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  1. Thanks Alex, yes I have been know to make the odd tweak 😎 however recently I have pretty much stopped messing around due to the excellent results pouring from the dual NUC/AL set up. Don’t know what to do with myself these days except listen to music ! 😂 The IR has been a trusted workhorse for a long time so I agree it’s probably something to do with cables and connectors. One of the connections into the IR is a bit loose due to all of the connecting/disconnecting. It’s not the first time I’ve broken a USB input ... I’ll let you know after further testing. Cheers Patrick.
  2. Thats interesting @ciccio1112, I have a similar problem (Iso Regen and NUCs/AL), but it only started recently where my ISO regen will not allow connection to my DAC, (after running perfectly for a month or 2). Now, often when I switch on I have to mess with the IR until it shows up or just take it out of the chain.... anyone have any clues to what it might be - apart from the obvious , cables etc..
  3. So you would not need both if only playing flac?
  4. Thanks @Dutch I will have to do some more reading. I'm curious what all these parts do. Seems a lot of different software running together.. It's bit daunting as I've never used PCs and I'm not motivated these days to enter a whole other wormhole since getting the AL NUCs working so well. Still curious though what makes it tick.
  5. You bring up a good point, in fact any audio that goes through electronics/amplification will affect the sound in an unnnatural way - but I only notice this with voices. I was at a concert recently and it was obvious there was an edge (glare?) to the sound of an amplified singers voice. I just accept now that this will always be part of electronics. I would not have noticed or been bothered by this 5 years ago. The AL dual NUC goes a long way in my system to alleviating this edge (apart from and except for issues in recordings).
  6. http://www.fidelizer-audio.com/fidelizer-8-3-released-improved-hardware-keys-compatibility-on-dual-boot-and-windows-update-audiophilerenderer-and-jplay-femto-support-and-32-core-amd-ryzen-threadripper-fix/ "Fidelizer 8.3 released – Improved hardware key’s compatibility on dual boot and Windows Update, AudiophileRenderer and JPLAY Femto support, and 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper fix" @Windows X Can you please explain what the software combination of Windows, Fidelizer, Audiophilerender, JPLAY femto and threadripper do? If this is not the right forum to discuss please let me know. Thanks! ps I always thought your avatar name meant you represented Windows OS
  7. okay I found what I was looking for here: http://jplay.eu/ml_post_slider/jplay-dual-pc-mode-how-it-works-why-you-need-it/ So why is Fidelizger and AudiophileRenderer needed?
  8. I respect everyones opinion, but this doesn't help me determine value. You said yourself that 2 people listening to the same thing gave completely different reports. I still can't work out what is being proposed here: 2 more PCs running windows server in Ram, Fidelizger, AudiophileRenderer, JPLAY Femto, 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper fix? What is the cost and is it worth it? I already have a £2000+ music server unused since I switched to Dual NUC/AL which cost a few hundred £s giving outstanding sound quality. I'd just like to know what is involved or where to find out.
  9. No doubt! The best we can hope for online is when a considerable number of unconnected and respected sources state something works exceptionally well then you know there is something worth checking out.
  10. I can confirm that some tracks definitely have sibilance, and other unpleasant issues in the recordings. I hear everything more clearly than ever before. Best is live recordings - highly enjoyable!
  11. no probs, thanks for clarifying! Maybe some people you mention need to adjust some other part of their system, power, cables, isolation etc.. The reports from respected sources below are pretty clear. Also I do not have a glare issue with my AL ram boot dual NUC setup. It all depends on what you are comparing it to I suppose and each of us has subjective listening preferences.
  12. Can you clarify why you posted this. MrUnderhill said his glare issue was not to do with the operating system...?
  13. Have you tried an NUC with AL in ram as discussed on the other thread? I understand that you consider your set up the best. Please explain what you have built/set up or show me where I can find out the details and facts. Thanks!