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  1. Also I have read good things about Linn Selekt and B&W 804 D3. With Selekt you can actually use 2 amp modules and Bi-Amp the 803s. With Katalyst DAC it should be less than $18K for a whole system (Preamp, Streamer, DAC and Amp).
  2. +1 I have to always restart the DLNA renderer from miroRendu app when I start my Mac otherwise I don’t get sound even if A+ says it’s connected to microRendu. Once I restart it then I get no issues streaming from Mac to microRendu.
  3. I have had B&W speakers for more than 20 years. I have 804 D3 now and feed them with Arcam P49 (discontinued and replaced with PA 240 which are essentially the same). Supposedly the Arcam stays in class A until 50 watts and then switches to class G. In any case I really liked the sound with this combination and bought them. When I was auditioning the speakers we did connect the Arcam to 804 D3 as well and they sounded really good, better than 804 D3, but of course I could not afford the 803s so went with 804s.
  4. Seasons Greetings and Marry Christmas. Thanks @damien78 Can u also have the MQA and HighRez logos appear for all conditions in Tidal Qobuz? Thanks for your help.
  5. I have a new issue @damien78 Using A+ app, if I do a search for a track on tidal or qobuz, tapping ... will not give me album or the artist options to jump to. I think this was not the case before the new update and I was able to jump to artist or the album from track search. Can you please have a look at this? Thanks for your much appreciated help.
  6. No I do not need any special driver since I don’t do native DSD. You don’t need any driver for DSD over DOP. What is the maximum PCM rate that your DAC accepts? For DSD over DOP at DSD 256, your DAC need to accept PCM at 768KHz. If your DAC max out at 384KHz then the max DSD you can do is 128. Chord Mojo can accept 768KHz signal.
  7. In order to upsample to DSD 256 over DOP, your DAC need to be able to accepts PCM up to 768KHz (actually 705.6KHz). I can do it with my Chord Mojo through USB input but, I don’t hear any difference in sound. It sounds actually better with PCM without any upsampling since Chord DAC upsample the signal anyways. Also I get a high pitch sound when I stop/pause the playback when I upsample to anything above PCM 384KHz or DSD 128. Not sure why. With my Oppo HA-1 I did hear a difference when upsampling to DSD 128. It sounded smoother but I am not sure if that sound was actually correct to original recording. I did like it though and always upsample to DSD. Since I got the Chord, HA-1 is just become a preamp. Chord Mojo is just better in every way.
  8. Yes I can do it on my Mac mini using Chord Mojo.
  9. So what’s the new equipment you are burning in? 😀
  10. Is there anyway to do the same for Amazon HD?
  11. Well I tried connecting my Mac mini to microRendu directly through ethernet and enabling internet sharing on my Mac and could not do it. Having said that, I am really not that good in manual network setup and maybe network connection need to be setup manually.
  12. It’s now in the bottom of the screen Under favorites The playlist for tidal is in the right hand side on top under local music. Choose the playlist and u get the option for tidal playlist i know it’s a little confusing 😀
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