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  1. Is there anyway to do the same for Amazon HD?
  2. Well I tried connecting my Mac mini to microRendu directly through ethernet and enabling internet sharing on my Mac and could not do it. Having said that, I am really not that good in manual network setup and maybe network connection need to be setup manually.
  3. It’s now in the bottom of the screen Under favorites The playlist for tidal is in the right hand side on top under local music. Choose the playlist and u get the option for tidal playlist i know it’s a little confusing 😀
  4. Hello @damien78 In album view instead of > we get the 3 dots for some albums and then those albums with dots will not open (see attached picture).
  5. Hello @damien78 I see another issue: When choosing Tracks in Tidal New, the changes to changes to New, Staff Picks or Top 20 does not change anything and tracks listed remain the same.
  6. Hello @damien78 If possible, can you please add the following to next release: If say, I am looking at albums in New Master window, playing any of the album brings me to the top of the album list if I go back, and I have to scroll down to where I was before. Is it possible the location stays where It was before I played and album so that I don’t have to scroll to the same location again? Thanks for your help.
  7. @damien78 when searching, going into albums, tracks or artist, 3dot (...) option does not work
  8. Great And MQA logos please Thanks a bunch.
  9. +1 @damien78 It would be great we get an option to have it in both landscape and portrait mode on iPad and iPhone. Thanks again for the great remote.
  10. What happens in Roon if you change DoP to a different version? Do you get hissing and faint music in background? if yes, then DoP is the issue here since Audirvana may use a different DoP version.
  11. This Album just sounds amazing streaming through Audirvana: https://tidal.com/album/102396785 My new reference recording.
  12. To me all setting seems ok. Jud can maybe provide more feedback. I Have a feeling that Audirvana is not doing DoP v1.0 anymore and maybe that why you don’t get a sound. Maybe that’s why I can’t do DSD on oppo anymore. @damien78 any feedback on this?
  13. Interesting. I get DSD not supported for both oppo and Sony tv. I remember getting DSD 64 on the oppo with the previous version of Audirvana. With microRendu I can actually setup the DSD rate all the way up to 512 but I do not get any setting for DOP.
  14. Let me try with my oppo blue ray player since that only has spdif output.
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