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  1. The Sig board has no hdmi output so you were only using the rpi to connect to your tv. When you powered up the Sig, did you power the clean side first and then the rpi? It has to be done in that order. Is your power supply on the clean side meeting the voltage requirements? Every issue I've had with the sig has always been with power....me messing something up. It sounds great though!
  2. I'm not arguing your data. I'm saying that it may be irrelevant. Maybe his partner makes enough to support his " fun job" Maybe there is an illness in his family. Maybe he's a trust fund baby. There are a dozen possible answers. You are focusing on only one. One that may or may not matter to him. I'm honestly not sure why anyone would be venturing guesses as to why. If you really wanted to know, I'm assuming you could email him.
  3. So journalism only happens in print newspapers? There are more outlets for journalism today than there have ever been. Some of them are outstanding, some not..that part probably hasn't changed. Is there less on a local level? Yes for sure....but its there. And once again you are posting what may be a reason for the suspension of his site...you don't see the difference between your hypothesis and fact?
  4. Not dead at all...like anything else in life if you have to seek good things out. The fact is (and facts are still important in this world) that you don't know why he shut it down. You could wait and hear it from him or continue to just guess.
  5. Thats your speculation only. Until he speaks publicly, we don't know why he's shutting down. I'm not saying you research isn't accurate, but it may have nothing to do with the reason. Sorry, once a journalist always a journalist.
  6. I for one will miss him. He talked about a lot of gear that I am interested in and his writing helped me when I first set up my network. His review of the Gigafoil ethernet filter was spot on and I doubt I would have found out about it otherwise.
  7. How do you come to this conclusion? Is there traffic data available somewhere?
  8. How about building your own Rock? Would that be a cheaper option?
  9. What I have learned is that sadly, everything matters. At least where your network is concerned. Eliminate noise wherever possible. If you are serious enough to be looking at total dac, you need a better server. Doesn't mean it has to be as pricey as a Roon Rock...I use a sonic transporter and eventually I will replace its power supply with a linear one...all to get rid of noise. Another improvement was adding a gigafoil ethernet filter before my Allo...more relaxed sound...less mechanical more like real music. Changing the power supply helped even more. What about your Allo...how are you powering the clean side? Batteries are cheap and sound great. A better ethernet cable between the filter and Allo also helped. Some day in the near future our networks will be vastly improved with the likes of cleaner switches and routers, etc. Until then its a lot of experimentation. Think of it as prep work for the arrival of your future dac....sort of like how a gardener will tell you its all about boring soil prep... early boring work leads to great results.
  10. Also using the battery pack from Allo. Sounds great but won't fit your need for convenience. Every 5-6 days they need to be removed for a quick charge. Don't be tempted to try another all in one battery meant for cell phones.....those things have noisy regulators inside of them. If you want convenience you'll need a really good linear power supply to take advantage of what the Sig does well. Glad it got worked out!
  11. I run RoPieee and Roon with mine because I'm pretty dumb when it comes to software. I had had a similar experience that might help. I can see that Roon is playing but no sound. In both cases there was not enough voltage to the clean board. Make sure the clean side is powered up first and make sure you have enough voltage going to it. When my batteries get down to 12% or so, it appears to work in Roon, but there is no signal leaving the Allo. Its a bit of a pain to get up and running (lots of options) but its really sounds wonderful. Way worth the hassle for me.
  12. Thanks...doesn't say if its in series or parallel but I guess that wold be up to me when I put it together.
  13. Does anyone have a source for the 18650 battery holder? I ordered everything else from Chicago Electronics when the Allo site was down for sales. Now to order the battery pack from Allo (Chicago doesn't stock it) will cost over $20 just in shipping. I searched for the DSD tech unit mentioned earlier to no avail. Most of the holders on Amazon are not wired in parallel and will not work. And then finding one with a barrel connector....... Thanks, Steve
  14. I'm feeding my dac via this chain: Roon:ethernet via a tplink over ac wires to a Raspberry Pi (ropieee) with a HiFi Berry digi plus. Both my dac and line stage/headphone amp are battery powered with very low noise floor. I notice that when the music is very quiet, I can hear a sort of dash-dash-dash. I finally realized that I can watch the green led on the ethernet input of the RaspberryPi and follow the dash-dash-dash exactly (it almost sounds like morse code) Its as if I can hear the led coming on. What the heck am I hearing and how do I get rid of it? I've tried grounding the Black Cat digital cable to different things with no luck. I'm at a loss as to wait is to blame...ideas?
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