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  1. understood... πŸ‘ I was responding to the broadest sense of the term and corrective being benevolent..
  2. I admire your sincerity, passion and care for the world, anyone who doesn't just want suspended animation plus Netflix has to pick their arena of engagement.. Getting personal too - after much consideration, the study of the nature of mind seems to be the only endeavour that makes fullest sense to me. That's the application of science to me! Not in abstraction or isolation but within a hierarchy of value. Hence my mentioning why I find understanding a persons context as being so important. Every posting on a thread like this is not just responding to what is necessarily claimed but contains a constellation of other factors, some overlapping briefly with the topic or recipient - most not. Those that overlap and even meet beyond a previous difference to me are of a higher value. Possibly not the time or place for philosophy but underneath and on top of the discussion I hear the grappling with big issues and ones place in that. Why would so many like yourself mention the state of the world etc and proclamations of fighting for their cause... on a hifi forum! Badly worded or not by anyone, seriously interesting... Jeez, I generally only visit AS in the hope of finding inexpensive tweaks to apply to my system on weekends, so that I can access more dopamine when I listen to music πŸ˜‚
  3. πŸ‘ anyone attempting to introduce a non binary perspective gets my vote. 😊
  4. Thank you for your full post, generously written. I understand your position and sympathise with much of the same. There is much value in understanding others point of view (essential in fact). Would love to fill out my take on this subject more fully but just don't have time at present.... have a good day.
  5. Thanks for the update, food for thought.. without being politically incorrect can you tell what the demographic is ? Cheers
  6. This has been a riveting show folks, competes with β€˜Chernobyl’ Over and out. Eats shoots and leaves.
  7. Sounds great I think I'll head over there. Why is it so different on astronomy forums? less room for 'subjectivity'.. ?
  8. No offence meant and I'm not trying to have an argument. I'm not sure what it would mean to veer off topic on this thread! 😱 Of course you are correct about gravity, I'll be taking the lift leaving work today not jumping out the window... Context is everything however. In relation to the topic of this thread only I responded to your statement 'Science is not a belief system' as I am genuinely interested in how any belief whether defined by oneself or others as 'scientific', 'objective', 'subjective' etc frames how we see the world and what the motive is when we express ourselves. I have met very few people who are honest about this but maybe I don't get out enough 🀣. Just my thing... which I have spent a life time studying. In the interest of this thread the arguments over the usual audiophile issues (dare I say subjectivist/Objectivist πŸ˜…) are not very interesting to me except the first few times I read them. What I find of interest is that in a conversation in person or online, there are different contexts being held, expressed and offered by each contributor. We affirm, bond with, react for or against whatever is our preference. When we are not understood or listened to seems to raise the thermometer pretty rapidly. Flexibility, openness, not being fixed, not needing to be right is hard won. I think a question has been genuinely posed in this thread about how to solve the riddle of conflict which is small potatoes on here between individuals in the grander scheme of things but the same underlying issues are of increasing concern in our hyper connected/disconnected world and in larger political social arenas when fuelled by power... Like I said my thing... πŸ™
  9. Which makes this particular thread in a small way so significant...
  10. There is plenty of philosophical discussion that science is a belief system...
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