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  1. Thanks for that. I was trying to avoid the expense of the Upton PSU but that looks like the way to go.
  2. I've heard good things about the Curious Cables USB. Does anyone have any views or experience?
  3. I've have a 2Qute being fed Roon (iMac) via a SONORE microRendu. Both now fully run-in. Currently I'm using the provided switching PSU's and the sound is without doubt the best I've ever experienced in my home set up. However, it would appear from what is a very interesting thread, that the addition of LPS's would have a significant positive impact on an already wonderful sound. The 2 options I'm looking at for both 2Qute and microRendu, are the Teddy Pardo 12v & 7v (2A) and the equivalent versions from MCRU/LDA. Does anyone have any experience of both or opinions? Thanks i
  4. So from what I'm reading, separate PSU's for microRendu and DAC is the best way to go.
  5. Thanks and the Upton JS-2 looks good. What is the Upton LPS-1?
  6. Thanks.......I'm looking at Teddy Pardo as I already have his version of the Naim XPS which is excellent.
  7. Thanks I'll contact Teddy Pardo and find out the spec.
  8. Hi.......I have recently moved to Roon core on an iMac feeding a microRendu into a Chord 2Qute DAC and the sound is without doubt the best I've had in my home set-up. I'd like some advice please re the PSU's for both. Currently i'm using the standard walwart switchers that came with them but plan to upgrade to Teddy Pardo. I have the option of individual 2A PSU's for each or a duel 2A PSU with 7v and 12v. The duel option would be cheaper but more importantly prevent space issues on my rack. Therefore my question is "Is the duel option a compromise as there is not complete isolation fo
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