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  1. I have been thinking about the SDXC card slot too on my NUC... having been convinced by the superior sound of Euphony Stylus and am wondering what to do when my euphony trial runs out. Being able to unplug the usb drive when using AL was a big plus and as I only stream from Tidal I'm trying to work out how not to add a noisy drive back into the mix to spoil the simplicity... choices choices...
  2. However I find an Isoregen into a Sonore Ultradigital for I2S into my PS Audio DAC even better.
  3. Yes. Highly recommended if you can work it: USPCB>Isoregen>USPCB>DAC. But beware it can put a lot of pressure on connectors/plugs. I damaged my IsoR by breaking traces inside due to tension this way but managed to repair it.
  4. Thanks. I’ll hopefully have some more time at the weekend to test this properly. There are so many variables to play with these days!
  5. Hi Rajiv, I've tried your suggestion and set min CPU frequency to 1400 and max to 2400Mhz on my NUC7PJYH. When I check CPU readings in Euphony all 4 CPUs are at 1.5Ghz. This does help reduce harshness, and needs more listening but I must say I'm enjoying Stylus with it's fuller sound. .. Thanks!
  6. ..or tweak, relax and listen to the music 😎
  7. Hi @HeeBroG I'm powering my NUC(s) with Paul Hynes SR4. As there is no doubt about the importance of PSU quality, I'd love to get my hands on an SR7, but it's not going to happen. Down the road I'm going to try out a Ciunas Audio Supercap PSU - but that's a whole different topic. Yes I'm trialling my NUC7PJYH as single box with Euphony Stylus. Thanks to all for the great input on the causes and solutions for harshness problems. Interesting times and much appreciated!
  8. .... The collaboration is what I like... very interesting place we have come to...
  9. Cool thanks @Balázs. and round we go.. Interesting but not planning to spend more right now... ."6. Both(!) the Core and the Endpoint have to be Euphony Roon servers. Yes, even on a bridge the Roon server software sounds better. Therefore two full Euphony licences are needed, unfortunately."
  10. I found time to set up my NUC7PJYH properly, running euphony/stylus with hardware volume setting (thanks Bob). So these are my first impressions. Everything else is the same except for removing the NUC AL/ramboot endpoint (isolated from network with Aqvox switch and USB out via iso regen and sonore ultra digital). Now I hear what all the excitement is about. The sound is fuller as if all the musicians are closer and the sound has a richer quality, less thin. To put this in perspective, this is a pleasant and noticeable difference but not huge by any means. The real issue for me is that there is a slight harshness to the upper registers of voices which, unfortunately I cannot abide. My Omega super alnico's are beautiful at rendering voices, and I have worked hard to reduce any distractions as much a possible especially in sibilance. My first impressions of Euphony/Stylus, apart from the above fuller SQ, is that this area of voice is not satisfying and I can't ignore it. I only stream from Tidal (I gave up on Qobuz due to too many glitches in playback) and don't have any hard drives for music so I definitely find with AL/Rambooting and removing the USB sticks this exact issue seems to be alleviated enough to satisfy my tastes. More listening is needed before any decisions can be made....
  11. I agree @mourip about the recording quality, at this point of the journey it’s a much bigger influence than anything else. The dryness and brightness is also an issue I find too but again only on some recordings. The detail and holographic acoustic spaces I hear on my AL/ramboot Roon server and endpoint still captivates me every day.
  12. I’ll check that and hopefully get time to set it up optimally tonight and post my thoughts. I’m ‘hoping’ I won’t be tempted down another path of spending/upgrading 😬
  13. Thanks Bob. Yes that's what I have tried - Euphony with Stylus, but not getting any of the magic reported recently. I know there is more to it, with different hardware recommended etc. but thought I'd give it a try and mention this for anyone else wondering about using on their low powered NUC7s. I also wanted to see what life without Roon might be like and just using Tidal which surprisingly I think I could live without if SQ was superior.
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