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  1. This is why I now only buy products that I am able to audition in my home. Fortunately there are dealers and manufacturers who will facilitate this.
  2. Yes, I do use Roon, upsampling everything to DSD 512 and have encountered no problems at all. I've also used the Auralic app, which is a bit clumsy but adequate.
  3. I recently auditioned both the T2 and the Auralic Vega G1. Both were a significant improvement over my previous set-up: Sonore Micro Rendu and Ayre Codex. Going in to the audition, I expected to prefer the Lumin, given the reviews I had read, but both my wife and I strongly preferred the Auralic Vega G1. In our system (ARC LS17SE, Aesthetix Atlas Signature, Magneplanar 3.7i), the T2 sounded too dark and "thick" (i.e. slightly muddy). The Auralic had greater clarity and detail and a more realistic soundstage. We bought the Auralic, but I'm sure that some others auditioning both would prefer the Lumin, given the characteristics of their system and musical tastes.
  4. Thanks for all your hard work. You must have suffered terribly through this ordeal. If you were forced to limit yourself to the original aim of finding a new DAC in the $5K range and had to choose one of the DACs you reviewed for a speaker based system, which one (or two) might you rank highest?
  5. I've enjoyed your first 2 dac reviews very much and look forward to future installments. I too have and enjoy the Ayre Codex but plan on upgrading in the near future to dacs under $5k. Might you be including the Lindemann Musicbook 10 or one of its other configurations?
  6. Could you please provide additional comments about your experiences to date with the DMS500?
  7. I too have tried listening to Classics Online through my stereo (using JRiver21 to stream to Oppo 105) but with no success . Have you found a solution?
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