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  1. Sparky I2S streamer Working
    Sparky Dietpi Roon-Ready I2S Streamer

    As promised here is a breakdown of my Sparky I2S Roon endpoint chain, which I have been working on for some months. I had to do a lot of trial and error as there are so many pieces to the chain to get working together. There have been a lot of issues which I have sorted out now and everything is running very smoothly and reliably. The start up sequence is crucial which took me a while to understand and I damaged a few boards which needed replacing. However, the result is superb and giving me a SQ that I am very satisfied with using the I2S input of my PS Audio Junior DAC which is superior to the other inputs in my opinion (USB and SPDIF). I am hoping to retire from tweaking for now :) and focus on other things - especially the MUSIC which I am enjoying tremendously


    Sparky Roon Endpoint.png

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