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  1. Looking forward to hearing about the S versions. I may well go for the 6 watt version (depending on finals costs). Even though my speakers theoretically only need 1 watt, I have found extra power in reserve is a benefit to the overall SQ.
  2. Thanks for the review. I particularly liked this bit of info... "The forthcoming S models will contain a larger number of Fractal bits, extra volume steps with a much higher maximum volume level and lower output impedance. The higher number of Fractal bits will provide even higher accuracy, and the ability to drive speakers directly from the PowerDAC's outputs will eliminate the need for traditional amplification..."
  3. Yes very quiet 😎. Thanks for the tip @Vincent des Champs
  4. Wondering how your visit to EC Designs went and if you have any updates?
  5. Well put - it is not so clear cut but I don't even think you can separate this problem easily into 1 & 2 above. Strident recordings are one thing but they really test digital playback hardware and software systems - both source and DAC. The Fractal DAC (until I hear the PD S) is the first DAC that has satisfactorily solved this single issue of digital playback after many years of looking for a solution. Strident recordings are still strident but less so....
  6. Not cool when 'newbies' act like this.. I for one appreciate your enthusiasm @hopkins
  7. I didn't know there were going to be an S1 and an S2. Will be interesting to learn about the differences if any between PD S1, S2 and the PS R plus EC tube amps...
  8. I agree with @hopkins completely unnecessary and aggressive. Is @mordante as OP aware of this?
  9. With the PD S all the focus would go the (high efficiency) speakers
  10. The fact we are even talking about this in relation to a DAC costing so little should garner significant interest. In reality most of us audiophiles are very (emotionally) attached and rightly so, to what we have invested in and built up over time. Even if it was proven or reported that a Taiko extreme sounded no different to a Rpi as source through a PowerDAC, I doubt many would believe it. I'm certainly curious as it would simplify life tremendously.
  11. 😱 $30,000 music server users take note!
  12. Yes I'm happy with these cables. I didn't do a lot of comparisons but they were better sounding than the Chord Clearway and some unnamed silver cables I had tried previously. It's been a while now but I remember that in comparison they gave a richer sound & better bass. They are a fiddle (getting good solder joins with all the layers) but enjoyable to make. I think they are worth the effort. There are concerns about the high capacitance and a solution is mentioned in the article but I have not had the time or inclination to address that yet. https://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/ubyte2e.h
  13. eer... sounds like my set up anyways 😂 but I am looking to simplify
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