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  1. Good evening all. I should have an EtherREGEN in the not to distant future and in the interim i'm looking for some advice please. Currently my system is as follows - Innuos Zenith SE - isoREGEN - Chord M-Scaler - Chord TT2. In the next week or so a dCS Network Bridge will be added in between the Zenith and M-Scaler, and this is where i need some advice. Should the ER feed the Zenith Ethernet port or sit between the Zenith Ethernet streamer port and M-Scaler? Thanks in advance.
  2. Good evening all. I have 2 mint condition SR3's for sale Case - black Power connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm (center +) Internal Wire - Silver DC lead - Silver Adjustable output voltage (12v/2.5A, 8v/1.5A and 5v/1.0A) UK only and looking for offers circa £300 each. Thanks Paul
  3. The next move was a big step-up in sound quality thanks to the amazing PT Anniversary. I so regret selling it now! Pink Triangle - Anniversary + Roksan Tabriz t + Shure VST-V Marantz CD63 Audiolab 8000C & 8000P SD Acoustics SD-3
  4. After a few years I moved on to my next system in a number of stages, ending up with the below. Linn LP12 + LVX arm + Linn Basic Cartridge Mission Cyrus One Musical Fidelity MC-2
  5. This was my first proper system at the age of 16. Rega Planar 2 + R100 Cartridge Marantz PM350 KEF Chorale III I saved hard doing a number of Saturday jobs until it got there. I distinctly remember collecting the turntable from Billy Vee in Lewisham in around 1983. What an exciting and proud day. My Step Father thought I was completely crazy spending so much money. As I recall £185.
  6. I concur with the previous posters. I'm running the SqeezeLite option on my Zenith SE and it's a clear improvement in SQ. Some track skipping but well worth the minor inconvenience, and i'm sure Nuno and the team will get that sorted in time.
  7. A great review Chris and the Network Bridge is on my radar for the next upgrade. I use Roon on an Innuos Zenith SE, but I'm unclear if the Ethernet or USB out put will work with the NB? Any thought would be appreciated.
  8. Good evening Austinpop, You mentioned a USB add-on for the SE. This is new to me so do you have any further information? Thanks
  9. The below is from the What Hi-Fi site and is tantalising!! It may have only just launched its Qutest DAC, but Chord plans to go big this Munich by unveiling a number of new products - with each one covering a distinct area of the brand’s portfolio, and one of which is (according to Chord) set to be a landmark product in the company's history. The curtains will be opened on the first day of the show.
  10. Hi John, I have the same issue issue with a microRendu 1.4
  11. Thanks for the clarification Barrow
  12. Apologies. As I understand it the PSU in the Signature is a significantly upgraded version of the SPS. On the Rendu side, it is just an ultraRendu in the box or is this upgraded in any way? I hope that makes sense?
  13. So is it just differences in the PSU combined with the ultraRendu or is the ultraRendue different as well?
  14. I already have an LPS-1 feeding the microRendu so what do you suggest? I'm tempted by the Signature Rendu SE to be honest if funds will allow.
  15. Hi, Yes USB from the Zenith to the TT. I use a USPCB with my microRendu already and would with an OSO REGEN if I go down that route. But obviously I need a USB cable from the Zenith to the DAC or ISO REGEN. Approx 60cm needed.
  16. Opinion sought please. I've recently (Thursday) added a Innuos Zenith SE (running Roon) to my set which replaces a iMac, and thus far it sounds excellent, a significant upgrade. I'm initially connecting the Zenith to my Chord Hugo TT DAC from its dedicated Ethernet port via a microRendu 1.4 + LPS-1 which is how it was with the iMac. However, I've read that the USB output is superior. This I tried briefly with a Chord USB SilverPlus cable and I could hear little or no difference. Is the cable not good enough or perhaps the Zenith needs more miles on the clock? So the question is where to go from here as it's difficult if not impossible to try all the options. Possible options I have in mind - Ethernet upgrade to an ultraRendu as above + ISO REGEN microRendu + ISO REGEN USB upgrade the cable to something like a Curious USB as above + ISO REGEN Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated. Thanks Paul
  17. Hi Pete, I have a TT and have no issues like yours. Have you spoken to Chord as they are very helpful.
  18. I I must admit I also rarely use the queue much like gcoupe and tend to play album by album. Maybe I need to look at the queue facility. I guess that's the wonderful thing about Roon, you can use it as suits you as it's so flexible. I love it!!
  19. Clearly down to personal preference but for me it's a good move. I could never understand why several clicks were needed to play. Roon has fundamentally changed the way in which I listen to music and my enjoyment in doing so. The TV now rarely goes on which says a lot!
  20. I'm looking to order a Signature Rendu SE when my bonus arrives mid September. This will replace a standard microRendu + LPS-1 Does anyone have any experience or opinion re if the Upton IOS Regen will be of any benefit? Thanks Paul
  21. That's interesting about the MQA firmware. Is there any news on the forthcoming update that will enable direct connection to a DAC via the USB?
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