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  1. Hi Paul, May I ask how old is your Harbeth P3ESRs? And if it's the 40th Anniversary edition? Best of luck with your family! Best wishes, Richard
  2. Hi, I'm interested in the Jcat Lan & mojo module if still available. PM sent. Thx
  3. This could be "system dependent" but from my own experience in my system and another friend's system, I'm aligned with limniscate. The sms200ultra seems to be quite better (keeping power supply & everything else constant). Another important aspect for me (as a customer) is I received far better customer services and support from SOtM than from Sonore, even when I'm located here in the US.
  4. Thanks @sandyk. That's right, I forgot about those eSata enclosure which I'll look into. I'm using the HDD on an Intel NUC, and I believe it's board provided hard drive power is 5V (for 2.5" HDD) only.
  5. True, and I think you are correct that these use switching regulators. However, I don't see any other way to power a 3.5" HDD without using an hdd enclosure which always convert into USB out. Or is there an alternate option out there?
  6. Digging around little more and guess this might be the best option to externally power a 3.5" hdd with an LPS? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005TWE5E6/ref=psdc_1161760_t2_B0035UETHW Unless there's other option that can provide better SQ/cleaner power for the 3.5" hdd...
  7. Thanks @Lauritsvd for the info. If I would like to stay with a 3.5" hdd. Is there a way (or some kind of an adapter) I can use to power the HDD with two lps (one at 5V and one at 12V) without using an HDD enclosure? Or is using a HDD enclosure my only option?
  8. Hi, I have a 3.5" WD 10TB HDD (bare drive) which I would like to power it with an external power supply (eg. HPLEX, SOtM SPS-500, etc) through the drive's SATA power. It'll be use for music storage only on an Intel NUC. The drive is rated 5v/12v. Just wondering if I should set the power supply at 5V or 12V? Or is there a better way to provide clean power to a HDD? Many thanks!
  9. Hi, very interesting thread! So am I correct that the Pachanko Reference SATA is OCC copper, and the Pure Reference SATA is OCC copper with silver plated as stated on Pachanko's website. I got a little confuse as Highend-audiopc website listed the Reference SATA as OFC instead. Not sure if it's an okay question to ask here but curious if anyone here have a used Pachanko Sata cables they want to sell? ?
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