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  1. Thanks for the advice. I am very kind and always encourage others to do like wise... . Anyways I have reluctantly had to move on from PH's great SR4s since not getting any response (I have 2x 12v max ones, and wanted to buy a 19v version). I have since found John Kenny's Ciunas Supercaps 7v PSU to be equal (i.e. effect on SQ) in quality to the SR4 driving a Sonore Ultradigital. I tried John's 5v Supercaps PSU powering my Aqvox switch which convinced me they are equal to the SR4. John is developing a variable 3amp 12-25v version which I will be trying out when it is available.
  2. Lucky you. This would be the exception rather that the rule these days.. I have emailed multiple times and received no replies. Last year my experience was more like yours i.e. replies within a few hours.
  3. ..in fact the Ciunas at 5v compared favourably to the PH SR4 as I couldn't distinguish the difference between the 2..
  4. I have ordered a 7.5v version and its on it's way. I tried out John Kenny's 5v version powering my Aqvox switch (it is on tour over at Pinkfish forum) and it is very good, having a calming effect on audio running through it. He is developing a variable version 12-25v.
  5. Yes contact John Kenny over on https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/supercapacitor-power-supply-tour.223681/page-12#post-3704107 you can currently try out the 5v version on his Supercap PSU tour.
  6. @sandyk "I have previously said the same in A.S. as Iancanada says here." Definitely agree with this, does not help SQ...
  7. I am using one of these which have up to 2x 13.6v rails plus 2 x 3.3v rails, very nice results. I'm testing it out with running an Iso Regen or Sonore Ultra digital on 6.8v. Haven't decided where it will end up.. However it is not for beginners as there is a lot of soldering involved and 10x 3.4v LifePo4 batteries pack a serious punch if shorted - but worth the (focussed) effort. This week I also tried out a Cuinas 5v Supercap PSU (see link above) VERY nice powering my Aqvox Switch, with a clean smooth affect on sound. I will be ordering a 7v version and John is currently developing a higher powered variable version 12-25v which I am very interested in to run NUCs.
  8. I have been thinking about the SDXC card slot too on my NUC... having been convinced by the superior sound of Euphony Stylus and am wondering what to do when my euphony trial runs out. Being able to unplug the usb drive when using AL was a big plus and as I only stream from Tidal I'm trying to work out how not to add a noisy drive back into the mix to spoil the simplicity... choices choices...
  9. However I find an Isoregen into a Sonore Ultradigital for I2S into my PS Audio DAC even better.
  10. Yes. Highly recommended if you can work it: USPCB>Isoregen>USPCB>DAC. But beware it can put a lot of pressure on connectors/plugs. I damaged my IsoR by breaking traces inside due to tension this way but managed to repair it.
  11. Thanks. I’ll hopefully have some more time at the weekend to test this properly. There are so many variables to play with these days!
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