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  1. My DAC-R performed well enough I took a year to decide whether to upgrade to Yggy. As it turned out it was the right choice, but then of course the Yggy costs more than twice the Rega. I enjoyed the combination of detail and soundstage the Rega offers as well as the sweet liquid midrange. Mine is still sitting on my rack, powered down. I hate to box it up and ship it away, but I’ll be doing so soon.
  2. Is it possible the two DACs use different parts? I don’t know how a company withholding sales on account of parts shortages would indicate a lack of honesty or integrity. Quite the opposite; it suggests they’re unwilling to compromise on their chosen components and sound quality. I’m positive they could find substitute parts and continue racking up sales if they were actually unscrupulous. In any case, good luck with the new DAC!
  3. I never formally said thanks for this solution. It worked. Pops averted! Now I have a Yggy on the way (eventually), and I guess my Rega-EITR combo will find a new place in my home or someone else’s.
  4. It’s pie-in-the-sky I suppose to wish Tidal and Qobuz both success in America, but for the sake of strengthening payment structures to artists and improving choice for consumers, that’s the best scenario. If I were a gazzilionaire in America today I would probably be willing to bleed an ocean of red ink to keep a mature service like Tidal afloat, knowing there’s no going back to physical media. One way or another, this is the future.
  5. I’ve enjoyed A+ for quite a while now and find the Tidal integration especially cool for previewing new music. Has anyone discussed how A+ might respond if Tidal should go under? The stories of their financial distress come every week. I hope it doesn’t happen, of course, or that some larger media conglomerate would swoop in and save the service. This isn’t worth addressing Damien directly, I think; it’s speculative and he’s probably busier than ever, with the Windows version coming.
  6. Is there any reason an Eitr would occasionally cause regular clicks or pops when placed between a Mac Mini 2014 running A+ and a Rega DAC-R? This isn’t frequent and always resolved by closing and restarting A+, but it didn’t happen prior to Eitr. Occurs with high-res files, Redbook, and Tidal HiFi, all of them. My digital front end SQ clearly improved overall since the Eitr, I should add, if for no other reason than the coax input on the Rega DAC is superior.
  7. AmosM

    Audirvana 3.1

    I’m an Audirvana user and admirer and normally update immediately to the latest version. This week it seems some user configurations are having more challenges than normal. Do more experienced users here recommend a brief delay for those who haven’t upgraded to any 3.2 yet?
  8. I saw that earlier; it sounds like a hugely frustrating problem. I've been lucky thus far that my installations have gone smoothly. Hopefully you can troubleshoot this and solve it soon. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I have the same question, and additionally am curious if veteran A+ users kept their izotope settings the same from 2.66, especially up sampling, or is it time to start the tweak journey over again (not meant in a negative way). I changed nothing from my 2.66 config and so far 3 and 3.01 sound wonderful, with MQA, non-MQA Tidal, and local files.
  10. I think the answer is we don't. Perhaps a good solution is to create an MQA playlist from within the Tidal desktop version and use it with A+. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I installed 3.0 and four songs into Rumours, I heard space around and texture within McVie's vocals on "Songbird" I never noticed before in any format. It jarred me out of scanning the Tidal MQA list. I don't have an MQA device and wouldn't speculate how to account for the SQ boost. It's real, in any case. My VPI Prime is giving my little DAC the stinkeye. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. AmosM

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    "C" for me too. Tonight I intended to listen to digital for an hour or so then switch to vinyl, but I never made it to the turntable. Audirvana (latest) kept me engaged for hours. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I agree. So many good songs on this final record for Cohen. "Treaty" is an instant classic for me.
  14. Is this because the Wolfson chip has an interpolator? I've done a little research since your reply and I think I understand why this DAC isn't a true NOS unit. (which is fine with me, good to learn that!) Are you delaying the Sierra update for other reasons related to Audirvana?
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