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  1. Cool! I thought the cost must reflect handcrafting. Question is tho' would a standard USB to toslink converter and an apple remote do the same job...?
  2. ..Just think about how much you saved not having to buy that super-dooper music server with state of the art silver quad-uplex wiring & enhanced-o-cagizmos... :)
  3. Although I trust your reports on how good the Powerdac is and I'm tempted to try it now, I have decided to wait to see how (or if) the S version unfolds, as it would make more sense in my setup. I'm very happy with my current set up so that helps with the further waiting. I am very curious to hear reports from R buyers and whether down the road the S version will be able improve things even more (or not)...
  4. Thanks for the update @Huubster
  5. Looks like there is a delay as end of month has passed without any news. Does anyone have any updates?
  6. I imagine the S version will now take longer to finalise. I am assuming the S version is based on the R version only with a more powerful 6W output stage? I know the R and S are different products but on paper I would prefer the S version as it makes it possible to have a simplified system ie source>Powedac S>Speakers but looks like it will be a wait before finding out which is best....
  7. Likewise I hope they can find a way forward as it's a real loss. Sad to hear the news and all the grief this has caused with unfulfilled orders. When the cash flow isn't enough a line has to be drawn and it is rarely smooth or tidy for anyone involved...
  8. 😂 yep and never believe an audiophile who says they are done.. there is no other area of life where I will hand over large sums of money on pure hearsay 🙃😂 however EC designs have my attention!
  9. I heard from John that in he thinks the PowerDac R with SE tube amp sounds better than the PowerDac S straight to Speakers. This could change but is an interesting development and explains their SE tube amp developments.
  10. To me the the only worthwhile listening reports are the ones that say something along the lines of "I'm done with tweaking" :) I've always wanted to have a system at home where sung voices sound purely pleasurable and do not make me wince however subtly. EC designs U192 and Fractal DAC with clean power added to my system have achieved that goal. I'm very grateful as its been a long journey. System: Laufer Mini Memory player > U192 > Fractal DAC > (no preamp) Decware mono amps > Omega full Range Super Alnicos. Job done. PowerDAC R is on the horizon to see if this advances things fur
  11. Sure Gav will do. I find this very interesting as my Decware tube amps don't really have that 'tubey' rounded sound. They are very articulate, detailed & precise yet this 'tweak' to my surprise enhanced the SQ without any harshness being introduced - as its I presume not to do with the digital front end of the system... There is more to come from John I expect on his reasons for developing the SE tube amp to go with the PowerDac R.
  12. EC Design have a Tube amp project in the pipeline which is another very interesting development. Not sure if this has been shared but John suggest doing this with any SE Tube amp users. "In order to get best transient impulse response from a SE (tube) amplifier is invert the polarity of the input signal and connect plus speaker terminal to minus output and minus terminal to plus output. Now a positive transient becomes a negative transient at the SE (tube) amplifier input and the output tube or semiconductor pulls down this rising transient very quickly. The reversed connected spea
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