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  1. Limiting individual posts to three a day could help. Those three post would have to be good ones, so quality of content might improve. Repetitiveness would lessen because posting for sport would stop. Both are pretty rampant on the site.
  2. Maybe a little context here would be helpful. This is an Adcom FM tuner of about the same vintage as that Marantz cd-6x player (early 90's). As you can see multilayer printed circuit boards were not widely used and there is no ground connection. Bare wires are used as jumpers throughout. These jumpers were used for line voltage as well as signal voltage. This is likely what this tuner was thinking. Was it good work, a good application of a rigid jumper? No, of course not. As mentioned it is perhaps dangerous because of the mechanical stress it placed on the terminal and the board. There are other problems too. This cd player was like the vw gti of the car tuning world. It was far more common in the 80's and 90's for enthusiasts like us to actually modify their gear. DIY quality runs the gamut. Aftermarket parts quality also varies. Most people feel most secure with a nice factory sealed product. I like having hobbies with more depth than just buying stuff. I can guarantee you any engineer who has ever made a mark in audio got their start modifying other people's work- warts, failures, and all. So go ahead and judge- but if you do let's see your work too. We can all learn something.
  3. I can't answer your question but did ask the manufacturer to chime in. Do note there are multiple models, the one I used is the spec sheet above.
  4. https://sparkoslabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SS2590.pdf
  5. While we're on the subject of modified gear this is my latest effort. Sparkos labs has a new and much better discrete class A op amp than what was used in the Mojo Audio Mystique 3 pictured further up this page. It is physically 4 times larger and the pins are different necessitating the elevated board. The sound quality of this DAC was already excellent, and this upgrade to the analog side improved sq dramatically. The difference is as big as any single system upgrade I've done yet. Mojo Audio has a new DAC coming out soon which is rumored to also use these new op amps. Will be worth a listen for sure.
  6. Probably not any sonic benefit to the bare wire but it's really not a safety concern nor code violation. There are always exposed terminals and often bussing as well inside enclosures. An open energized tube amp can really hurt you! Anyone comfortable enough to take a cover off should know to unplug and verify voltage before touching anything. With many electronic devices the biggest hazard is you'll fry it without anti static discharge care.
  7. The Mojo Audio Mystique 3 DAC. This thing is quite the brick with its massive power supply circuitry. Sound is sublime. This DAC can still keep me in my seat for hours.
  8. The Teddy Pardo MB100 monoblock amplifier. Interestingly, it appears to be two parallel amplifiers.
  9. Here is some Teddy Pardo equipment. Pity it appears to be discontinued as it sound very good and continues to respond well to ever cleaner source components. The PR1 preamplifier and power supply:
  10. Perfect condition. $75 shipped within USA or CA
  11. Has anyone with a sensitive system compared JS-2 vs lps-1.2 for powering just an ultrarendu or optical rendu? Thanks in advance.
  12. I feel my setup (ST>UR>DAC) with Roon has become more and more unstable over time. It crashes twice a week now. All software is up to date and no equipment changes have been made since the Ur was released. Usually resetting the Ur fixes the problem for a while, but sometimes a hard reset of the Sonictransporter is required as well. Symptoms vary, sometimes tracks skip from one the next rapidly, other times the Ur just drops out from Roon altogether. One computer used as a Roon remote (I have several and multiple phones connected) now shows tracks playing but cannot direct what is playing despite multiple restarts. Sound quality is still phenomenal. Anyone else?
  13. http://www.esa.int/spaceinimages/Images/2017/09/LEAF_wall
  14. I've had the ultra for three days now. It's not a lot of time and it may or may not improve though I haven't noticed any changes since plugged in. But I do feel in a much better place to give my input in greater detail The disclaimer is I can only say what it has done to my system, and I know results will vary greatly for anyone else's. I don't have the wine tasting/audiophile musing vocabulary so my impression will be anecdotal. First, I've missed a bunch of work. I can't help but listen when I wake up and have gone in to the office two hours later than planned. The one time I came home for lunch was a mistake. I told myself I could work from home in front of the stereo. Didn't happen. My housemate who has never, ever purposely sat in front of the stereo to listen remarked from the attached kitchen that the stereo sounded much better. The next night she actually sat down and tried some of her music. While listening to many very familiar tracks I often think there is some unknown sound coming from elsewhere in or outside the house but can't place it. When I stop the music there is no sound. To say I hear detail and dimension I haven't before is an understatement. The change is about as dramatic and switching from the laptop directly feeding the DAC to the 1.3 mRendu was. I'd planned to keep the mRendu for a while to A/B test but there is no point in putting it back in the system. The only downside is it's clear to me the speakers are by far my weakest link and good speakers aren't cheap.
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