3.0 in the chain made a substantially difference in the noise level. I did contact ifi, they said they can replace the board on the micro USB3.0 for $212 plus shipping
  3. As the title says, my ifi Micro iUSB3.0 died and it seems that product has been discontinued. I had it feed my stock Singxer SU-1 Which fed my Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2v2SE. I was happy with the sound but with the IUSB3.0 dying it seems like a good opportunity to improve my system. Not sure if I should wait until someone sells their iUSB3.0 and add a LPS, or go a different route. Only thing I can see that ifi has is the Nano iGalvanic Isolation, which seems to be a bit of a step backwards. People seem to love the Uptone ISO REGEN and the UltraCap LPS-1.2 combo, but I was hoping to spend
  4. Thanks audiobill! I called the number and i get an "automated attendant" asking for an extension. No reference to HRT at all. Hit "**" for the directory and your told to leave a message.... Does not look promising at this time...
  5. Does anyone know if HRT , (High Resolution Technologies) is still in business? I ask because their phone number (323) 967-7447 is no longer in service. I've also filled out their online form and have received no response. Any info would be be appreciated!
  6. Just want to give a big thank you for all of you who are trying to help solve this issue!
  7. Hi Frantic, Let me give you a big THANK YOU for all you've done on this! You've gone above and beyond the call of duty on this and I'm sure your efforts are appreciated by many.
  8. I'm probably wrong but it looks like the capacitor is just bridged across those two resistors. Is it actually attached to one of the traces? It almost looks like the cap is encased in some sort of dielectric... Full disclosure: Picture is small, eyes are bad and I'm a electronic neophyte
  9. I just sent my DSDse in for the mod, and I also use a Singxer in between my computer and DAC, connecting with AES/EBU. Pretty much just use PCM I've never used i2s and was wondering if anyone has an opinion as to what input is sonically superior using the Singxer/2v2se configuration. I am pretty content with AES/EBU. Would using i2s be an improvement worthy of getting my Singxer "fixed" to use the i2s?
  10. Curious what you find out mwb - I have the same BJC/Belden 1694A as you and I'm exploring the possibility of trying another cable...
  11. Hi Paul, I'm a new member and I don't think I can PM you yet. What could you sell the iFi Gemini USB Cable, using PayPal and shipped to Littleton, CO 80123 This is the short cable, correct? Thanks, Bill
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