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  1. Audiophiles will leave no stone unturned in the quest for the absolute sound... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQLlR4pvhyg
  2. Thanks for asking. I am still in the adjustment phase as Windom has completely changed the sound of my system. Suffice to say for now I have dropped the Roon or other endpoint chain(s) and am focussing on the source. Even Roon core settings need testing again. Ie difference between local playback and Roon core/roonready on source is dramatic. The guys over on Tirna especially Nige have discovered something special and hopefully this will see more developments. I have ordered the parts to modify the SD card player, bypassing regs and upgrading the clocking and am also testing power supplies so will be a few weeks before fully functioning. HOWEVER even the basic player with good power input, this little gem has outstanding SQ. The ease and natural quality to the sound has to be heard. The interface is basic (putting music on SD cards and a basic UI plus an I2S DAC) so will put people off. For me it’s worth it! No question. Even though I have been getting lots of micro detail and deep and wide soundstage etc from NUC endpoints, if like me you want a natural sound and to completely remove glare and hardness this is the route. I don’t know if this is off topic but it’s certainly a novel way to outstanding sound and music pleasure. This should have its own thread.
  3. Yes I agree the Antipodes plus PS Dac are a great combo (I have had them for some years). All the benefits of my server and Dac were available before I went down the NUC route with other add ons. These made significant improvements to my original set up, which now are detracting from the over all SQ. The software upgrade has moved the goal posts considerably and it's very interesting how much potential there is in FGPA software over hardware.
  4. Yes my Antipodes Dxe with just usb cable to my Dac. However I’m still evaluating as it’s such a shock. I found that taking out all the spaghetti and add ons including NUC endpoint running AL ramboot, Isoregen and the Ultradigital all powered by PH SR4s got me back to a SQ that was equally detailed but without the harsh edge that had appeared. I cannot stand any edgeiness. The Dac software upgrade (and its FREE) is such a shift that my whole system has been reconfigured.
  5. A tale of SQ updates. I have followed this thread since the beginning and implemented many of the discoveries kindly shared here - especially spending a lot of time tweaking and testing PSUs and NUC/AL setups. Eventually I settled on an NUC/AL Roon endpoint with IsoRegen out to a Sonore Ultradigital giving I2S into my PS Audio Junior DAC. I went back to my Antipodes DXe Server as my source because I was having too much trouble with dropouts etc on an NUC/AL roon core and ran out of patience.... plus my wife gave up trying to listen to music! Anyways I have been satisfied with this setup as I had achieved what I was seeking - great detail and micro detail, natural sound, wide deep soundstage and ambience, without harshness and have been happily listening to great sounding music without hitches for some time. Until an unexpected upheaval occurred and to the point of this post. Being and owner of a PS Audio Dac we get regular software updates, so I loaded up the latest version 'Windom' on the weekend. Everything changed. After 24 hours or so I had to re-evaluate everything about my system as the SQ had changed so much. The software revealed much more more detail from the the music and from my system - exposing a level of harshness that I could not stand. The software upgrade is remarkably revealing and is now exposing limitations elsewhere. After much experimenting I simply ended up with just a USB cable from my server to the DAC, restoring once again a very full, natural SQ with all the detail - everything the NUC and add ons etc were supplying. I'm not sure where this leaves me and I will be doing more experimenting but this has certainly been an unexpected shift.
  6. Sadly Ginger Baker has passed away today. May he rest in peace!
  7. Thanks for sharing this info Mark! An interesting read and certainly helps to understand the difficulties Paul and the rest of you have battled through. Wishing you good luck for what looks like a promising future creating world class power supplies.
  8. Saw GB at the Walthamstow Jazz festival this year. He was obviously not in good shape having just come out of hospital and he couldn’t really play. But was great to see him and the audience gave him a very warm reception. One of the greats.
  9. Thanks Mark, I appreciate the clarity. Cheers Patrick
  10. Hi Mark, thanks for posting on here. I tried a few times to order your higher voltage SR4 by email over the past several months or so but never got any replies, so I had to buy elsewhere. I'm wondering why this is as in the past I have written and hear back from you and bought 2 SR4s without any problems.
  11. Thanks C2. Great find which I didn’t know about in the UK.
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