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  1. I agree on the Ghent USB 360. I pulled mine out again recently as I needed another one and am pleasantly surprised how good it sounds.
  2. Fascinating news, many thanks
  3. "Here's detailed product info on the next off-line hi-res SD card player/streamer I'll have in-house - on its way from China via DHL Express. " @Doak have you received your QLS QA361 yet?. Curious if you have any update/listening impressions..? cheers
  4. see here posted earlier and in my signature below...:
  5. Thanks @bobfa Maybe I should clarify as I'm not understanding what you are pointing to. See my signature below: My AL roonserver is running in Ramboot and is very stable, it has 16gb RAM. I tried pulling the USB stick out when loaded in RAM several weeks ago and it hung. I haven't tried it since as I'm happy with how it all sounds and works. I have my end point running in ram too with the usb stick out as this is where I notice the difference. As I mentioned I have my roon database on the server USB stick (64gb) and I have a regular auto save. I wasn't planning on getting any extra drives as I only stream from Tidal/Qobuz. I have a drive with local music but gave up on this some time ago as I much prefer streaming for SQ and convenience.
  6. No I have database on the USB stick - no other drives attached....
  7. I'm running Roon on my NUC AL server and it also hangs when I pull out the USB stick. I leave it in as I have an auto save on the roon database every hour because I add a lot of tracks to playlists in a listening session...
  8. Yes I'm having the same delays as you, also Qobuz is erratic - stopping mid track and taking ages to get to play. Apart from the delays I have no trouble with Tidal, so I'm considering dropping Qobuz. I'll take this over to the Roon forums to see if they can help when I have time at the weekend.
  9. I have a basic Virgin route. When I added an Aqvox 8 port switch (powered by a modified Teradak linear power supply) which was dedicated to my audio system, this one of the most striking improvements I've had in my system. I can only comment on this switch but there many reports of other switches adding big improvements.
  10. Likewise I’ve been trying to get iso cores on my end point and have given up as can’t get it to work. I did get it successfully set up on my server okay with good SQ improvement but not sure why it won’t work on endpoint.
  11. I have pair of the Omega Super Alnicos also and love the sound. They are the only part of my system I never think of changing.
  12. For anyone interested, after a weeks listening the Ultradigital definitely sounds better with a 5v LT3045 before it powered by an LPS-1.
  13. Yes I'm using 2x 8gb, see below.. it might work on 8gb but its tight. I wanted to allow for growth of my roon database. The intel spec does say 8gb max but I found a report in a forum stating it is okay with 16gb so I went ahead.
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