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  1. Thanks! interesting feedback up against a $5000 DAC. How do you find playing from the Mirus SD card?
  2. Yes I think the 5V into the U192 is what matters. I spent a long time trying & researching batteries and the Ultracaps are the pinnacle.. Enjoy the journey!
  3. @hopkins I pulled out Ian Canada's LifePo4 power supply with Ultacap modification which I used to use to power my SD Card transport with 2x 3.3V outputs. I used the 5V output of course which unfortunately does not utilise the batteries and ultracaps (needs to be an output in multiples of the batteries 3.3v to do that). But you can see from diagram that it goes through 2 regulators after the charging PSU. I didn't expect that much but the sound was surprisingly good which reminded me to read up on the specs for the U192. "Power supply filters inside the (U192) translato
  4. I asked my daughter and partner who are in their 20's about this and how people in their circles listen to music - so that would have been up to 150 people or more. They said nearly all had headphones, many had good quality and it was common to have £300+ headsets. They knew only 2 people who had more serious stereo setups - one because they were a gamer and one who they thought had the best stereo system. They were in the music business and didn't buy their own equipment. Small survey but supports the headphone trend.
  5. With all the discussion on powering the Fractal DAC today I did some more listening to determine the difference between PH SR4 v EC supplied PSU. The supplied PSU is good however the SR4 adds a silkier sound. It's not a big difference but now I am sure. The second thing I tried was powering the U192 5V USB input with the supplied DAC PSU but I need to test this a bit more as I found it harder to tell the difference between this and the SR4.
  6. Interesting little device, looking forward to your findings.
  7. it's vegan, sugar free and very delicious therefore guilt and calorie free...
  8. Fair enough probably more accurate layering - either way round with the combo you can have your cake and eat it.... Looking forward to another owner review.
  9. I have a Weather Report DSD64 album which I can play via U192/ElectroTos into my PS Audio Toslink input (needs a jumper pulled out at back of U192). The toslink input on PS DAC only goes to 96KHz and I have to play this through Roon's DSD via PCM (DOP) so not pure DSD. To be honest I can't get my head around all this either and I've had the the coffee! The ElectroTos cable is an intriguing interconnect with a high definition LED at the end so I'm not sure it would allow for a lot of plugging/unplugging as it looks fragile not being the usual metal connectors. The U192 d
  10. Now that would would be worth reading about!
  11. If I had the money I'd buy a Taiko AND an EC DAC! (but then of course I would still be trapped in the endless discussions and minutae of tweaking the Taiko!)
  12. yep that's what I do and a great non theoretical way to describe what matches my experience.
  13. 'Huge' ...please describe the differences in SQ as I'm curious to understand what you are hearing. There are so many variables, personal tastes and opinions with online reports that it is difficult to get objectivity. For instance I know my Amps and Speakers bring lets say (arbitrarily) 80% to the SQ - this will not be the case for anyone else unless they have the same set up...
  14. It's semantics but I think that is an overstatement because the supplied PSU for the DAC I have found to be very good and the USB 5V is dependent on the source.
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